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December 11th 2014

The Millennium project which displays photographs of houses in Malhamdale with a brief description of each is being re-hashed as a series of web pages for each township. To date the townships of Otterburn and calton have been completed.

November 2014

The search facility which has been out of action for the last 6 months (due to the removal of the Atomz software by Adobe) has finally been restored using software provided by wrensoft. At present the search terms are not highlighted on each of the results pages so to do this you need to use your web browser's 'Find on this page' facility under the 'Edit' menu. It is hoped that some time in the future, the wrensoft software will accomplish this on it's own.

January 2014

A tribute to the creator of this website, David Tippey, has been added to the home page. David sadly died in November 2011 after suffering from mesotheleoma for five years, the cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. His was a great loss to his wife and family the Malhamdale Local History Group, the dale, and all who knew him.
Two more talks have been added to the 'Talks Online' page, the History of Inn Signs by Alan Hemsworth a fascinating account with reference to many local inns and a talk by Edward Hindle on the history of Malhamdale from the last ice age, as well as conjecture as to its future evolution as climate change begins to impact on the earth.
In the 'Latest News' slot there is reference to the forthcoming Archive Exhibition at Newfield Hall on 27th Febrary 2014.

July/Aug/Sept/oct/Nov 2012

The history of Eshton Hall was the subject of an eloquent and interesting talk given by Peter Robinson to the Malhamdale Local History Group in November and has been added to the 'Talks Online' page.

March/April/May/June 2012

A Court Roll dated 1607 for the manor of Kirkby Malham has been transcribed by Victoria Spence and added to the Kirkby Malham pages.
Captain James King RN FRS, a very interesting talk about this famous member of the King family of Skellands, Scosthrop, given by Robin Bundy at the June MLHG meeting has been added to the 'Talks Online' page.

Dec 2011/Jan/Feb 2012

Old Inns of the Yorkshire Dales, an entertaining and informative talk given by Dr. David Johnson at the February MLHG meeting has been added to the 'Talks Online' page.
Some minor revisions have been made to the Scalegill Mill page.
The Millenium Project
has been updated with more information about No.1 The Croft in Airton which at the beginning of the 19C was a Grocers and Drapers shop.
The 'Quakers in Malhamdale' project has been updated to include a section on the William and Alice Ellis charities, based on a talk presented in 2010 at the Airton Friends Meeting House after it had undergone extensive restoration.

Sept/Oct/Nov 2011

In the future, talks presented to the Malhamdale Local History Group which are of particular local interest will, with the presenters permission, be recorded and made available on the Talks Online page thus bringing them to a much wider audience. The recent talk given by John Dixon entitled "John de Launde and Malham's Role in the Bolton Estate" is now live along with the previously recorded talk given by Mike Spence entitled "The Early History of KirkbyMalham Church and the West Dereham Connection".

The townships of Otterburn, Malham, Malham Moor and Calton have been added to the MLHG Millennium Building Record Project
this together with the townships of Airton, Kirkby Malham and Hanlith previously added, completes the publishing of this project as it was put together by Malhamdale Local History Group in 2000. The hope is that now it is available to everyone, people will further contribute to the project by adding information by way of comments that can then be edited into the descriptions.
The site search facility does not at present include the Millenium Project, however, there is a search box available within the slide show itself.

Jul/Aug 2011

BOGUS VIRUS THREAT - unfortunately a recent update to the popular virus checker Kaspersky has branded all our Parish Record databases as a threat, with the following message - "object is infected by Trojan-Downloader.JS.Iframe.bzn" This is actually a case of Kaspersky being over cautious because it can't read the address for our Iframe, which is encoded to help protect the full database from being downloaded. A work around is being looked for, but be assured that there is not a threat from entering these pages and only 2 out of 44 up-to-date virus checkers think there may be a problem. Check our pages on the Virus Total website and see for yourself.
Kirkby Malham has been added to the Millenium Building Record Project.
The MLHG Millennium Building Record Project is being digitised and added to the website in the form of a village by village slide show, which allows visitors to add more information, comments or anecdotes. The first villages to become available are Airton, Scosthrop and Hanlith, with others to follow shortly.
Links added to township pages drop down search buttons, for easier access to the new Parish Records.
Updates to Hearth Tax page, plus various link corrections on the census pages.
New material added to the Scosthrop and Airton School's pages in the MLHG Education Project.
New page added about the History of Kirkby Malham vicarage and the "lost" vicarage.
Added a new Local
History Focus article on the carved rose bosses in the church roof at St Michael's.
Information about the Cotton Spinning process and descriptions of the various jobs carried out by the mill employees added to the various mill pages.
Two new fully searchable transcriptions of the Parish Registers for St Michael the Archangel, Kirkby Malham added :
Baptisms and Burials 1773-1910
Marriages 1754-1910
Unlike the Parish Record Index, these have all been transcribed from the original registers and now completed, we can now provide users with parish record data from 1597-1910.

Apr/May/Jun 2011
The latest version of the 1597-1813 Parish Record Index is now uploaded. This now includes the transcribed occupations and abodes for all the records (where they were included) giving it the most comprehensive coverage possible for the earlier registers which were stolen and was compiled from the Cookson Index, IGI, YPRS transcript and existing Bishop's Transcripts.
Added new material to the Airton Mill page.
Numerous updates added to other sections of the Malhamdale Education project.
Catalogue for the Calton Deeds used by J Morkill in his book and held at the YAS in Leeds. The first part of a very large list of deeds, maps and other material referring to Malhamdale, by kind permission of the YAS.
New material added to Leegate & Bordley and the Kirkby Malham Free Grammar School's pages in the MLHG Education Project.
Details of a newly discovered school at Rainscar, Malham Moor has been added to the MLHG Education Project.

Jan/Feb/Mar 2011
Scalegill Mill page updates.
Massive update of links to other websites, plus the addition of a secure contact form.
Added a transcript of the Malhamdale entries from the 1913 Craven Almanack listing many addresses and occupations.
Various updates and corrections including the Bibliography of local books, which now has a number to read on the website or download from the internet.
Newspaper reports from the Craven Herald and West Yorkshire Pioneer added to the Virtual War Memorial page, providing more information about the men and their families.
Changed the dead Springwidgets RSS reader on the home page to a more reliable Google version and added a link back to the main forum pages from the RSS reader results.
Tithe Commission Schedules 1847 : Showing the ownership and tenants of land in Malhamdale which was subject to tithes.
1942 Farm Survey : Assessment of every farm in the Dale taken in the Second World War complete with maps and transcribed details.
Updated and added various links and some additional material.
Parish Record Index 1597-1813
This comprehensive searchable index to the Kirkby Malham parish records has been created from the Cookson Index, IGI and the 18th century Bishop's Transcripts. It provides the most comprehensive set of data available for the 18th century, whose registers were stolen before any copies could be made of the originals.
Added or amended several links, updated the Malham Tarn House page. Updated our useful Browser Toolbar including the Wayback link to enable you to view some earlier versions of webpages, including ours.

Oct/Nov/Dec 2010
Updated the database for the MLHG Archive catalogue.
Added links for Field Studies Council papers on Malham Tarn House and the Archaeology of Malham Moor.
Linked the 1841 Malhamdale Poll Book, added several updates to index entries.
Updated the Temperance and Band of Hope page.
New page on Reading Rooms and Adult Education added.
Updated various items including The Victoria Hotel.

Jul/Aug/Sep 2010
Added William Bray's account of his visit to Malham in 1777 and John Houseman's visit in 1800 at the time of a sheep and cattle sale.
Added a page with an online version of Hurtley's book on the Natural Curiosities of Malham.
New census transcripts added for Bell Busk & Coniston Cold : 1851 : 1861 : 1871 : 1881 : 1891 - This completes all of the Malhamdale census transcripts - Many thanks to our small but willing band of transcribers.
Census transcripts adeed for Eshton 1861 : 1871 : 1891
The Malhamdale chapters from Harry Speight's book Craven and the Northwest Highlands added.
A new page added with a full online copy of Johnnie Gray's (Harry Speight) book
Through Airedale from Goole to Malham Our online books pages will require a broadband connection for satisfactory viewing.
New 1911 census transcripts added for Airton : Bell Busk & Coniston Cold : Calton: Eshton : Malham : Malham Moor and Otterburn, completing our collection of 1911 census transcripts.
Added a new page on Hydroelectricity production in Malhamdale.
Added much new material to the Bell Busk Mill page.
Updated the Scalegill and Airton Mill pages.

Apr/May/Jun 2010
Various minor updates and corrections.
Added a Local History Focus short article on the wall painting at Kirkby Malham church.
The Airton Band of Hope provides details of the members of this Methodist temperance movement.
A new page added with a full online copy of H Speight's book -The Craven & North-West Highlands of Yorkshire
Added a page of short and not necessarily complementary
comments to our collection of 18th & early 19th century visitor's Writings about Malhamdale.
Local Dialect and Accent resource page with a comprehensive Glossary and links to sound files.
Jan/Feb/Mar 2010
Malham 1891 Census
& Bell Busk within Airton 1891 census added, plus various minor updates.
Updated the Malham PeopleFinder database to include entries from the 1911 census to help locat people born or living in Malhamdale in the 19th and early 20th centuries.
Eshton 1901 : Bell Busk & Coniston Cold 1841 : Eshton 1881 : Bell Busk & Coniston Cold 1881 Census.
Various minor updates, corrections and links added.
Updated the page on Walter Morrison, adding an article from the first edition of The Dalesman.

Eshton 1841 : Eshton 1851 Census added.
Malham 1871 : Malham 1881 & Malham 1901 Census transcripts uploaded.
Uploaded the Malham Moor Census for 1851 : 1861 : 1871 : 1881 : 1891 : 1901 thanks to the work of our transcribers. Scosthrop & Bordley 1911 and the Malham 1861 and Malham Moor 1841 census transcripts added.
1911 census transcripts added for Winterburn - Kirkby Malham - Hanlith with more to follow.
Altered the navigation on census pages to provide easy switching between townships. Pages added for all years and townships although there are a few blank ones still, if there are any volunteer transcribers out there?
Oct/Nov/Dec 2009
Added a new Local History Focus section to the homepage which will regularly highlight various small items of local interest including St Helen's Well and the Rood Screen Pulley.
Transcription of the 1460 Manor Court Roll for Kirkby Malham & Hanlith

Victoria Inn page updated.
Free KMi Web Browser Toolbar added, a useful tool providing lots of links to great websites. For more information see the homepage.

July/Aug/Sep 2009
Census Transcripts added for Winterburn 1841 : 1851 : 1861 : 1871 : 1881 : 1891 : 1901
Various minor updates and additions including link to a free pdf of the Serjeantson family history.
Bordley census transcripts added for 1841 : 1851 : 1861 : 1871 : 1881 : 1891 : 1901
Added the 1999 aerial map views to all the main township pages due to MultiMap linking you to Charing Cross instead of Malhamdale whenever they were busy!!
Updated all the aerial map links due to their site changes.
Updated information on Airton Cotton Mill.
More information added to the Virtual War Memorial.
Added a series of accounts by visitors to the Malhamdale area in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, including: Thomas Pennant (1773); John Enys (1783); Edward Dayes (1805); Thomas Wilkinson (1807); Arthur Jewitt (1816) and Samuel King (1837)
the forum, whose topics and postings had accidentally been overwritten.
April/May/June 2009
More examples have been added to the Artists in Malhamdale page.
The Genealogy Search engine has been improved to provide better quality results.
Numerous small updates made to the site structure, including changes to page design and navigation to provide easy access to our various search facilities and an indication of when pages were last updated.
Calton census transcripts added for the years 1861 : 1871 : 1891
Added two new names to the Virtual War Memorial page.
Repaired and updated numerous external links.
Transcript of the Hanlith Enclosure Award 1817 with a tentative map.
Pupils who attended Malham Endowed School 1873 just before its amalgamation into Kirkby Malham United School.
Various updates and links added.
The last pupils to attend the Free Grammar School at Kirkby Malham in 1873-4
Deed by John Lambert of Calton Hall granting the right to Hanlith yeomen to carry coal across his Calton Moor property.

Added a series of Land Tax assessments for 1803 - Malham Moor : Malham : Kirkby Malham : Hanlith : Scosthrop : Airton (part)

Added a series of Land Tax assessments for 1798 - Malham Moor : Malham : Kirkby Malham : Hanlith : Scosthrop : Airton : Calton
January/February/March 2009
Updated page for Malham Tarn House
1916 Land tax assessment
for Malham Moor.
Hearth, Window and Land Taxes, an explanation, plus the 1672 Hearth Tax for Malhamdale.

The Malhamdale Local History Group's Archive Catalogue is now available as a fully searchable database.
Updated the page containing our Census Database, which helps you to locate people born or living in Malhamdale, wherever they may have moved to within the country. These now run on our own server without advertising.
Genealogy Resources Search page with a specially tuned search engine to look for family history related pages on the Web and a search form to search the IGI Marriage and Baptism transcripts for all the surrounding parishes.
Updated the Parish Records "Where to find" page and added a search form to allow searching of the Marriage and Baptism transcripts for Kirkby Malham in the IGI.
List of Malham Moor tenants in 1760, 1786 and 1823.
25 inch to 1 mile map of Kirkby Malham & Hanlith 1892.
New zoomable version of the Jefferys 1771 map of Malhamdale.
The Malham Enclosure Award and Map 1850 added.
The Malhamdale entries from the Domesday Survey plus the local entries from the 1539 Craven Muster Roll were added, plus various minor updates and additions.

October/November/December 2008
An 18th century Malhamdale Ghost story as retold in Wm Hone's 19th century "Table Book"
Uploaded a new file containing the latest version of the KMLHG Archive Index which can be used with any database or a spreadsheet such as Excel.
Transcription of the Hanlith and Kirkby Malham Manor Court Roll for 1554.
A Botanical Tour at Malham in Craven made in 1837.
Updated the Links page with new sites and the Bibliography page, which now includes a link to download a copy of H Speight's The Craven & Northwest Yorkshire Highlands. External Website logo
Early manorial rental record showing Malhamdale tenants in the 14th Century.

July/August/September 2008
Airton Quaker pages extend by the addition of the MIs for the Burial Ground with plan and photos: A Brief History of the Airton Quaker Meeting and an update of the Where to find Airton Quaker records information.
Corrections and additions made to the Airton Quaker Burial Index.
Malhamdale extracts from the 1807 Poll Book added.
Links added to the Malham Moor page to two recent photo collections showing local flora and fauna and the interior of the Pikedaw Calamine Caverns.
Added a multimedia slideshow of the talk Kirkby Malham and the West Derham Connection given to MLHG by Mike Spence in June 2008. (Broadband only)
Obituary for Walter Morrison from the National Review, February 1922.
Population statistics : Information from the 1801-1991 census, offering an insight into population change within the Dale and its caused possible causes.

New information about the early years of Malham Show added.
The freeholders from the 1741 Poll Book who voted in the election for an MP to represent Yorkshire.
Added new information from the 1848 Poll Book showing those who voted in the parliamentary elections for the West Riding seat, with additional information on the right to vote from the 15th-20th centuries.
April/May/June 2008
Added information about the History of Winterburn including many lists of names. Put an AddThis button on all the KMi pages allowing you to email details of the page to a friend or add the page to your Social Bookmark site.
Added help file about Social Bookmarking and what it is.
Added an RSS information file.
An Index to the Raistrick Documents - relating to Malhamdale and deposited at Skipton Library by the late Dr Arthur Raistrick.
An index to the Serjeantson of Hanlith Deeds, some of which are held at Skipton Library in the Local Studies section.
Updated several links on the Links page.
A downloadable RSS reader widget added to the front page to access the postings from the new forum.
A new, easy to use Discussion Forum added to make it easier to post comments and questions. Hosted on our own server it lacks the advertising that made the previous hosted service unusable, log in and leave your feedback or ask questions today.
Search Tips added to the Advanced Search Page.
Added The Malhamdale Local History Group's Index to their Archives.
Added help and information labels to navigation and other buttons and links on the Township webpages.
Updated the Winterburn Chapel Page.
Extended the list of burials which took place at the Airton Quaker Burial Ground and provided updated information on how to find the Airton Quaker records.
informationUpdated the Parish Records and the Church and Chapels information pages.
The larger versions of the images have been linked to the Walter Morrison project pages.
Fixed the PayPal donation links, all contributions to the upkeep and development of the website will be very much appreciated.
January/February/March 2008
Local History Group events for 2008-9 added
New items added to the Artist's in Malhamdale page.
Added links to more downloadable books about the area.
Two photos of Kirkby Malham United School pupils circa 1896 supplied by Neil James added to the MLHG Schools Project.
The 1881 census for Calton added.
The digital version of the research and talk on Walter Morrison uploaded, although the larger versions of images are still to be linked.
Updated pages about Scalegill Mill : Newfield Hall : Bell Busk Mill : Airton Mill and Malham Tarn House, with new information, mainly gleaned from the Times and Guardian newspaper archives.
New census transcriptions added for Scosthrop 1871 : 1881 : 1891 : 1901
and Airton 1851 : 1861 : 1871 : 1881 : 1891 : 1901 plus other census page updates.
September/October/November/December 2007
New links and corrections
Overhauled Home Page with scrollable news items.
Announced the new online project to transcribe the 19th century Parish records for St Michael the Archangel, Kirkby Malham.
Updated the Malhamdale wills page and added a new index to Wills proved at York 1380-1688
Quaker Burials : List of Burials at the Airton Friends Meeting House Burial ground (1764 - 1994)
page updated.
Added a converter to provide OS map references from location co-ordinates on our GoogleMaps Malhamdale satellite map page.
June/July/August 2007
Updated Victoria Inn page.
Added GoogleMaps page with highly detailed satellite and map images dating from 2002. Zoom in and search any part of Malhamdale and also get co-ordinates for features.

Updated the Artists in Malhamdale and Church & Chapel pages.
Added a digitised version of the 2nd edition of this excellent little church guide - The Story of the Church of St Michael at Kirkby in Malhamdale
Page aboout Craven Legion with a list of Malhamdale subscribers 1803.
New page with information provided by Monica Jenkins on Bill Wild, the Malham blacksmith and artist. Links added, including further volumes of the Memorials of Fountains Abbey, free documents in the National Archives and new satellite images available on Google Earth service.
Scosthrop 1851 Census
: HO107 / 2277 fo.462b-464
Scosthrop 1861 Census : RG9 / 3180 fo.18-19
People Finder database added - find the location of people born or living in Malhamdale, as recorded on the 1841-1901 census returns.
Plus various other minor updates and additions
April/May 2007
Brand new open Discussion Forum added to the site, replacing the now defunct Blog and Feedback pages. We invite all visitors to use the forum to leave details of their interests and ask questions.
Old Blog and Feedback posts have also been archived to become searchable on the site.
1841 Census for Scosthrop and Airton thanks to Pat Berry.
Finally updated the picture links on the Malham Agricultural Show and Malham at War projects, all the website updates have now been completed.
February/March 2007
Added the Calton Manor Court Roll 1577.
More Procter of Bordley wills added, plus various ammendments.
Updates made to Malham Tarn and House page and the new meetings calendar and officers added to the Local History Group pages.
Added the will of Geoffrey Procter of Bordley 1524/5
Picture links fixed of Malhamdale Education project.
Link added to the Google Books version of the "Life and Correspondence of William & Alice Ellis" of Airton.
Main Malhamdale and Local History Group pages have now all been updated, only the problem with the links to larger versions of photos on the 3 local history group projects remains to be sorted out.
Datestones and sun dials of Kirkby Malham.
Kirkby Malham 1861 census.
Migrated all the main Township pages of KMI to the new page design, adding many new links and updating others. This is the first part of the upgrade and overhaul of the website.

Added pages for Winterburn Chapel and where to find Gargrave and Winterburn parish records.
Updated Bibliography.
November 2006/January 2007
Sale notice for Newhouses farm, Malham Moor 1808.
Unfortunately, due to the ill health of our webmaster, the addition of new items has slowed down. There are problems with links to many of the larger versions of photographs on the site too, but it is hoped that these will soon be fixed.
Subsidy Roll 1379 - poll tax list for Malhamdale
Feet of Fines
- a listing of land transactions in Tudor Malhamdale.
The Weblog discussion area has been discontinued due to lack of use.

September/October 2006
Bibliography added - Malhamdale in books, old and new and where possible there are links to help you find copies. Comments about the content of the various publications will be added in due course. We also now have a Family & Local History Bookshop in association with where you can find other books about the Yorkshire Dales, History and Genealogy. Commission from any purchases will all go toward supporting this website.
Updated Otterburn history page.
Calton census 1841 & 1851
Links to Scheduled Monument map for Malham area on the MAGIC map server.
New links to the books Memorials of the Abbey of St Mary of Fountains published by the Surtees Society and The Dialect of Craven on Google Books, also one to the legend of the Banquet of the Dead in Kirkby Malham churchyard.
1907 OS map links added for Malham, Hanlith and Kirkby Malham.
New township links to a better browser for the Millennium aerial photographic maps of the area and also the HiRes Google Earth images (without installing the Google Earth browser) when they finally cover Malhamdale.
July/August 200
Added the 1841 and 1851 Malham village census transcribed by Vicky Spence plus the 1851 census transcripts for Kirkby Malham and Hanlith. This means we now have 3 townships completed, but volunteers to transcribe the other townships/years would be most welcome.
May/June 2006
More information on Eshton Hall and the Wilson family plus a page on the manor of Eshton.

Added a slide show of old Malhamdale images from postcards to the home page.
Great Close Cattle Fair and the Birtwhistle family
Text of a talk by Richard Harland, photographs to follow.
Brief History of Eshton Hall and the Wilson family
Lots of new links for Winterburn and Eshton including aerial photos of Eshton Hall.

A dozen new links added to other Craven District Local and Family History websites and Photo Archives.

March/April 2006
1901 Census transcripts
added for Kirkby Malham, Hanlith, Calton, Bell Busk & Coniston Cold the 1871 census for Hanlith and 1881 census for Hanlith
Added new Calendar of Events and updated the Contacts List for the Malhamdale Local History Group.
More Malhamdale will references added and details of the Borthwick Institute updated.
January/February 2006
Added various links to the National Park's Out of Oblivion archaeology and local history website and to the Bradfer-Lawrence collection at the YAS, which holds a lot of Malham material from the Ribblesdale family papers and has some interesting example documents for the area on the website.
Improved the navigation and appearance of the search results page.
New material added to Malham Tarn House page.
New Feedback page and form, let us know what you think about the site and would like to see added. You can now send us photographs and files for the Malhamdale History Group Archives too.
Added direct links to township pages for A Vision of Britain website where you can view population statistics, historical gazetteer entries, Civil Parish changes etc. for Malhamdale.
October/November 2005
1771 Map of Malhamdale - an extract of Jefferys Map of Yorkshire courtesy of Digital Archives.
Improved the navigation from all KMI sub pages so that users coming direct from search engines can get to the rest of the site more easily.
Added a PayPal credit card buy link to enable the purchase the Church guide from the webmaster (all proceeds to church funds)
Download our unique Malhamdale Calendar 2006 featuring 12 high resolution old photographs of the dale from our archives. The images have now been zipped so that they don't change size on download.
Article reproduced with permission from issue 29 of Family History Monthly magazine, about the Oliver Cromwell signatures in the Kirkby Malham Parish Registers. (PDF file)
Added the Census for Kirkby Malham 1871.
Various updates including some brief details of Otterburn bridges added to the township's history page (photos to follow).
September 2005
Updated the Virtual War Memorial page with some new information of people found in the Soldiers Died 1914-19 data
Completed the Malhamdale Local History Group's online version of their exhibition Malhamdale at War, depicting WWII in the dale.
Parish map added showing the townships of Kirkby Malhamdale and the surrounding ancient ecclesiastical parishes.
Information on the Procters of Bordley and Winterburn by JW Morkill.
July/August 2005
Brother Ditton's Compotus 1455 : the accounts of St Michael's church, Kirkby Malham, submitted to the Abbot of West Dereham.
Updated the Newfield Hall page.
More material added to Major General John Lambert's page.
Added a short history of Calton Hall, home of the Lamberts.
Court Roll for East Malham, Nov 1577 with many local names.
1861 census transcripts for Kirkby Malham and Hanlith
Some photographs and maps added the the Middle House, Malham Moor page.
Page added with notes from a talk by John Lee on Major General John Lambert
New section of pages started for the Malhamdale Local History Group's exhibition Malhamdale at War, depicting WWII in the dale. It's mainly text at the moment, but pictures and people's recollections of the time will be added over the next few weeks.
1941 National Farm Survey entries for Kirkby Malham.
May/June 2005
Pictures and information added to the Churches and Chapels page.
Update to the Artists & Malhamdale page.
New page added on Malham Tarn and Tarn House.
Page about Great Close House provided by Barrie Sharples.
Middle House a monastic stock farm on Malham Moor
April 2005
Added the Virtual War Memorial page in time for the VE Day Anniversary.
Details of the Malham at War exhibition, 14-15th May at Malham Village Hall.
Updated the Hanlith Hall page with photographs of construction from 1912.
Updated and added various new links, plus some pictures of church restoration to Home page.
Added Instructions for using weblog
February/March 2005
New information added to the Bell Busk
silk mill page.
Updated the Malhamdale Local History Group meetings calendar.
Expanded page about Walter Morrison, MP and local benefactor.
Updated the Hanlith Hall page.
January 2005
Updated information on Walter Morrison MP.
Updated information and order form for JW Morkill's "History of Malhamdale",
Update on Kendal family information, Otterburn plus new information on Hill House.
Updated information on Scalegill Mill.
Repaired various damaged picture links of School Project pages.
New Malham mill, Airton mill and Bell Busk mill pages featuring photographs, maps and extracts from George Ingle's book "Yorkshire Cotton".
November 19/26th 2004:
New Feedback Page: we would like your comments to help improve the site.
To make navigation simpler we have also changed the Front Page to a new friendlier format with some News items.
More extensive biographical information about John William Morkill of Newfield Hall and his family.
The obituary of Simon Bell of Calton.
Page about the Local History Group's Malham at War project and appeal for your memories, photographs etc.
October 18th 2004:
Apologies that some larger versions of the pictures are not working on the School History site. I will fix it asap but my real job is rather hectic at present.
Republishing of JW Morkill's "Parish of Kirkby Malhamdale" details and order form.
Page on John William Morkill of Newfield Hall, author of the definitive local history of the Dale.

September 10th 2004:
Otterburn History updated with details of the Otterburn Hall Estate.
Material added about the Procter family of Bordley, Malham Moor, Hanlith etc. with basic family trees.
The Malhamdale Local History Group's Schools projected completed with the addition of:
More material added to Airton School pages including caption corrections and List of Teachers 1875-1974.
Photographs added to the Malham Tarn School page
Photographs added to Kirkby Malhamdale United School page and correspondence with Wm. Atkinson the temporary head.
Memories of Noel Longbottom, headmaster of Kirkby Malham United School from 1972 - 1993
Contents of the School Centenary brochure 1974
Brief details of Newfield Hall with pictures.
Details of the Bell family of Calton with photographs.
Added a What's New link and small site search box to all main pages.

July 25th 2004:
Added Malhamdale Wills page with list of all the PCC wills at the National Archives and a list York wills 1639-1652 relating to Malhamdale families.
Updated and corrected Otterburn History page.
Added "as enumerated" Otterburn Census data for 1841 : 1851 : 1861 : 1871 : 1881 : 1891 : 1901
Some pictures added to Kirkby Malham United School page with student's names.
Changed way larger versions of maps and pictures open on the rest of the site.
Added more Malham Wills and Malham Moor Wills for the Knowles' family.

June 8/25th 2004
Updated Malhamdale Listed Buildings page.
Links added or updated on the Airton and Links pages
Captions added to 1959 Airton School photo courtesy of Nick Metcalfe.
Photographs added to Scosthrop and Malham Free School page.
Changed way larger versions of pictures open in the Malhamdale Schools Project.
Added this What's new page and made several small corrections plus the following were added:
Travel Journal of John Enys detailing part of his journey from Harrogate to Kendal, visiting Malham in 1783
Article providing a Brief History of Otterburn provided by Jack Ramshaw
Photographs added to the Airton School and Malham Girls School pages.
Will of Anthony Knowles of Malham East 1783 containing various field names and other information.

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