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1881 census : Scosthrop

RG11 / 4300 fo. 14b-15

1 Holgate Head William Metcalfe Head M 39 Farmer of 174 acres Yorks: Malham Moor
  Margaret Metcalfe Wife M 35 Wife Yorks: Bell Busk
  Annie Metcalfe Dau   10 Scholar Yorks: Bell Busk
  Jane Metcalfe Dau   9 Scholar Yorks: Bell Busk
  Fanny Metcalfe Dau   5 Scholar Yorks: Giggleswick
  John Metcalfe Son   3 Son Yorks: Giggleswick
  Elizabeth Metcalfe Dau   1 Daughter Yorks: Scosthrop
  Martha Slack Visitor Wid 61 Visitor - Annuitant Nottinghamshire
  Samuel B Slack Visitor S 21 Undergraduate of Oxford University-Student Hampshire
2 Thornbers William N Yeoman Head M 33 Farmer of 80 acres, employing 1 boy Yorks: Threshfield
  Catherine Yeoman Wife M 32 Wife Yorks: Dent
  Christopher Yeoman Son   9 Scholar Yorks: Scosthrop
  Mary Yeoman Dau   7 Scholar Yorks: Scosthrop
  Isabella Yeoman Dau   5 Daughter Yorks: Scosthrop
  John Scot Servant   15 Farm Servant - indoor Cumberland: Carlisle
3 Dykelands Agnes Airey Head Wid 73 Farmer of 300 acres, emplying 1 man Yorks: Bentham
  Thomas Airey Son S 42 Farmer's Son Yorks: Selside
  John Airey Son S 39 Farmer's Son Yorks: Selside
  Mary A Coates Servant S 16 General Servant, Domestic Yorks: Bentham
4 Skellands William Metcalfe Head M 50 Farmer of 140 acres Yorks: Ingleton Fells
  Alice Metcalfe Wife M 47 Wife Yorks: Dent
  George Metcalfe Son S 19 Farmer's Son Yorks: Ingleton Fells
  Deborah Metcalfe Dau   15 Daughter Westmoreland: Mallenstang
  William Metcalfe Son   10 Scholar Yorks: Ingleton
  Mary E Metcalfe Dau   6 Daughter Yorks: Long Preston
5 Scosthrop Village Mary R Merryweather Head Wid 46 Cotton Factory Operative Lancs: Manchester
  Jane A Merryweather Dau   9 Scholar Yorks:
6 John Morphet Head Widr 42 Shepherd Yorks: Radle
  Ann Morphet Dau S 18 Daughter Yorks: Buckden
7 Jane Shackleton Head Wid 71   Yorks: Wakefield
  Mary Shackleton Dau S 48 Dress Maker Yorks: Kirkby Malham
  Agnes Shackleton Dau S 44 Dress Maker Yorks: Kirkby Malham
  Jane Shackleton Dau S 42 Dress Maker Yorks: Kirkby Malham
  John Clark Grandson S 17 Grandson - Apprentice Joiner Yorks: Kirkby Malham
8 Ellen Shackleton Head Wid 68   Yorks: Kirkby Malham
  Susanna Shackleton Dau S 28 Cotton Rover Yorks: Airton
  John Shackleton Son S 25 General Labourer Yorks: Airton
9 William Bell Head M 55 Blacksmith Yorks: Barnoldswick
  Sarah Bell Wife M 63 Wife Yorks: Kildwick
  David Bell Son S 24 Blacksmith Yorks: Airton
10 George Parker Head M 43 Stone Mason & Grocer Yorks: Kirkby Malham
  Ann Parker Wife M 41   Yorks: Rylston
  Henry Parker Son   11 Scholar Yorks: Scosthrop
  Mary Parker Dau   10 Scholar Yorks: Scosthrop
11 Samuel H Metcalfe Head M 70 General Labourer Yorks: Scosthrop
  Agnes Metcalfe Wife M 42   Yorks: Litton
  Margaret Metcalfe Dau   3   Yorks: Scosthrop
12 William Sedgwick Head Widr 52 Farm Labourer - Agri Yorks: Arncliffe
  Ann Sedgwick Dau S 26 Cotton Spinner Yorks: Arncliffe
  Alice Sedgwick Dau S 19 Cotton Spinner Yorks: Airton
  Susannah Sedgwick Dau S 8 Scholar Yorks: Scosthrop
13 John Beck Head M 41 Joiner Yorks: Linton
  Alice Beck Wife M 39 Wife Yorks: Hebden
  Mary A Beck Dau   14 Scholar Yorks: Hebden
  William Beck Son   10 Scholar Yorks: Hebden
  Antony Berry Boarder S 33 Cotton Spinner Yorks: Scosthrop
14 Mary A Core Head S 39 Dress Maker Lancs: Burnley
16 Thomas Preston Head S 63 Farmer of 575 acres, employing 4 men Yorks: Scosthrop
  Ann Horsefield Servant S 24 Cook, Domestic Yorks: Castle Bolton
  Margaret Brown Servant S 18 General Servant, Domestic Scotland
  William Dickson Servant S 16 Farm Servant - indoor Lancs: Burnley
16 Parrock Edward Ryder Head M 32 Agricultural Labourer Yorks: Masham
  Jane Ryder Wife M 36 Wife Yorks: Masham
  Henry Ryder Son   14 Son Yorks: Swinton
  Edward Ryder Son   8 Scholar Yorks: Bradford
  Mary Ryder Dau   7 Scholar Yorks: Swinton
  George Ryder Son   3 Son Yorks: Scosthrop

Transcription © from original material in the National Archives

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