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Malham Moor Wills -Knowles

Henry Knowles - Middle House 1689


The twenth sixt day of May 1689

In the name of god amen I Henery KNOWLES of Midlehouse in the parish of Malham dale in the County of yorke being sicke of body butt of perfect memorey prayesed bee god for it doe make my last will and tesstement as followeth

first I comitt my soule to god my maker and redeemer and my body to bee buried in the p[ar]ish of kirkbee mawlam dale aforesayd att the discresstion of my exe[cu]to[rs] and dissposse of my worldly goods as folleth [?]

I give to [Doritty] KNOWLES the Elder the sum of twenty shillings and to Henry KNOWLES the younger the sume of twenty shillings to Jenett KNOWLES and Mary KNOWLES ether of them twenty shillings and to Doritty KNOWLES the younger tenn of my besst yewes and lambs and the sumer gease with them and to Mary LAWSON my sister the sume of forty shillings to Mary KNOWLES of Malam twenty shillings to Marmyduke KNOWLES and William KNOWLES ether of them tenn shillings and there sisster Ellin KNOWLES tenn shillings and I doe appoint Mathew KNOWLES Jurat to bee my whole and sole executor

Sealed signed and delivered In the seight and presents of

     Her marke
Ann M Armysteade



Marm: KNOWLES jurat:



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Matthew Knowles - Middle House 1734


In the name of God Amen this foorteenth day of January: 1733/4 I Matthew KNOWLES of Midle:house in the parish of Kirkby Malham:dale and County of York yeoman being in perfect mind and memory thanks be to Almighty God for the same calling to mind the uncertainty of this Temporal Life doe with my own hand make and ordain this my Last will and Testament in manner and form following

first I commend my soul to Almighty God my creator Asurdly beleiving that I shall Receive full parden and Remision of all my sins: by the presious Death and Merits of my Blessed saviour Jesus Christ and my Body to be buried in such Decent and Christian manner as my freinds and Executors; hereafter named shall think meet and convenient and as touching such worldly Estate as the Lord in his mercy hath Lent me; my will and mind is to be; bestowed as here:after Expressed:

Imprimis: my will is that my Justs Debts and funeral expenses bee paid and fully Dischardgd by my Executor I give and Bequeath to my Daughter Agnes the whole sum of thirtyfore? pounds to be paid att three payments every year twenty pounds till the whole be Run up: by my Executor: the first payment a year after my disseace; I give to my Daughter Doty the sum of one Hundred pound att the age of Twenty:one years to be paid by my Executor; I give to my Daughter Mary the sum of one Hundred pounds to be paid by my Executor att the age of twenty one years Likewise I Doe appoint my wife Dorathy (sworn) to be my whole Executor:as this my Last will and Testament

Wittnessed by us


Chris LAMBERT                Matthew KNOWLES


Martin KNOWLES (sworn)

Know all Men by these presents, that we Dorothy KNOWLES of Middle house in the Parish of Kirkby Malhamdale & County of York Widow, and John SAWLEY of Newsholme in the Parish of Gisburn and County afores[ai]d Yeoman do stand and are firmly bounden ......etc. in the sum of five hundred Pounds of good and lawful Money of Great Britain ...... etc. Dated the fifteenth Day of the Month of April in the Year of our Lord one Thousand seven hundred and Thirty sixThe Condition of this Obligation is such, That if The above bound Dorothy KNOWLES of Middle:house in The Parish of Kirkby Malhamdale and County of York Widow and Sole Executrix of the last Will and Testament of Matthew KNOWLES late of Middle:house in The Parish of Kirkby Malhamdale and diocese of York deceas[e]d do well and truly execute and perform the said Will ... etc.Sealed and Deliverd in the presence of The mark of Martin KNOWLES Dorothy KNOWLES
John ALCOCK Surrogate John SAWLEYp[rove]d 30 April 1736

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Transcribed by
Researching the Knowles families in Littondale, Kirkby Malhamdale and the surrounding area.
You can find original Yorkshire wills and probate registers at the Borthwick Institute. External Website logo
Also read our Malhamdale Wills and Probate page.

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