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This early photo taken probably from the first floor window of the Malham Café, then the Temperance Hotel, shows Malham sheep fair in full swing in the village green.

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Malhamdale Show 1907 - 2002


A Show is born....

Malham had a very old and great reputation for its cattle and sheep fairs. Cattle fairs were held on Great Close, Malham Moor in the 18th Century, which by the mid 19th century had been replaced by the sheep fairs with as many as 8,000 head exhibited on a single day. There were three annual sheep sales or fairs; the first for lambs on June 30th, the second for lambs on the second Thursday in August and the third for sheep on October 15th. On the left you can see one such sheep fair in about 1900.



The Nineteen Hundreds
     Malhamdale Show has its origins in a meeting held at Airton on 22nd May 1907. The proceedings are briefly recorded in the minute book held in the Craven Museum, Skipton, and reads:

"It was agreed that the inhabitants of Kirkby Malhamdale do arrange to hold a Show and Gala and that the association for the purpose be formed. Mr. T. Edmondson proposed and Mr. Beck seconded the proposal that Mr. D. Carradice be Secretary of the association - carried. A second meeting was held on 28th May 1907 when It was agreed that a committee be formed consisting of all members who subscribe half a crown to the funds of the Association."

The following officials were elected:

President - Mr J W Morkill of Newfield Hall

Vice-presidents - Walter Morrison Esq. J P, Mr H G Tunstill, Mr W Proctor, Mr J Hammond, Mr L Serjeantson

Four sections were proposed for the Show, namely, Horticulture, Agriculture, Poultry and Afternoon Attractions, although poultry was dropped at a subsequent meeting. It was agreed that the show would be held on the third Saturday of August. The first show was held on Saturday August 24th 1907 at Airton in "the croft against Mr Simpson's". At a subsequent meeting on August 9th 1907, Mr. Carradice, the secretary, was asked to supply refreshments "with this condition - that the bandsmen be given a good meal at sixpence each and that Mr. Parker be requested to bring 3 boxes of aerated waters for the band."


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