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Hanlith & Kirkby Malham Manor Courts -1607

Manor Courts were originally created in the medieval period but continued in places right up to the 20th century. By the 16th century a manor was essentially an area under the jurisdiction of a private court, a form of local government. The Manor Court rolls are the records of these courts and they contain a wealth of information concerning local issues, the most significant of which was the administration of copyhold tenure (a form of customery tenure where the tennant paid an entry "fine" and then an annual rental to the court and "held a copy of the entry in the court rolls") which was abolished in 1922. The Court's other function was to create and enforce bye-laws and in an area like Malhamdale these invariably concerned agrarian matters such as good stock management and regulation of the common fields, although they did concern other nuisance issues too.

This court roll is in the Lancashire Record Office, and was transcribed by Victoria Spence.

The most important manorial record is the court roll, usually a series of handwritten parchments documents, which up to 1733 (except for the period 1649-1660) were written in abbreviated Latin. The Manorial Documents Register External Website logo lists the available court records for the manors of Hanlith and Kirkby-in-Malhamdale and indicates which Record Office holds them.

You can find out more about the records in the National Archives research guide Manor and Other Local Court Rolls, 13th Century-1922
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Kirkbie Malham

Court Baron of Josias Lambert , Esquire,
held there the third day of November, 1607

[Lancashire Record Office, DDMA, Box 9a, Item 4]

Free Tenants
Successors of West Dereham pro def
John Prestonne comp  
Rowland Atkinson pro def
Robert Broughton pro def
Robert Kinge, Cler[icus]  
Tenants at Will John Lawsonne  
Mathew Walton pro def
John Andersonne pro def
Thomas Atkinsonne pro def
William Brayshaye
Robert Andersonne
John Hurtley
Thomas Deane
Henry Deane
Peter Wood mort  
Lancelot Raikes
George Wallocke
Wife of Robert Fletcher pro def
William Parkinsonne
John Ivesonne
Frances Lawsonne
John Wetherhead
Anthony Richardsonne
George Horne pro defect
Robert Parkinsonne
William Wetherhird
Robert Kinge, Cler
Henry Smyth pro def
John Slater pro def
Henry Slater pro def
Robert Wiggan for def
Peter Wodd pro mortus
William Deane
William Preston
Nicholas Walton
Matthew Walton
Christopher Preston
Thomas Sowden pro def
John Lawsonne junior
Nicholas Walton, John Lawson, senior, John Lawson, junior, Lancelot Raikes, William Weatherhird, Francis Lawson, John Ivesonne, William Brayshay, Robert Parkinsonne
William Parkinsonne, John Hurtley, John Weatherhird and Henry Deane
That they say and present on their oath in these words in English namely

grave v _ to dig, form by digging; to dig out, excavate.

a flaw of peats: the quantity got in a season

tress - tresspassing

overpresse - overpasturing

gress - grass

raine , rayn(e), dial. rein, rain. - A strip of land, a ridge; a division between lands or fields. OED

Thomas Sariantson for gravinge flaves on our more vjd
Richard Falshay for the lyke [ ]
Thomas Sariantson for tress in the field with his sheep vjd
John Iveson for over press with sheep in the townefield iiijd
Christopher Walker for the lyke ijd
Henrie Hill for the lyke ijd
William Atkinson for tress in the feild with his horses xijd
Lawrence Andersonne for a fould breake iijs iiijd
Henry Deane for getting gress in the Raines in the feild iijd
Robert Wodd for the lyke iijd
John Lawson for over press in the field and in the Accres iijd
Rowland Atkinson for a fould break iijs iiijd
Samuell Bentham for over press in the more close iiijd
William Weatherhird for the lyke in the field iijd
John Lawsonne for tethering in the greenegate iijd
William Atkinson for baytinge in Scailegill viijd
Rowland Atkinson for the lyke ijs
Robert Wodd for the lyke viijd
George Wallocke for the lyke viijd
Robert Anderson for the lyke ijs
John Lawsone for the lyke ijd
John Anderson for the lyke [viijd]
William Brayshay for the lyke [jd]
John Brayshey of Malham for over press in the overclose viijd
Henrie Deane for the lyke ijd
William Atkinson for trespass in the feild with his swyne iiijd
John Lawsonnefor the lyke ijd
Robert Fletcher wyfe for the lyke with hir geese ijd
John Slaiter for the lyke ijd
Robert Wiggan for the lyke ijd
Lancelot Raikes for An Inprovement taken upp of the lords waste aboute fyve [foldes] of ground amerced xxs
Wife Robert Fletcher for trespass in the towne close with his sheepe xijd
John Anderson for tr in the [ ] vjd
Affeerors of the Court John Lawsonne
Lancelot Raikes Sworn

Sum of this court xxxijs vjd

Thomas Remmington



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