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Malham Moor

MALHAM-MOOR, a township in that part of the parish of KIRKBY in MALHAM-DALE which is in the western division of the wapentake of STAINCLIFFE and EWCROSS, West riding of the county of YORK, 5.5 miles (N.E.) from Settle, containing 88 inhabitants.

Samuel Lewis "Topographical Dictionary of England" 1831

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Maps & Topography  
Modern OS map : Showing the area around the Tarn
Jefferys map : 1771 - 1 inch to 1 mile
Aerial photograph Malham Moor (east with the Tarn) : using which doesn't require special software. This uses the 1999 Millenium map images from Microsoft Virtual Earth, which are better quality than the Multimap version. User friendly but needs a broadband connection. External Website logo
Aerial photograph Malham Moor (all) : using External Website logo
Scheduled monuments in Malhamdale : Overlaid map from the Government's countryside GIS mapping service, MAGIC. Needs a broadband connection. External Website logo
Malhamdale Satellite Images : Our own highly detailed Google Earth map page, which displays satellite and map images dating from 2002. Zoom in and search any part of Malhamdale and also find the co-ordinates for features. This map doesn't require any additional software to be loaded onto your PC, however it helps to have a broadband connection. If you require more features on your map, you can download a free copy of the Google Earth Viewer for Mac or Windows PCs. External Website logo
Malham Moor External Website logo : By John Greenwood 1850, a draft plan showing field names and owners, from the Arthur Raistrick Map Collection at The JB Priestley Library, Bradford University. External Website logo
Malham Enclosure Award Map : Full transcript of the award with map.
People & Families  

1841 Census Malham Moor
: HO107/1321/5 fo.4-5b
1851 Census Malham Moor
: HO107 / 2277 fo.489b-491b
1861 Census Malham Moor
: RG9 / 3180 fo.4-6a
1871 Census Malham Moor
: RG10/4257 fo. 7b-10b
1881 Census Malham Moor : RG11 / 4300 fo.1-3b
1891 Census Malham Moor : RG12/3495 fo.7-9
1901 Census Malham Moor : RG13/4023/ fo.5-6b
1911 Census Malham Moor
: RG14/25744/...
A Vision of Britain
: View population statistics, historical gazetteer entries, Civil Parish changes and more for Malham Moor External Website logo
1881 Census: An alphabetical list of Malhamdale residents External Website logo
People Finder : A searchable database of all those people reported to have been born, or were living in Malhamdale in the 1841-1911 Census returns.
Population statistics : Information from the 1801-1991 census, offering an insight into population change within the Dale and its possible causes.

The Craven Household Almanack Directory of 1911 : Transcript of "professions and trades" for Malhamdale External Website logo
1913 Craven Almanack : Transcript of local directory entries.

Baines's Directory and Gazetteer 1822 : Transcript of "professions and trades" for Malhamdale External Website logo
West Riding Trade Directories: More references to townships and people in the area can be found on the free Historical Directories website run by the University of Leicester. External Website logo

Parish Records
Parish Record Index 1597-1813 : Searchable index to the Kirkby Malham parish records created from the Cookson Index, IGI and the 18th century Bishop's Transcripts, providing a useful finding aid and the most comprehensive set of data available for the 18th century, whose registers were stolen.
Kirkby Malham Marriages 1754-1910
A searchable database transcribed from the marriage registers for St Michael the Archangel.
Kirkby Malham Baptisms & Burials 1773-1910 :
A searchable database transcribed from the baptism and burial registers for St Michael the Archangel.
Parish Church Records
The whereabouts of the registers and copies for St Michael the Archangel, Kirkby Malham, plus a search form to allow searching of the Marriage and Baptism transcripts for Kirkby Malham in the IGI.
Parish map: Showing Kirkby Malhamdale and the townships and the old Ecclesiastical parishes surrounding it.
Airton Quaker Burials : List of Burials at the Friends Meeting House Burial ground (1669 - 2003)
Airton Quaker Records : Where to find the registers, minutes and other records of Airton Quaker Meeting
Burial Ground Inscriptions: The monumental inscriptions found in Airton Quaker Burial ground, with plan and photographs.

Baptisms & Marriages : Simply search the transcripts of the Baptisms & Marriages for Kirkby Malham which are included in the IGI using our custom search form.

Land, Tax, Probate etc.
Domesday : The earliest written record showing land in use and the names of those holding the land in 1086.

Subsidy Roll 1379 - poll tax listing for Malhamdale, with names, relationships and occupations. For other Craven townships see the lists on GENUKI External Website logo Wills proved at York (1389-1688): Index with over 350 Malhamdale entries of the 16th & 17th centuries.
Malhamdale Wills : Where and how to find them. Includes an Index of Canterbury (PCC) wills and Death Duty Register entries in the National Archives online collections.

Brother Ditton's Compotus
1455 : The accounts of St Michael's Church, Kirkby Malham, submitted to the Abbot of West Dereham.
Feet of Fines
: Records of land transactions in Tudor Malhamdale (1486-1603)
Craven Muster 1539 : A list of men fit and unfit for the militia, their weaponry and armour.
Hearth,Window and Land Taxes : An explanation, plus the 1672 Hearth Tax for Malhamdale.
Hearth Tax Online : Full downloadable PDF transcript of the West Riding Hearth Tax for 1672, complete with introduction, surname index, maps and analysis of the data. External Website logo

Poll Book 1741 : Listing the Freeholders of Malhamdale who voted in the election for an MP for Yorkshire.

Malham Moor Tenants : Tenants of ThomasLister/Lord Ribblesdale in 1760, 1786 and 1823
Land Tax Assessment 1798 : Listing landowners and occupiers.
Land Tax Assessment 1803 : Listing landowners and occupiers

Craven Legion 1803 : With a list of Malhamdale subscribers to this Napoleonic Yeomanry.
Poll Book 1741 : Freeholders of Malhamdale who voting for the MP for Yorkshire.
Poll Book 1807 : Listing Malhamdale freeholders and the candidates they voted for.
Register of Electors 1834 : Transcript of the published list for the local townships.

Poll Book 1841 : Showing the Malhamdale voters for two WRY Parliamentary candidates .
Poll Book 1848 : Listing those in Malhamdale who voted in the 1848 election for the WRY representative in Parliament.

Malham Enclosure Award Map : Full transcript of the 1849 award with list of owners and tenants, map etc.
Return of Owners of Land 1873 : Land held in the West Riding of Yorkshire by Malhamdale residents.
Land Tax 1916 : A listing of the occupiers of Malham Moor in 1915/16 and the rateable value for the properties.
Memorials of the Abbey of St Mary of Fountains Vol.1 : PDF copy of the book published by the Surtees Society in 1863 which includes many mentions of the lands held by the Abbey in Malhamdale. You can also find fully searchable PDF versions of Vol.2 and Vol. 3. External Website logo
Wills : Knowles of Middle House
Fountains Abbey Stock Book : Records of the monastery's stock held at farms on Malham Moor and elsewhere. Written in latin with some translations it is part of the Bradfer-Lawrence collection at the YAS. External Website logo
Ancient Petitions : The National Archives have free pdf downloads of some local documents. These are in Norman French and date from the early 15th cent, but the NA have provided fairly detailed detailed abstracts of their content, which includes the names of the people and places mentioned in the documents. Search for Eshton, Bordley, Otterburn or Fountains to find them. External Website logo
Serjeantson of Hanlith Deeds : An index of land deeds relating to the Serjeantson family, many are missing, but those remaining are in Skipton Library.
Raistrick Papers : An index to the Malhamdale documents (mainly land transactions) deposited by the late Dr Arthur Raistrick at Skipton Library.
1942 Farm Survey : Assessment of every farm in the Dale taken in the Second World War.

Tithe Commission Schedules 1847 : Showing the ownership and tenants of land subject to tithes in Malhamdale.


Genealogy & Biography
Procter of Malham Moor : Brief details about the Procter family of Bordley and Malham Moor.
Walter Morrison MP
: A short biography.
Walter Morrison : Obituary in the National Review Feruary 1922
Great Close Cattle Fair and the Birtwhistle family: notes from a talk by Richard Harland.
Virtual War Memorial : Details of those who died in the two World Wars plus Rolls of Honour listing those who served in the Forces.
Oliver Cromwell : Article reproduced with permission from issue 29 of Your Family Tree magazine, about the signatures in the Kirkby Malham Parish Registers.
Craven's Part in the Great War : An extended online version of the Roll of Honour commissioned by Walter Morrison and published in 1919. The online version also includes material from local newspapers and war memorials. External Website logo
Some Craven Worthies : By WA Shuffrey, downloadable book which includes a biography about Thomas Lister (1st Baron Ribblesdale) who owned the Malham Moor Estate before the Morrisons
. External Website logo

Family History Search : With a specially tuned search engine which helps target family history data on the Web and a search engine to access the transcripts of the Baptisms & Marriages for Kirkby Malham which are included in the IGI.

Free Grammar School students 1873-4 : The last pupils to attend this Kirkby Malham School.

John Enys (1783) : Extract transcribed from the journal of an early visitor describing his visit to the Malhamdale area.
Thomas Pennant (1773) : A further account by a visitor to the area in the late 18th-19th centuries.
Edward Dayes (1805)
: A further account by a visitor to the area in the late 18th-19th centuries.
Thomas Wilkinson (1807)
: A further account by a visitor to the area in the late 18th-19th centuries.
Arthur Jewitt (1816)
: A further account by a visitor to the area in the late 18th-19th centuries.
Samuel King (1837)
: A botanist's account of a visit to the area in the late 18th-19th centuries.
The Birtwhistles of Craven & Galloway : Article by Tony Stephens from the North Craven Heritage Trust Journal 2008 External Website logo

Buildings & Places  

Listed Buildings in Malhamdale Where to find details of listings and surveys.
Malham Water House sale brochure 1850
: Also from the Bradfer-Lawrence collection at the YAS. External Website logo
Great Close House: In the 17th/18th centuries, the centre of the Malham cattle sales
Old Middle House: Old farmstead and monastic stock ranch on Malham Moor.
Bolton Priory Sheephouse: Priory Raikes : Details from the National Park's Out Of Oblivion website. External Website logo
Archaeology of Malham Moor : Field Studies Council paper by Arthur Raistrick & Paul F Holmes, with drawings of excavations and finds. External Website logo
Fountains Fell coke oven : Details from the National Park's Out Of Oblivion website. External Website logo
Malham calamine mine : Details from the National Park's Out Of Oblivion website. External Website logo
Malham Moor Folly : A sketch of the proposed building on Hawke Scar, dated 1789. From the Ribblesdale papers in the Bradfer-Lawrence collection at the YAS. External Website logo
New House Farm : Also called Newhouses, situated in an offshoot of the township of Malham Moor, which one would expect to be part of Bordley. Brief details and a sales notice from 1803.
Malham Tarn Subscription School
: Part of the Malhamdale Local History Group Education Project.
Malham Tarn and House : A brief history of the house from monastic times to the present.
Malham Tarn House : Field Studies Council paper by A Raistrick and OL Gilbert about the development of the building (with plans) and the weathering of it's materials. External Website logo
Malham Tarn House Gardens : Details from the Parks & Gardens data Service. External Website logo
Reading Rooms : Adult education and Reading Rooms in Malhamdale.
Millennium Building Record Project : Browse images and descriptions of Malham Moor buildings and contribute information about them.


Artists and photographers in Malhamdale : Early scenes of Malhamdale before and after the birth of photography. Find images captured in paint and print plus archive photographs from sources other than the archive.
Malham Tarn : Engraving by Rock & Co., London 1857.
External Website logo
Geograph : A collaborative project aiming to collect geographically representative photographs and information for every square kilometre of the UK. Search for any of Malhamdale townships to see over 1400 recent photographs, taken within a 10Km radius
. External Website logo
Pikedaw Calamine Caverns : Some photographs of the caverns taken by the Wirral Caving Group in June 2008 External Website logo
Malham Moor flora and fauna: The University of Aberdeen Zoology department run courses at Malham Tarn Field Centre and their website has several slide shows of photographs of plant animals and students, taken around Malham Moor.
External Website logo

Other Resources

Bibliography : Listing of books old and new (mainly old) which are about or refer to the Malhamdale area and its residents. We also have a Family & Local History Bookshop in association with where you can find other books about the Yorkshire Dales, History and Genealogy.
Agriculture in the Dales and Industry in the Dales are links to pages on the National Park's Out Of Oblivion website. External Website logo
Newspapers: Where to find past articles about the people and places in Malhamdale.
GENUKI : Malhamdale pages on the UK genealogy site. External Website logo
Curious Fox :
Organised by village, Curious Fox is a useful message board if you are seeking or sharing information about your family and local history. Free to sign up and post messages, you need to become a full paying member to make contact with people submitting posts. External Website logo
Malhamdale Archive Index : An index to the holdings of the Malhamdale Local History Group, containing many photographs, maps documents and other material relating to the area.

The Craven & Northwest Yorkshire Highlands : Read this useful book by Harry Speight, from the Internet Archive.
Malhamdale : Transcript of the 3 chapters concerning Malhamdale from Craven & Northwest Highlands.
Through Airedale from Goole to Malham : Book by Johnnie Gray (Harry Speight) from the Internet Archive.
A concise account of some Natural Curiosities in the environs of Malham in Craven : Book by Thomas Hurtley, published 1786.
Whitaker's History of Craven
: An online version of the 3rd and best edition of this well known local work. All sections can be downloaded as PDF files.

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