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Parish Record Index
St Michael the Archangel, Kirkby Malham : 1597-1813

If you have looked at the page on where to find the Parish Records, you will know that the church records prior to the late 18th century were stolen from the church in the 1970s. Fortunately we have four fairly good secondary sources available to help fill this gap. The Yorkshire Parish Record Society published a transcript of the 1597-1690 records in 1938; the Rev Edward Cookson created an index to the 1597-1813 records in the early 20th Century; most of the Bishop's Transcripts for the period are still held by the Borthwick Institute, and finally there is the International Genealogical Index (IGI) compiled from a mix of these sources. None of these are original primary sources, and all have shortcomings. The Bishop's Transcripts are often missing entries at the start and end of the year; the Rev Cookson lumped together certain similar surnames and all of the entries have been transcribed and copied more than once, leading to errors and differences of opinion about the transcription.
Members of the Wharfedale Family History Group External Website logo made up a composite index based on the IGI and Cookson Index for the 1690-1813 period, then added further details, such as birth dates, occupations and abodes, extracted from the MLHG Archive's copies of the Bishop's Transcripts, publishing the result on CD. We have taken that work and further added an index for the earlier 1597-1690 period, made by comparing and combining the Cookson Index and IGI, adding more detail to this section from the YPRS transcript.

For 19th Century events at St Michael's, search our other two databases :

Marriage (1754-1910) Transcripts
Baptism & Burial (1773-1910) Transcripts

Accuracy : Please bear in mind that this index should be treated very much as a secondary source and you should try and check any events against the most original sources available. These are the Bishop's Transcripts held by the Borthwick Institute External Website logo at York and available on microfilm through any Mormon Family History Centre External Website logo and the YPRS 1597-1690 transcript which should be available via inter-library loan or to purchase on microfiche from the YPRS.External Website logo

Notes on searching :

Missing Entry : Can't find an entry you think should be there? Then check HERE.

Variant Spelling : The "Sounds Like" search uses Soundex, it has some limitations because it assigns a code to names (eg. Elizabeth = E421), however if you enter Helen, it won't find occurrences of Ellen, even though they do sound alike, as they start with different letters.

Starts with : The Rev Cookson standardised the spelling of names in his index, including calling all the Hurtley family Hartley, although there were only a handful of the latter. The index contains many spelling variants (eg. Redman - Redmaine), so it is a good idea to search with just the first few letters of the name and to try and think of any other possible ways the name could be spelt ie. Swyre - Swire - Squire : Wellock - Wallock - Willock : Buck - Boucke. Some of the surnames in the database, particularly those from the Cookson Index have had their spelling standardised.

Spouse/Parent/Relationship : You add a full or partial surname or forename for the spouse, father or mother if necessary, but it may prevent results from being found, so only use it if you are getting too many results.
Abbreviations used in this field include : -
                                                                        So = son of : Do = daughter of : Wo = wife of : Wd = widow/widower

Alternative entries : The results may show some almost identical entries, with just a slight difference in date, often only a few days. The second date is usually either the Birth or Death of the individual as recorded in the IGI. You can check the full record in the IGI using the form below.

Search the Kirkby Malham Baptism & Marriage transcripts in the IGI

Surname :

(Both are optional)

The results will open in a new FamilySearch window or tab.

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