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1901 census : Scosthrop

RG13/4023 fo.15b-16

Scosthrop Village James Simpson Head M 30 Hind or Farm Servant Yorks: Reeth
1 Jane Simpson Wife M 25   Yorks: Aysgarth
  Mary Simpson Dau   2   Yorks: Scosthrop
  Matthew Simpson Son   5 mths   Yorks: Scosthrop
  John Morphet Boarder ? 60 Farm Baliff Yorks: Hawes
2-4 unoccupied
5 Joseph Richardson Head M 28 Carter on Farm Yorks: Clapham
  Elizabeth Richardson Wife M 27   Gloucs: Stoke Orchard
  Hugh Richardson Son   1   Gloucs: Gloucester
6 William Beck Head S 30 Joiner Yorks: Hebden
  Mary A Beck Sister S 28   Yorks: Hebden
  John B Simpson Apprentice S 20 Joiner Yorks: Coverham
7 John Whitaker Widr   69 Retired Farmer Yorks: Cracoe
  Elizabeth Whitaker Dau   29 Housekeeper Yorks: Airton
8 Sarah Harker Head S 70 Living on own means Yorks: Ivelet
9 Henry Parker Head M 32 Carrier Yorks: Airton
  Mary Parker Wife M 30   Yorks: Hainsworth
  Gertrude Parker Dau   9   Yorks: Salterforth
  Arthur Parker Son   4   Yorks: Salterforth
  Thomas Parker Brother S 34 Carter Yorks: Airton
10 Thomas Redfearn Head M 39 General Labourer Yorks: Gisburn
  Jane Redfearn Wife M 38   Yorks: Bridlington
  Percy Turner Redfearn Son   3   Yorks: Kirkby Malham
11 Edward Brown Head M 40 Shoe Maker Yorks: Bingley
  Sarah Brown Wife M 50   Yorks: Sutton
  Bertha Brown Dau S 15 Winder Cotton Mill Yorks: Keighley
  John Victor Brown Son S 14 Shoe Maker Yorks: Keighley
12 James Hammond Head S 48 Gentleman Farmer Yorks: Arncliffe
  Annie Agnes Brown Mother Wid 76   Yorks: Horton in Ribblesdale
  Annie Agnes Brown Sister S 46   Yorks: Arncliffe
  Isabella Ellen Brown Sister S 38   Yorks: Arncliffe
  Margaret Brown Sister S 35   Yorks: Arncliffe
  Jane Thwaites Servant Wid 52 Parlour Maid, Domestic Yorks: Stainforth
  Margaret Thwaites Servant S 31 Housekeeper, Domestic Yorks: Leeds
  Dorothy Summers Servant S 18 House Maid, Domestic Yorks: Arncliffe
  William Hammond Servant S 58 Cow Man on Farm Yorks: Braidley
13 Moor End House Jane Ryder Head Wid 56   Yorks: Healey
  Jane Ryder Dau S 36   Yorks: Swinton
  Edward Ryder Son S 28 Farm Labourer Yorks: Bradford
  Mary Ryder Dau S 27 Winder Cotton Mill Yorks: Swinton
  George Ryder Son S 23 Tackler in Cotton Mill Yorks: Scosthrop
  John Ryder Son S 19 Farm Labourer Yorks: Scosthrop
  Martha Ryder Dau S 16   Yorks: Scosthrop
14 Dykelands James Bolland Head M 53 Farmer Yorks: Tosside
  Mary Ellen Bolland Wife M 40   Yorks: Malham
  George Bolland Son S 27   Yorks: Stainforth
  Alice Bolland Dau S 24   Yorks: Stainforth
  Joshua Bolland Son S 22   Yorks: Malham
  Annie Bolland Dau S 18   Yorks: Malham
  Maggie Bolland Dau S 16 Assistant Teacher in Board School Yorks: Malham
  John Thomas Bolland Son S 13   Yorks: Malham
  Elizabeth Grey Bolland Dau   9   Yorks: Scosthrop
  Mabel Bolland Dau   5   Yorks: Scosthrop
  Emily Jane Bolland Dau   7   Yorks: Scosthrop
  Norman Bolland Son   3   Yorks: Scosthrop
  Henry Bolland Son   2   Yorks: Scosthrop
  James Bolland Son   10 mths   Yorks: Scosthrop
  William Anderson Servant S 31 Farm Labourer, Servant Yorks: Hanlith
15 Skellands Farm William Leek Head M 45 Farmer Yorks: Addingham
  Eleanor Leek Wife M 35   Yorks: Burnsall
  Faney Mary Brown Visitor S 19 Visitor Notts: Cullingham
16 Stoneybers House John Walker Head M 36 Farmer Yorks: Rathmell
  Agnes Walker Wife M 31   Westmoreland: Stainmore
  Alice Walker Mother Wid 64 Retired - Farmer's Widow Yorks: Bolton by Bolland
17 Holgate Head Charles Draycott Head M 50 Gardener, Domestic Cheshire: Thornton le ??
  Marion Draycott Wife M 49 Cook, Domestic Scotland: Ayrshire
18 Charity Mount Head Wid 72 Living on own means Yorks: Bell Busk

Transcription © from original material in the National Archives

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