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(Postal address, Bell Busk, via Leeds.)

Kirkby Malhamdale is a parish comprising the townships of Kirkby Malham, Otterburn, Airton, Scosthrop, Calton, Hanlith, Malham Moor, and Malham, all of which are situated in the Aire basin. Kirkby possessed a church in Anglo-Saxon times. The present structure is a large, handsome, and uniform building of red stone, of the time of Henry VII. The parish registers contain an autograph signature of Oliver Cromwell. Calton is a hamlet memorable for the birthplace of the renowned Major-General Lambert, a leader of the Parliamentarians in the Civil Wars. Malham (or Malgham), from "Malgh", the original possessor in Saxon times, and "ham", a dwelling, is a picturesque village 5 miles east of Settle, and 5 miles from Bell Busk, the nearest railway station. It has a population of about 120 inhabitants. Malham Cove is a mountain amphitheatre with limestone cliffs rising to a height of 280 feet, under whose base a part of the river Aire issues. Malham Tarn, a lovely lake a mile in diameter, situated on high and undulating moorland; Gordale Scar, one mile from the village, a gorge through cliffs, of 300 feet, in height, down which rushes a strong stream - and Janet's Cave and Foss, a small cavern with a beautiful cascade adjacent, are objects of great interest, whereto some thousands of visitors annually repair from Yorkshire and Lancashire towns. Malham Post Office is the nearest telegraph station for Kirkby Malham, Malham, Malham Tarn, and Hanlith. At Malham three fairs are held during the year, on June 30th for lambs, and hiring men for hay time; on first Tuesday in August for Lambs; and on 15th of Oct. for lambs, sheep, and tups.

Parish Church, Kirkby Malham - Rev. D.R. Hall vicar; parish clerk, Joseph Redfern. Services on Sundays at 10.30 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. : Communion on the first Sunday in each month: Sunday afternoon services during Lent at Malham Tarn, at 3.0 p.m.
Sunday-schools are held at Kirkby Malham at 2.30, and at Scosthrop at 2.0 o'clock.

Wesleyan Chapel, Malham - Ministers, Rev. A. Dickinson and Rev. H.A. Riggall, assisted by lay preachers. Sunday services at 2.0 and 6.15p p.m. : Sunday-school at 9.30 am 1.0 pm.

Kirkby-Malham- W.R.C.C. Education Sub-committee - T.B.P. Ford, Wm. Taylor, C.A.L. Swales, R. Brown, J. Winskill, Wm. Brown, R.K. Richardson (chairman), R. Preston, J. Walker. Meetings held monthly at Airton School.

Kirkby-in-Malhamdale United Schools Governors - W. Morrison (chairman), Rev. D.H.
Hall (vice-chairman and treasurer), Jas. Bolland (Dykelands), J. Walker (Malham), W. Brown (Malham), and E. Taylor (Airton). Master, A.K. Turner: mistress, Miss Turner. School attendance officer - Parker, Settle.

Malham Tarn Subscription School - Committee. W. Morrison (chairman), Rev. D. R. Hall, W. Ward, Mrs. O. Coates, and Mrs. J Coates.

Airton Council School-Mistress - Mrs. Smith

Kirkby-Malhamdale Library - Trustees W. Morrison and the Vicar. Number of volumes, 900.

Airton New Mutual Reading Room - Open all the year. Subscription, 5s. per year for ordinary members; hon. members, 10s. Managed by a committee. Secretary, F. Rowley.

Malham Reading Room - Open every weekday from 6.0 a.m. to 9.30 p.m. (Saturdays 10.0 p.m.) Subscription, 5s. per year; 1s. per quarter for working men.

Reading Rooms-Kirkby Malham and Scosthrop - Each managed by its own committee and officers; open from October 1st to March 31st, at 6.0 o'clock every week-day evening; close at 10.0 on Saturdays, and 9.0 on other nights, and have the use of the parish library ; subscriptions; 5s. per annum, or 1s. per quarter for working-men.

Wesleyan Chapel, Airton - Services, morning at 11.0, evening 6.30. Sunday-school, 10.0 a.m. and 2.0 p.m.

Airton Adult School - Meets in Friends' Meeting House-Sunday (men), 2-0 o'clock; secretary, H. Preston; women, 3.0 o'clock ; secretary, Miss Smith.

Friends' Meeting House, Airton - Meetings on Sunday mornings; public meetings on Sunday evenings at 7.0 (irregular).

Yorkshire Penny Bank - Malham, Branch - Actuary, J. Walker, open at J. Walker's from 7.0 to 8.0 p.m. on Saturdays. Number of depositors, 112; amount due to depositors at end of 1911, £5,848 13s. 11d. - Airton Branch - Actuary, R. K. Richardson; open at Airton Mill from 6.30 to 7.0 p.m. on Mondays. Number of depositors, 89, amount due to depositors, £2,364 14s. 1d.

Postal Regulations - Letters arrive at Malham at 9.20 a.m., and 4.40 p.m. Box closes 5.40 p.m. First dispatch at 10.10 a.m. Postmistress. Mrs. Wiseman. Telegraph Office-Open from 8.0 a.m. to 8.0 p.m.

Alderson T. Kirkby Malham
Armstrong Edward Malham
Atkinson Mrs. Malham
Askrigg Miss Airton
Bains Richard Malham
Barrett J. Otterburn
Battersby C. Moor End Airton
Battersby R. Malham Tarn [Malham Moor]
Baynes Mrs. Airton
Beck W. joiner Airton
Bell Mrs. Otterburn
Bell David Airton
Bell S. Calton
Berry J. cab proprietor &c. Airton
BIackett John Stoneybers [Scosthrop]
Bolland Geo. Wm. Hurries farm Bell Busk
Bolland James Dykelands [Scosthrop]
Brown Miss Calton Hall [Calton]
Brown J. shoemaker Airton
Brown Robert Calton-hall [Calton]
Brown R. Accraplatts
Brown W. Malham
Cardus J. Airton
Carr T. Newhouse Malham moor
Carr Thomas Malham
Carr E. Newfield [Calton]
Carr S. Middle-house [Malham Moor]
Carradice Bridget Airton
Carradice Mrs. Airton
 Carradice J. Airton
Carlisle W. Calton
Carlisle Miss Cherry cottage [Malham]
Caton F. Malham
Caton Mrs. Kirkby Malham
Chapman T. Malham Tarn
Chester John Low Trenhouse [Malham Moor]
Cixon (sic) Cherries Farm Malham
Clark George Kirkby Malham
Clark J. Scalegill mill Kirkby Malham
Clark Henry Temperance Hotel Malham
Coates J. High Trenhouse [Malham Moor]
Coates Turner Airton
Cowgill Thomas Malham
Dickinson Mrs. Airton
Dinsdale Thos. Calton
Earnshaw Mrs. Airton
Earnshaw K. Airton
Earnshaw R. Scosthrop
Edmondson Thos. Airton
Fitchett T. Airton
Foster Mrs Calton
Foster R. Newfield
Frankland T. Tenant gill [Malham Moor]
Garnett-Orme Miss Scosthrop hall [Scosthrop]
Greenwood J. Malham
Hall Rev. D.R. vicar Kirkby Malham
Harrison Ernest Buck Hotel Malham
Harrison Richard Malham
Hesleden E. Kirkby Malham
Hesletine John Calton
Hodkinson T. Kirkby Malham
Horner Mrs. Garrs House. Airton
Howson Innkeeper Kirkby Malham
Hudson Joseph Malham
Ilingworth Cudley (sic) Hanlith hall [Hanlith]
Jackson James Malham
Kirkby B. Malham
Kirkby Top Kirkby Malham
Lawson J. Airton
Lawson T. Hanlith
Lister L. photographer Malham
Lodge Mrs. Kirkby Malham
Lund W. Airton
Swinbank Miss Malham
Metcalfe C. Scosthrop house [Scosthrop]
Metcalfe Andrew Malham
Mitchel Kirkby Malham
Morkill J.W. Newfield hall [Calton]
Morrison W. Tarn-house [Malham Moor]
Nelson J. Leegate Malham
Newsholme Robert Kirkby Malham
Newhouse E. Kirkby Malham
Newhouse R. Kirkby Malham
Newhouse T. Gordale-house [Malham]
Ogden P.C. Kirkby Malham
Owen Edard Malham
Parker G.W. painter  Airton
Parker H. carrier Scosthrop
Parker W. farmer Kirkby Malham
Preston John Airton
Preston R. tailor Airton
Preston Henry Airton
Procter W.A. Holgate-head [Scosthrop]
Redfern J. Kirkby Malham
Redfern Jos. Sexton Kirkby
Redfern T. Airton
Richardson J.K. Airton
Richardson R.K. Airton
Richardson W. Malham Tarn [Malham Moor]
Richardson B. Little Pennyghent [Malham Moor]
Robinson Mrs. Malham
Rowley F. Airton
Rowley Albert Airton
Ryder Mrs. Airton
Shackleton Miss Kirkby Malham
Sharp Wm. Airton
Simpson Hanlith
Simpson J. Scosthrop
Slater J. Airton
Slater Miss P. Airton
Slater Miss B. Airton
Slater Miss M. Airton
Smith Mrs. Airton
Sutcliffe Mr. Malham
Swinbank Bernard Lister's Arms Malham
Swain Malham
Taylor Edward Airton
Taylor Wm. farmer Hanlith
Turner A.K. School-house Kirkby Malham
Walker John farmer Malham
Walker John Skellands [Scosthrop]
Walker Mrs. Malham
Ward A. Malham Tarn
Wellock W. Park house [Airton]
Wilkinson Airton
Wiseman Mrs Malham
Winter J. Kendal-house [Otterburn]
Winter Mrs. T. Airton
Woodrup J. Ormsgill green [Airton]
Woodrup Mark Airton
Wooler Rd. Hanlith
Wright Kirkby Malham
Yeoman W. Kirkby Malham

(Postal Address, via Leeds.)

This is an ancient village with a township population in 1911 of 178. Area, 1,337 statute acres. It is situate two mile from Gargrave, and a mile from Bell Busk, the latter being the postal village.
In the 33rd year of Edward III's reign Brain de Normanville granted in trust to certain persons Manerium memum de Coniston. In the family of the Normanvilles it continued till the reign of Henry VIII., when Sir John de Normanville sold it to William Malham, rector of Marton, and one of the clerks or masters in Chancery. In this family the manor of Coniston rested till the year 1665, when it was purchased from the last Malham of Elslack by the Coulthirsts of Gargrave, who sold it about 90 years ago to Mr Laycock, of Lothersdale, whose descendants once more disposed of it to the late owner, Mr. Garforth, who was succeeded by Mr. Tottie, afterwards Lord of the Manor.
Since the last purchase the village and township of Coniston has been greatly improved, the whole estate evincing a very judicious application of commercial wealth.
On Steeling Hill, a high round knoll above this village, commanding one of the most central and extensive views in Craven, is an elliptical encampment, the circumference of which has been measured to 522ft.
On the 20th May, 1847, Coniston Cold was separated from Gargrave and made into a new parish. The dedication of the church, which was consecrated on 19th November, 1845, is to St. Peter. The Rev. John Stansfield was the first vicar, being instituted 16th July, 1847, on the presentation of Mr. James Braithwaite Garforth ; but Mr. Tottie is now the patron, and the present vicar is the Rev. C.J. Robinson.

St. Peter's Church, Coniston - Services, 10.30 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Rev, C.J. Robinson, vicar: organist Mrs. Wray; sexton Thos. Hirst.

National School, Coniston - Mistress, Miss Cheyne; assistant mistress, Miss McKell.

Wesleyan Chapel, Bell Busk - Service, 6.30 p.m. Ministers, Revs. A Dickinson and W. Bateson and local preachers. Sunday-school, 9.15 a.m. and 1.45 p.m.

Parish Council - Meets in the National School. Members, C. Lord (chairman), O. Rawlinson, R. Ayrton, and W. Bond (clerk).

Post Office - Delivery of letters and parcels commences at 8.50 a.m. Sundays at 9.0 a.m. Box cleared at 6.45 a.m. and 6.5 p.m. on weekdays, and 4.55 p.m. on Sundays. Postmaster, Thomas Hirst.

Ayrton Richard Coniston Cold
Bateson James Bell Busk
Boothman Mrs Stainton Coates
Brown Miss Coniston Cold
Cheyne Miss Coniston Cold
Coates G. farmer Ravenflatt
Gifford Ernest coal dealer
Gifford Levi farmer
Haggas Fred Otterburn
Hirst Thomas postman Coniston Cold
Lord Charles Coniston Cold
Metcalfe J. R. Otterburn Hall
Metcalfe Misses Ingber House
Moor J. Kelber
Moore Mrs. Hesper
Moor John Kelber
Parker John farmer Coniston Cold
Perritt Thomas stationmaster and Postmaster
Rawlinson Owen.  farmer
Robinson Rev. C.J. vicar
Robinson Mrs. Hallfield
Seed David Moorberbottom
Thompson James farmer Coniston Cold
Tottie J.B.G. Coniston-Hall
Wray Alfred
Wright Adam Thatch house
Wright Roger Carr grocer


(Postal address, via Skipton.)

Includes the entries for Bordley Township

Aked W. B. Hetton
Anderson Wm. Knowl-bank [Bordley]
Banks Mrs. Park-house Bordley
Cogill John
Dugdale Henry Scale-hill
Dugdale T. Scale hill
Fenwick Matt.
Foster Thos. Bordley
Horner Mrs. Bordley
Howarth John Walter Hetton
Kidd John Hetton
Laycock Jno. Long-hill Hetton
Lord Mrs. farmer
Lord Rd. farmer
Lowe Rev. Charles Henry
Maude Lieut.-Col. The Fleets
Metcalfe J. W. Bucker-house [Bordley]
Midgley Mrs. P. Hetton
Mouteith A Hetton
Naylor Robert stationmaster
Nelson J. Leegate [Malham Moor]
Nelson John Hetton
Nelson Thomas Hetton
Pickering Leonard Sun hill
Procter Richard Lainger-house [Bordley]
Procter W.A. Manor-house
Reeday Jas. Hetton
Renton Joseph builder
Richardson R. farmer Hetton
Robinson Geo. Bordley hall [Bordley]
Shaw Septimus Angel Inn
Standeven John W. Scale house
Swale Thos farmer
Taylor John D. Burton house
Tennant B. Hetton
Titley John A. Rylstone-house
Waugh Miss Rylstone
Wright Mrs. Post office Hetton

(Postal address, via Leeds.)

Eshton & Winterburn entries included

Airey C. Swiss-cottage Eshton
Ayrton Miss Rose Cottage Marton-road
Ayrton Misses Church-street
Bateson Miss Church-street
Bell Mrs. Anchor inn
Bell Jas. Old Saw-mill
Birtwhistle Miss High street
Bell T. Winterburn Wood
Bracewell Misses High-street
Bramwell Mrs. The Beeches
Brindle John Holme-house
Broughton J.W. estate office
Burlend E. Church-street
Burrows Tom farmer
Clarke A. fruiterer etc. High-street
Cockcroft J. schoolmaster North street
Dalby Mrs. The Cottage
Davis Mrs. W H. Westfield
Davis Misses The Hollies
Dewhurst W. C. Grouse Hotel
Dodgson J. blacksmith High-street
Drinkall R. Eshton
Driver J. farmer Mickleber
Ermen Godfrey Milton house
Earnshaw Mrs. Banknewton
England Norman A. Town head-house
Foster Thos. Winterburn
Frankland Bros. Little Stainton
Franzee C.W. cabinet maker North-street
Gamett H. Knowles house
Gill T. postman High-street
Gill L. butcher Church-street
Gill Wm. Church-street
Green Basil Airebank house
Green F. & Son coal, corn, hay and straw dealers  
Hardacre Hy. coal merchant
Hardisty F. butcher
Hartley S. painter High street
Hartley Misses confectioners High street
Hastings H. Higherland-house
Haworth J Station-road
Hilton A. South-street
Hitchon I. Holme-house
Hogg John Conservative Club
Hodgson W. H. Swan Hotel
Hodkinson J. farmer Scaleber-house
Horn Jeremiah Winterburn
Horner H. Grouse Hotel
Horner Alf. Masons' Arms Inn
Howard J. Paget-hall
Hunt G. D. deputy registrar South street
Hunt J. shoemaker Church-st
Hyde Jno. High-street
Ingleby W. Throstle Nest
Isherwood James South-street
Isherwood Isaac farmer South-street
Jackson Miss Church-street
Kendrick John Banknewton
Kilner Ven. Archdeacon vicar
Knowles Bros. Stainton hall
Knowles Dr. The Crofts
Land Wm. Eshton grange
Laycock Jobn High-street
Lawson   Winterburn hall
Lister J. Holme bridge
Lofthouse Miss dressmaker High-street
Lofthouse Wm. High-street
Mandsley W shoemaker High-st
Meridian Lighting Co. Low mill
Middlebrook H. shoemaker South-street
Middlebrook J. T. High-street
McKell John High-street
Mossman Mrs. and the Misses The Limes
Oliver H. High-street
Ormrod Miss Alrebank-terrace
Parker Ralph river watcher, Kirk Sink-house
 Pighills Tom High mill
Preston John H. Flasby-hall
Preston R. sexton.  High-street
Preston Thos. Church-street
Procter Robt. Eshton house
Rathmell J. Newton-hall
Reeder S. South street
Rickards A. Old hall cotttage
Ridding T. Crossgates Banknewton
Roberts P. joiner and builder.  Church-street
Scargill E. police constable High.Street
Sewell G.W. River-place
Sharples T.C. schoolmaster
Spedding H. coal agent River place
Spencer C.B. Hawbank Church St
Spensley S. Highgate-house
Staff J. stationmaster
Stone Mrs. High street
Swale Mrs. farmer Flasby
Tattersall E. Winterburn
Taylor Mrs. Friars-head
Taylor J. Brockabank-house
Taylor J.U. Friar's head
Taylor Newton-grange
Thomas C.W. Bridgeholm
Thompson Thomas sec. Mechanics' Institute and sec. Co-operative Society South street
Todd Ernest gardener Flasby hall
Tobin J. jun. huntsman, Well house
Tranter Misses music teachers High street
Turner John Banknewton
Varley Miss Post-office
Wales Dr. H. surgeon, Meville hall Meville hall
Walker Cockshott West West street
Walls B.C. Higherland Lock-ho.
Wane T.B. carrier Church-st.
Watson Park place
Wharfe Mrs. Church-street
Whittle Mr Endsleigh
Wilde B. High street
Wilkinson R. F. New Brighton Saw-mill
Wilson Sir M.A. Eshton house
Wood T. quarry foreman, Broughton quarries Broughton quarries
Wolfenden Miss dressmaker West-street
Wright A.E. draper & grocer High-street



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