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Return of Owners of Land 1873

A survey taken of all owners of 1 acre or more of land in England and Wales outside the Metropolis.

The table below was extracted from the government publication presenting the results of the suvey which appeared in 1875. It shows the amount of land held in the West Riding by Malhamdale residents, most of which would be in the immediate area. It doesn't neecessarily show the Malhmdale land owned by outside landlords, one exception being George Serjeantson's West Riding lands which are mainly in Malhamdale, his main residence, the estate at Camphill, Bedale amounts to a little over 50 acres and is listed in the North Riding Returns. Also the Rev Roundell owned a small amount and various other unknown landlords held land in Malhamdale too. John Procter also had estates at Giggleswick, Clapham and Bentham which will be included in the figure shown below.

Surname Forename Address Lands owned in Estimated gross
acres/roods/perches rental income
Anderson William Hanlith 60a 0r 22p 104 9s
Atkinson Henry Malham 617a 0r 15p 515 17s
Brown John Calton 7a 1r 11p 50 2s
Demain Benj. Exrs.of Winterburn 5a 0r 17p 39 2s
Gamaliel Lloyd (Calton) 486a 2r 8p 485 10s
Gomersall William Otterburn 468a 1r 14p 367 6s
Heber William Otterburn 113a 0r 38p 112 15s
Knowles William Kirkby Malham 30a 0r 17p 19
Morrison Walter Malham Tarn 14,117a 2r 3p 4,371 11s
Mount Elizabeth Airton 120a 3r 15p 135 5s
Mount Robert Scosthrop 139a 0r 35p 160 2s
Mount James C Scosthrop 95a 3r 2p 113 9s
Nelson John Bordley moor 10a 3r 13p 4 17s
Preston Thomas Scosthrop 1,381a 1r 8p 777 11s
Proctor John Kirkby Malham 3,351a 1r 4p 1,908 19s
Proctor Richard Malham 348a 0r 23p 300 10s
Rathmell Thomas Otterburn 41a 3r 13p 36 15s
Roundell Rev D R Gledstone 7,451a 2r 34p £8,695 17s
Serjeantson George J Camphill, Ripon 1,104a 1r 16p 1.042 14s
Society of Friends   Calton 13a 0r 19p 22 19s
Taylor Richard W Otterburn 184a 0r 14p 248 5s
Taylor Mercy Airton 2a 0r 21p 12 12s
Taylor Edward Airton 314a 3r 31p 429 7s
Taylor Anthony Airton 419a 0r 36p 591 4s
Tottie John William Gargrave 1,466a 2r 30p 2,158 6s

The areas of land owned is shown in the old style units of area measurement

30.25 sq.yards = 1 perch : 40 perches = 1 rood : 4 roods = 1 acre : 640 acres = 1 sq mile




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