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Malham Moor Tenants

The Malhamdale estates of Thomas Lister (Lord Ribblesdale from 1797), amounted to about 2,500 acres of Malham Moor and West Malham in 1760. By 1786 he had greatly expanded this, adding another 3,500 acres in East Malham and Malham Moor. By 1838 the Malham Moor Estate had increased to around 9,832 acres, with the bulk of this land, some 9,635 acres, lying on Malham Moor; a further 141 acres in East Malham; 43 acres in West Malham plus a few acres in Calton.
By 1786 he had 19 tenants and a considerable amount of the land was presumably "in hand", but by 1823 it was all let and in the hands of his 27 tenants.
One family held a considerable amount of this upland estate, and by 1823 the Mallison brothers had 3 farms at Dale Head (also known as Rainscar or Peter Castle), Water House and Tennant Gill, and were farming nearly one third of the Ribblesdale Malham Moor estate, a total of over 3,199 acres. It isn't known whether they were working individually or together, but they controlled a very large block of land.
It is interesting to note that Lord Ribblesdale wasn't using his shooting lodge at Malham Tarn House in 1823, but had rented it, presumably along with the sporting rights, to R. O. Gascoigne Esq. The Gascoignes External Website logo were an old and wealthy, titled family whose family seat was at Parlington Hall nr. Aberford. Sir Thomas Gascoigne 8th Bnt (1745-1810) died without an heir and left his property, including Parlington Hall, to his stepdaughter on the condition that her husband, Richard Oliver of Castle Oliver in County Limerick, change his name to Richard Oliver Gascoigne. Richard was a keen sportsman, which is presumably why he took the lease of Tarn House, and he also maintained the racing success of his father-in-law, his horse Jerry winning the St. Leger, at Doncaster in 1824. The family's fortunes were maintained by their collieries at Garforth and in 1825 Richard purchased Lotherton Hall and Park to add to the family estate.

Thomas Lister Estate Tenants 1760
Tenant W Malham & Malham Moor acres
Wm Brayshaw Brayshaws Tenement 24
Wm Lund Lunds Tenement 1
Thomas Atkinson Hill Top 23
Henry Airton Airton's Tenement 24
Jane Swire Widow Reynards 18
In Hand ? Black Hill 65
In Hand ? Gorbeck 105
In Hand ? Grisedales 226
In Hand ? Langscarr 57
In Hand ? Ewe Moor 197
In Hand ? Pikedaw 172
In Hand ? Butterow 10
In Hand ? Slevina 8
In Hand ? Cove Pasture 32
Joseph Procter Thorough Gill Beck 683
John Buck Tenant Gill 122
Marmaduke Brown Stangill 189
In Hand ? High Folds 53
John Birtwhistle Great Close 449
In Hand ? Malham Tarn 75
Wm Brayshaw   74
  Total 2547a 0r 7p
Thomas Lister Estate Tenants 1786
Tenant E Malham & Malham Moor acres
In Hand Malham Tarn House 23
Richard Mallison Water House 351
Bernard Preston Lower Tren-House 297
In Hand ? Large plantation 2
In Hand ? Middle House Farm 552
In Hand ? Frier Leap Farm 188
In Hand ? Bonds Fountains Fell 1114
Thomas Tunstall New Pasture & Rainscarr 657
Peter Watkinson Dick Close & Coppice 310
In Hand ? Rough Close Farm 44
Richard Bentham Gordale Farm 25
John Heaton Bowling Green 6
John Thompson Tenement 4
John Armistead Tenement less than 1
Duke Knowles Smelt Mill Bank 1
  Total 3531a 3r 9p
Lord Ribblesdale Estate Tenants 1823
Tenant   Land (acres)
Richard Mallison Dale Head 1,843
Thomas Myers Darnbrook 1,826
William Ayrton Gordale 52
John Beecroft homestead & land 2
John Bridge homestead, garden etc. less than 1
Betty Hartley homestead, garden etc. less than 1
Grace Ridehalgh homestead, garden etc. less than 1
John Mullinaux croft less than 1
Thomas Benson Greenhead Inn 60
John Brayshaw   24
William Hargreaves   39
William Harrison Buck Inn 4
James Hebden Middle House 1,252
R O Gascoigne Esq. Tarn House 314
John Brotherton Rough Close 349
David Mallison Tennant Gill 857
Thomas Myers Thorgill Beck 1,162
John Brayshaw Trenhouse 402
John Brotherton snr High Trenhouse 944
Augustine Wray Little Higher Trenhouse 182
William Mallison Water House 499
John Procter   less than 1
Benson cottage, garden etc. less than 1
Harrison cottage, garden etc. less than 1
Whitfield cottage, garden etc. less than 1
Moorhouse cottage, garden etc. less than 1
Mr Spencer Calton 4
9,635a 1r 6p
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