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The Wartime Memories of
Marion Wellock

As a child under five years of age,my memories are few, and some rather vague.  My earliest memory of the war is a threshing day at Sun Hill Farm, Rylstone, probably in November or December 1943.  The big threshing machine was in the yard and lots of people were around, land girls and farm workers.  My mother made breakfast, dinner, tea and supper for all these helpers.  This was a big job as food was rationed and all the cooking was done on a fire and fireside oven. 

The Italian and German POWs were billeted out to farms and a German came to work at Sun Hill.  His name was Josef Goregan.  His home was near Cologne.  He was 22 years old and before he was called up he worked in the Post Office.  He had a kind gentle nature and my brother and I have happy memories of him.  Josef commissioned another POW to make a tray and insert a pokerwork drawing of Sun Hill House Farm within it.  During the evenings, Josef used our wet battery radio to tune into German radio to try to find out what was going on.  I don’t know how successful this was.

When our family moved to Garris House at Airton in 1947, Josef came with us and was employed by Mr J W Barker before being repatriated in 1948.  On his return to Germany, his parents wrote to my parents to thank them for looking after him.  I also remember a land girl called Gladys who worked at Sun Hill and possibly for a short while at Garris House Farm. 

On VE Day, May 8th 1945, my parents took my brother and I for a picnic at the Strid at Bolton Abbey in the family van (a green Commer, registration number BWR473).  I must admit I do remember this day out, but at the time, did not realise the reason behind it.

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