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Bibliography : Malhamdale in print

Published references to Malhamdale and its occupants really commence with Monastic records, some of which have been transcribed and published by Record Societies, and the first topographical work on the area was written by the local schoolmaster, Thomas Hurtley in 1786. The scenic beauty of this area of Craven has inspired many writers since then, though their enthusiasm for the area is sometimes greater than their accuracy, and you can find many books which are about the area or which contain references to it. This book list isn't complete, but contains details of all the major works on the area and a reasonably representative selection of the lesser guides and pamphlets. Links have been provided where books are still available in print or in facsimile form on CD. Where new copies are not available you may be able to find a secondhand copy via External Website logo or one of the many internet booksellers, try the Amazon links from the titles in the list below to save searching. External Website logo is a good place to look as it provides access to many dealer's stock with a single search. We have also set up a Family & Local History Bookshop in association with bookshop with selected titles of interest about the Yorkshire Dales, Genealogy and History. All commission earned from sales of books or software will go to support this website.

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Books principally about Malhamdale or with substantial sections dedicated to the area or its residents.

A Concise Account of some Natural Curiosities in the Environs of Malham in Craven, Yorkshire by Thomas Hurtley
The Logographic Press, London 1786 Read it here on

The Churches of the Deanery of North Craven by William Arthur Shuffrey MA
J Whitehead & Son, Leeds, 1914.

The Craven and Northwest Yorkshire Highlands by Harry Speight
Elliot Stock, London, 1892. Read it here on

The History and Antiquities of the Deanery of Craven in the County of York by TD Whitaker
Cassell, Petter & Galpin, London, 3rd edition, 1878.
The third edition was much enlarged and edited by AW Morant it is available in CD format and also available to download as a set of free PDF files at the Skipton Castle website.

A History of Airton Mill by William Sharp
Privately published, circa 1991.

Malham and Malham Moor External Website logo by Dr Arthur Raistrick
Dalesman Publishing Co, Clapham, 1947.

Mines and Miners on Malham Moor External Website logo by Dr Arthur Raistrick
George Kelsall, Littlebrough, 1983.

The Story of St Michael the Archangel at Kirkby Malham by Rev. WRN Baron MA.
3rd edition pub. Kirkby Malham Church, 1989, first published 1923. Read it hear on

The Story of St Michael the Archangel at Kirkby Malham edited by David Tippey
Kirkby Malham PCC, 2003. Enlarged and well illustrated 4th edition, published with help from the North Yorkshire Churches Tourism Initiative and sold in aid of the church restoration appeal. Well illustrated with numerous old photographs dating back to 1870 and much new information it is still available and costs £4 plus UK postage.

The Parish of Kirkby Malhamdale by John William Morkill
John Bellows, Gloucester, 1933
Available in an excellent facsimile, printed by Smith Settle of Otley and published by Kirkby Malham PCC in aid of the church restoration, this is the only book dedicated purely to the history of Malhamdale.

The Serjeantsons of Hanlith by Rev RM Serjeantson.
Privately published, circa 1911.
You can download a PDF of this book for free from the Family History Archives,External Website logo select the Printing Version from the LH menu bar.

The Leedes of Wappingthorne and North Milford by Eleanor Lloyd
Privately published 1935. Adds to the Rev RM Serjeantson's family history and includes family pictures.

Walter Morrison: A Millionaire at Malham Tarn External Website logo by WR Mitchell
Castleburgh Publications, 1990.

Edith Carr: Life on Malham Moor External Website logo by WR Mitchell
Castleburgh Publications, 1999.

Through Airedale from Goole to Malham by "Johnnie Gray" (H Speight)
Walker & Laycock, Leeds, 1891. Read it here on

The Malham Story External Website logo by Cpt. John Illingworth
The Nautical Publishing Company, 1972.

Mines and t'Miners: History of Lead Mining in Airedale, Wharfedale and Nidderdale External Website logo by JM Dickinson
Privately published 1972.

The Yorkshire Dales External Website logo Marie Hartley and Joan Ingleby
JM Dent & Sons Ltd, 1956, republished by Dalesman Books.

The Tourists Guide in Craven and its Vicinity
J Garnett, Skipton, 1850.

A Practical Guide Book to Malham and its surrounding scenery by AM
James Bennett & Son, Blackburn, 1886.

McFarlane's Illustrated Guide to Malham
Edmondson & Co. Skipton, 1903.

Malhamdale : Dalesman Pocket Books by Arthur Raistrick
Dalesman Publishing Co, Clapham, 1946.

Malhamdale : A new Guide for Visitors
Dalesman Publishing Co, Clapham, 1968.

The Parish Register of Kirkby Malham Vol 1 1597-1690
YPRS, Wakefield, 1938: still available on fiche from the YAS Parish Record GroupExternal Website logo

Upper Airedale a History and Guide
Percy Lund & Co, Bradford, 1891.

Guide to Malham by N L Wall
The Craven Herald Ltd, Skipton, date unknown possibly circa 1910.

Hurtley's Poems on the Natural Curiosities of Malham in Craven, Yorkshire by Thomas Hurtley
Edmondson and Wilson, Settle, 1917.

Kirkby Malham Church and Parish by Thomas Brayshaw
Pamphlet reprinted from the Craven Herald, Skipton, August 1st 1924.

Craven's Part in the Great War ed. John T Clayton
Percy Lund, Humphries & Co, Bradford, 1919.
Generously paid for by Walter Morrison and presented to all the soldiers, or their families, this is an illustrated Roll of Honour of First World War casualties from Craven.

Portrait of a Merchant Prince - James Morrison 1789-1857 by Richard Gatty
Pepper Arden, Northallerton, 1977.
A biography of his father, which nonetheless touches on the life of Walter Morrison.

Cromwell's Understudy - The Life and Times of General John Lambert and the Rise and Fall of the Protectorate by Wm Harbutt Dawson
Published 1938.

John Lambert, Parliamentary Soldier and Cromwellian Major-General 1619-1684 External Website logo by David Farr
The Boydell Press, 2003.

Airedale in Ancient Times by John Nicholson
Seeley & Sons, London, 1825.

Other publications with some direct references to Malhamdale.

Yorkshire Cotton: The Yorkshire Cotton Industry, 1780-1835 External Website logo by Dr George Ingle
Carnegie Publishing, Preston, 1997.

Green Roads in the Mid-Pennines External Website logo by Arthur Raistrick
Moorland Publishing Co. Ltd, Ashbourne, 1978. Originally published as Green Tracks on the Pennines in 1962.

Limestone Industries of the Yorkshire Dales External Website logo by David Johnson
Tempus Publishing, Stroud, 2002.

The Yorkshire Dales a Landscape Through Time External Website logo by Robert White
BT Batsford/English Heritage, London, 1997.

The Water-spinners: A New Look at the Early Cotton Trade External Website logo by Chris Aspin
Helmshore Local History Society, 2003.

English Surname Series: Yorkshire West Riding External Website logo by George Redmonds
Phillimore & Co Ltd, London and Chichester, 1973. 

The Dialect of Craven in the West Riding of York Vol 1 External Website logo by William Carr
Crofts, 1828. A useful work on local dialect available as 2 free PDF files on Google Books -Vol 2.External Website logo

Memorials of the Abbey of St Mary of Fountains External Website logoeditors Walbran, Raine and Fowler
The Surtees Society, 1863, available as a free PDF External Website logo on Google Books.

Old Yorkshire Dales External Website logo by Arthur Raistrick
David & Charles, Newton Abbot, 1967

Life and Tradition in the Yorkshire Dales External Website logo by Marie Hartley and Joan Ingleby
Dent, 1968, republished by Dalesman Books.

Homesteads of the Yorkshire Dales External Website logo by James Walton
Dalesman Books, Clapham, 1947.

Buildings in the Yorkshire Dales: Who Built Them, When and How? External Website logo by Arthur Raistrick
Dalesman Books, Clapham, 1976.

Architectural Features of the Settle District by Arthur Sanderson
Percy Lund, Humphries & Co, Bradford, 1911.

Scenes from Craven - a series of letters by Rev. James Leslie Armstrong
published I835.

Tramps and Drives in the Craven Highlands by Harry Speight
GF Sewell, Bradford, 1895.
Basically a pocket version, derived from his popular 1892 publication The Craven and Northwest Yorkshire Highlands.

Gargrave  Church and Parish External Website logo by Janet M Dinsdale
Dixon & Stell, Cross Hills, 1966.

Chronicles and Stories of the Craven Dales by J H Dixon
Edmondson & Co, Skipton, 1881.

Underground Adventure by Gemmell and Myers
Dalesman Publishing Co, 1952.

Visit our Family & Local History Bookshop and find other titles which may be of interest.



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