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The Craven Herald Report

30th August 1907



ANOTHER ACCIDENT at the mill stile, Kirkby Malham, occurred to a man who was driving a horse and Cart on Wednesday. When meeting with something unexpectedly the horse swerved, and the man was thrown out, though not seriously injured. Still this dangerous place calls for the authorities to do something for the safety of the public.


The first of what it is hoped will be an annual show of agricultural and horticultural stock was held at Airton on Saturday last. The event was a decided success and the promoters had reason to be gratified at the result of their enthusiastic work.

There were over 200 entries in the classes for cattle, sheep, foals, plants, vegetables, etc. and over 90 in the sports. The ladies deserve special mention because of the quality of their exhibits, which produced some keen competition and found the judges a difficult task. The exhibits in the plants, vegetable, poultry, egg, and bread section, were benched in a large tent. The centre was occupied by a fine display of plants, &c, from the gardens of Mr J W Morkill and Mr H G Tunstill.

Thanks to a fine day, the takings for admission were very satisfactory, and the committee deserve congratulations on having a balance of a few pounds as a result of their first venture.

The president of the society is Mr. J W MorkilI, JP, of Newfield Hall, who gave a short address at the opening, and congratulated all concerned upon the result of their efforts.

The other officials of the society are: Vice - presidents - Messrs L Serjeantson, J Hammond, W Morrison, H Tunstill, R Brown, J Winter and F S Clay; committee - Messrs W Beck, P Smith, H Parker, F Rowley, E Greenwood, T Hepwortb, W Sharp F T Carradice, J W Parker, T Edmondson, J Carradice, H Preston, J Coates; hon treasurer, J Winter; hon secretary, J Carradice; auditor, John Walker.

The following officiated as judges : Foals - W Wilkinson and J Swaine; cattle and sheep - R Lund, Cracoe, and J Lord, Rylstone; flowers and vegetables - L Squibbs; Division II - Mrs Morkill, Newfield Hall and Miss Serjeantson; stewards - Division 1, J Winskill, G Hodkinson, J Woodrup, G Bolland; Divisions 2, 3 and 4 - A K Turner and E Greenwood.

After the show and sports dancing was enjoyed in the marquee from 7.30 to 10.30 to music provided by the Skipton Military Band who also played during the afternoon.

The following is a list of awards :      Foals, light: 1- J Woodrup, Airton; 2- T Carr, Airton; 3- J Richardson, Calton.      Extra class for foals, light: 1- Mr Thompson; 2- Mr Coates.      Foals. heavy: 2- J Woodrup. Extra class. for foals, heavy: 1- Mr Glover; 2- Mr J Woodrup.      Fat lambs: 1 and 3- T Carr; 2- W Carlisle, Calton.      Half-bred lambs: 1- W Carlisle; 2- J Bolland; 3- T Carr      Scotch lambs: 1- J Woodrup; 2- T Dinsdale, Calton; 3- W Carlisle.      Ram: 1 and 3- J Hammond, Airton; 2- R Brown.      Bullocks: 1 and 3- J Bolland, Dykelands; 2- J Hammond.      Heifer: 1- J Hammond; 2- J Swaine; 3- J Richardson, Calton.      Dairy cow (extra class): 1- J W Middleton; 2- S Bowker; 3- J Hammond.

Butter: Miss I- M Shepherd, Airton; 2- Mrs Bolland, Dykelands.      White eggs: 1- T Hepworth, Airton; 2- S Bell, Calton.      Brown eggs: 1- J Redfern, 2- C Battersby.      White loaf: 1- Mrs B Carradice, Airton; 2- Mrs H Parker, Scosthrop.      Brown loaf: 1-Mrs B Carradice; 2- Mrs J Simpson.      Plum loaf - 1- Mrs B Carradice; 2- Mrs T Edmonson.      Sponge loaf: 1- Mrs Foster, Calton; 2- Miss A Sharp.      Currant tea cakes: 1- Mrs C Fitchett, Airton, 2- Miss F Bateson

Potatoes, kidney: 1- T Carradice; 2- E Richardson, Airton.      Potatoes, red, kidney: 1- H Preston, Airton 3- W Beck.      Potatoes, white: 1- Mrs Serjeantson, Hanlith Hall.      White Cabbage: 1 and 2- J Lawson, Airton.      Rhubarb: 1- R Richardson; 2- T Carradice.      Gooseberries, red: 1- H Preston, Airton; 2- E Richardson.      Gooseberries, any other variety: 1- R Preston, Airton; 2- E Richardson.      Peas: 1- E Richardson; Miss J Bateson.      Beans: 1 and 2- J Lawson.

Wild Flowers: 1- Gertie Carradice, Airton; 2- Lily Middleton, Airton, 3- Percy Redfern, Airton.      Hanging Baskets: 1- J Lawson; 2- Mrs Ryder, Airton.      Display of flowering pIants in pots: 1- T Carradice.      Geraniums, single: 1- H Parker; 2- Mrs Tomlinson.      Ditto, double: 1- E Richardson; 2- Mrs C Fitchett.      Flowering plants, any variety: 1- B Richardson, 2- T Hepworth.      Foliage plant, any variety - 1- Miss M E Carr, Airton; 2- Miss Greenwood.      Cut Roses: 1- Mrs Serjeantson, Hanlith Hall; 2- R Richardson.      Sweet peas: 1- Louisa Richardson.

Immediately after the judging of exhibits, the sports, which were of an interesting description, commenced. Mr J W Morkill officiated as starter, and Mr R Brown and Mr L Serjeantson were judges.

Results :- Boy's race, for those attending parish schools: 1- W Caton, 2- F Foster, 3- E Midd1eton.

GirI's race, for those attending parish schoo1s: 1- L Richardson. 2- Elsie Smith, 3- I Caton.      Water-carrying in glasses, for girls: 1- M Caton 2- E Carradice, 3- S J Tomlinson.      Bun eating competition for boys: 1- G Alderson, 2- A Parker, 3- N Bolland.      Duck race: 1- F Rowley, 2- H Parker, 3- J Richardson.      Wheelbarrow race (competitors blindfolded): 1- R Earnshaw, 2- J Richardson, 3- F.Rowley.      Sack race (local): 1- N Yeoman, 2- J Richardson, 3- J Clark.      Sack race (open): 1- S Taylor, 2- Wright, 3- K Earnshaw.      Slow bicycle race (open): 1- Armitage, 2- R Carradice, 3- Benson.      Married ladies race (open) - 1- Mrs, Grimshaw, 2- Mrs H Preston, 3- Mrs J Scarr.      Duck race(open): 1- Miss Serjeantson.


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