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Browse the Millennium Project images of Malhamdale Buildings, village by village, complete with historical notes.

Daisy Mount, Airton, 2000

Contribute your own information to the notes on the building's History and Occupants.

Daisy Mount, Airton, abt.1900

Originally two cottages with the grocer's shop run by the Carradice family in the attached wooden shed. A porch was added in 1975 and the cart shed on the left hand side was demolished to extend the house in 1991.



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The Millennium Building Record Project

During 1999 the Malhamdale Local History Group undertook a project to record all the houses and community spaces that existed in the parish of Kirkby Malhamdale.

It was decided that this record would consist of a black and white photograph plus brief details about the building or occupiers which were known to either the Group or the then occupiers. Permission was sought from all the occupiers, who were also encouraged to fill in a form recording anything they knew about the history of their property and who had lived there previously.

The results of this project were exhibited in the Dale before being placed in the Group's archive, with a second copy of the records presented to Craven Museum for their collection.

A decade on we are now sharing this early KMLHG project via the website. The text has been lightly edited, with any known mistakes corrected.

We hope you enjoy browsing the gallery.



The Millennium project is under maintenance and only Otterburn and Calton are available at present.


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