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1741 Poll Book

The Poll
a Representative in Parliament
for the
County of York

In the room of the
Right Honourable Henry, Lord Visc. Morpeth,
Deceas'd ;

Begun at the Castle of York
on Wednesday 13th of January 1741

George Fox, Esq.
Cholmley Turner, Esq.

George Fox (1697-1773) was the Tory MP for the Yorkshire Borough of Hedon from 1734-1741, then MP for the City of York from 1742-1761. He lived at Bramham Park, Yorkshire and in 1751changed his name to George Fox-Lane by Act of Parliament. He was created 1st Baron Bingley in1762, but had no surviving issue to carry on the title.

Cholmley Turner of Kirkleaham, was a Whig (Liberal) MP who served Yorkshire from 1727-1741.

Voting took place in the city of York and lasted 8 days. Votes had to be cast by a spoken declaration, in public, at the hustings. Turner, defending his seat for the third time, won by a very small margin, though the results below show that he wasn't the popular choice of candidate in Malhamdale.

For Mr Turner (Whig)
8,005 Votes
For Mr Fox (Tory)
7,049 Votes
Majority for Turner
956 Votes

1741 Yorkshire Election - Malhamdale Entries

Abode Freeholder Freehold Candidate
Malham Armistead Richard   Fox
Grunsigill Armistead Richard Airton Fox
Airton Armitage George   Fox
Malham Atkinson John   Fox
Malham Atkinson Richard Hellifield Fox
Malham Atkinson Robert Kirby-Malham-Dale Fox
Malham Atkinson Thomas   Fox
Malham Atkinson Thomas Kirby-Malham-Dale Fox
Malham Baleson Thomas   Fox
Kirby-Malham-Dale Banks John   Fox
Hanlith Blackburn Robert   Fox
Hetton cum Boardley Blackburne Richard   Fox
Malham Blakey Thomas Hanlyth Turner
Malham Blakey William   Turner
Malham Brayshaw John   Fox
Malham Brayshaw Thomas   Fox
Malham Broughton William Grassington Fox
Kirby-Malham-Dale Brown John   Fox
Malham Brown Marmaduke Garsdale Fox
Hetton cum Boardley Carlisle Thomas   Fox
Malham Charnock Henry Hanlyth Fox
Tanfield Cowper Christo. Kirby-Malham-Dale Fox
Hetton cum Boardley Ellis John   Fox
Kirby-Malham-Dale Ellison Thomas   Fox
Scostrop Hall Hugh   Fox
Hanlith Hall John   Fox
Kirby-Malham-Dale Hardacre Henry   Fox
Malham Herd William   Fox
Winterburne Hill Henry   Fox
Malham Hill Richard - Hanlyth. Hanlyth Turner
Malham Hird Thomas   Turner
Malham Hodgson Richard   Turner
Malham Holme Anto.   Fox
Malham Hurtley William   Fox
Kirby-Malham-Dale Husband Henry   Fox
Eccleshall John Wilcock Malham Fox
Kirby-Malham-Dale King Henry   Fox
Kirby-Malham-Dale King Robert   Fox
Airton King Thomas   Fox
Rigton Knightson Christo. Kirby-Malham-Dale Fox
Rigton Knightson Edmond Kirby-Malham-Dale Fox
Hanlith Knowles Henry   Fox
Malham Knowles Marmaduke   Fox
Kirby-Malham-Dale Knowles Miles   Fox
Hanlith Knowles Richard   Fox
Hetton cum Boardley Knowles Thomas   Fox
Malham Knowles William   Fox
Malham Lawson John   Fox
Malham Lund William   Fox
Otterburne Lunn Thomas   Fox
Conistone Cold Malham John   Fox
Giggleswick Mathew Knowles Malham Moor Fox
Hetton cum Boardley Moorhouse Henry   Fox
Hetton cum Boardley Morris Richard   Fox
Conistone Cold Myers Henry   Fox
Kirby-Malham-Dale Parker John   Fox
Hetton cum Boardley Parkinson James   Fox
Otterburne Parkinson John   Fox
Winterburne Parkinson John Malham Fox
Hetton cum Boardley Parkinson Stephen   Fox
Otterburne Parkinson Thomas   Fox
Airton Petty Francis   Fox
Otterburne Preston Job   Fox
Scostrop Preston Thomas   Fox
Hetton cum Boardley Procter Thomas   Fox
Kirby-Malham-Dale Rennington Anto. Scosthrop Fox
Scostrop Rimmington John   Fox
Scostrop Rimmington John   Fox
Conistone Cold Ryecroft Thomas   Fox
Kirby-Malham-Dale Serjeantson Richard   Fox
Hanlith Serjeantson Roger   Fox
Otterburne Settle William Scosthrop Fox
Malham Shackleton Richard   Fox
Malham Shackleton William   Fox
Malham Smith Stephen   Fox
Kirby-Malham-Dale Tatham William   Fox
Airton Tennant Richard Scosthrop Fox
Hetton cum Boardley Thompson Edward   Fox
Malham Thompson William Kirby-Malham-Dale Fox
Kirby-Malham-Dale Thompson William   Fox
Winterburne Through Matthew Hetton Fox
Conistone Cold Toward Richard Settle Fox
Winterburne Walker William   Fox
Kirby-Malham-Dale Weatherhead Robert   Fox
Kirby-Malham-Dale Wetheral Richard   Fox
Airton Wetherall Robert   Fox
Kirby-Malham-Dale Wetherall Thomas   Fox
Conistone Cold Whitaker Christoph.   Fox
Black-Bank Wilkinson John Hetton cum Boardley Fox
Eshton Wilson Matth. Esq;   Fox
Netherthong Woodhead Benja. Hanlyth Fox
Langerhouse Yates Richard Boardley Turner

Who could Vote?
Prior to the Reform Act 1832, the franchise to vote for a County MP was only held by the owners of freehold land valued at 40 shillings or more, a situation which had persisted since 1430. The expense and difficulty of voting at only one location in the (very large) county, together with the lack of a secret ballot contributed to the corruption and intimidation of voters, which was widespread in the unreformed British political system. Contested county elections were unusual due to the expense and the leading families of the county would agree on the candidates to be returned unopposed whenever possible. In the 100 years before the Reform Act there were 20 general elections, but in Yorkshire the 1741 election was one of only 4 that actually went to a ballot.
Yorkshire was the largest of the historic counties and the constituency comprised the whole county, represented at this time by two MPs. Yorkshire also contained several boroughs which each returned two members to Parliament, these included; Aldborough, Beverley, Boroughbridge, Hedon, Kingston-upon-Hull, Knaresborough, Malton, Northallerton, Pontefract, Richmond, Ripon, Scarborough, Thirsk and York.

See also our Register of Electors registered to vote in 1834, the 1807 Poll Book, the 1848 Poll Book and our information page about the Right to Vote 1430-1969.

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