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1861 census : Kirkby Malham

RG9 / 3180 fo.15-17

1 Kirkby Malham Village Mary Hesleden wife M 36 Farm labourers wife Leeds
    John Hesleden son   9 Nurse Kirkby Malham
    Catherine Hesleden dau   6 Scholar Kirkby Malham
    Mary Alice Heselden Dau   4 Scholar Kirkby Malham
    Thomas Heselden son   2   Kirkby Malham
    Emma Ann Heselden dau   8mths   Kirkby Malham
2 Kirkby Malham Village Thomas Gill Hd M 37 Farm Labourer YKS Hawkswick
    Grace Gill Wife M 37   Kelbrook
    Susannah Gill dau   9   Calton
    Elizabeth Gill dau   7   Kirkby Malham
3 Kirkby Malham Village Thomas Wellock Head M 74 Blacksmith Kirkby Malham
4 Kirkby Malham Village Mary Harper Head U 49 Domestic servant Kirkby Malham
    James Harper son   27 Stonemason Kirkby Malham
    John Harper son   16 Mule piecer, cotton factory Kirkby Malham
    William Harper son   8 scholar Kirkby Malham
5   Isabella Harper lodger U 68 Retired Housekeeper Kirkby Malham
6   Thomas Harper Lodger U 36 Joiner and skewer maker Kirkby Malham
7 Kirkby Malham Village Josias Atkinson head M 77 Retired farmer Kirkby Malham
    Alice Atkinson wife M 60   Kirkby Malham
    Mary Whitaker visitor M 55 Farmers wife Burnsall
8 Kirkby Malham Village William Peacock Head M 40 Cattle Dealer Malham
    Jane Peacock wife M 22 Dressmaker Leeds
    John Peacock son   8 scholar Malham
    Catherine Peacock dau   6 scholar Kirkby Malham
    Nancy Peacock dau   4 scholar Kirkby Malham
    Robert Peacock son   2   Kirkby Malham
9   James Lund head M 73 Shoemaker Gisburn
    Ann Lund wife M 78 Shoe stitcher Gisburn
10   Margaret Walker head U 62 Grocer Kirkby Malham
11 Uninhabited (Stephen Wooler, absent on a visit)          
12   Margery Harper Head Wid 68 Stone Mason widow Kettlewell
    John Harper son U 37 Farm Labourer Kirkby Malham
    Thomas Harper son U 36 Farm Labourer Kirkby Malham
13   George Gill Head M 57 Farm Labourer Flasby
    Margaret Gill wife M 62 Farm Labourers wife Kirkby Malham
    Dorothy A Hill dau M 25 Farm Labourers wife Kirkby Malham
    Jane Gill dau U 20   Kirkby Malham
    Elizabeth Hill grand dau   2   Burnsall
    John Hill grand son   1   Kirkby Malham
14   Thomasin Hodgson head wid 80 Retired farmers widow Kirkby Malham
15   Thomas Fothergill head U 57 Farmer 6 acres Kirkby Stephen
16   Laurence Preston Head M 65 Farm Labourer Kirkby Malham
    Elizabeth Preston wife M 58   Kirkby Malham
17   Robert Parker head M 38 Farm Labourer Kirkby Malham
    Mary Parker wife M 31   Wigglesworth
    George Parker boarder   1   Rathmell
18   John Wellock Head M 49 Farm Labourer Kirkby Malham
    Mary Wellock wife M 44   Long Preston
    Mary Wellock dau U 21   Long Preston
    John Wellock son U 19 Farm servant Long Preston
    George Wellock son U 16 Rover Cotton Factory Kirkby Malham
    Nancy Wellock dau   15 scholar Kirkby Malham
    Elizabeth Wellock dau   12 Creeler Cotton factory Kirkby Malham
    David Wellock son   9 Piecer cotton factory Kirkby Malham
    James Wellock son   5 scholar Kirkby Malham
19   John Hartley head M 34 Cotton spinner Colne, Lancs
    Mary Hartley wife M 33 Housekeeper Thornton in Craven
    Jane Ellen Hartley dau   3   Kirkby Malham
    Francis Hartley dau   1   Kirkby Malham
20   Samuel Moreland head M 63 Warehouseman cotton factory Burton in Kendal, Westmoreland
    Ann Moreland wife M 58 Housekeeper Malton
    George Moreland son U 26 Waste breaker cotton factory Worksop, Notts
21   Anthony Lister head M 49 Carder cotton factory Ingleton Falls
    Margaret Lister wife M 54   Giggleswick
    Leonard Lister son U 19 Spinner cotton factory Settle
    Elizabeth Lister dau U 14 Piecer cotton factory Arncliffe
22 Kirkby Top Mary Altham head U 54 Farmer 110 acres Kirkby Malham
    Thomas Anderson servant U 33 Farm servant Ilkley
23 New Close William Lund head M 32 Farm manager Lower Birkwith
    Ann Lund wife M 40   Dent
    Agnes Lund dau   4   Langcliffe
    William Lund son   2   Kirkby Malham
24 Accraplatts Martha Brooksbank head U 66 Gentlewoman and landed proprietor Brentford, Middlesex
    Phillipa Pecchio sister wid 75 Gentlewoman Helaugh, Yorks
    Thomas Jordan servant M 39 Hind Wighill, Yorks
    Mary Jordan servant M 50 Housekeeper Kingburn? Northumberland
    Thomas Bainbridge servant M 48 Stableman Darlington
    Martha Smith servant U 25 Housemaid Malton
    Elizabeth Scoley servant U 18 Waiting maid Pontefract
25 Westbank House John Mallinson head M 33 Farmer 110 acres Malham Moor
    Margaret Mallinson wife M 39 Dressmaker Kirkby Thore, Westmoreland
26   Henry Hornby head U 76 Retired farmer Giggleswick
    Eliza Howarth servant U   Servant Skipton
27   Mathew Burton head M 38 Farm manager Hawes
    Elizabeth Burton wife M 36   Sedburgh
    James Burton son   11 Scholar Halton Gill
    John Burton son   10 Scholar Halton Gill
    Isabella Burton dau   6 Scholar Kirkby Malham
    Ann Burton dau   3   Kirkby Malham
    Mary Burton dau   1   Giggleswick
28   James Hind head wid 54 Landed Proprietor Kirkby Malham
    Jane Hodgson housekeeper wid 33 Housekeeper Hebden
29   William Knowles head M 42 Farmer 330 acres Horton in Ribblesdale
    Margaret Knowles wife M 37   Arncliffe
    Mary Ann Knowles dau   10 scholar Horton in Ribblesdale
    Richard Knowles son   8 scholar Horton in Ribblesdale
    Alice Knowles dau   6 scholar Kirkby Malham
    Elizabeth Knowles dau   5 scholar Kirkby Malham
    William Knowles son   3 scholar Kirkby Malham
    Agnes Parker servant U 22 servant Hawes
30   Margaret Hargreaves Head M 40 Shepherd Wife Bolton, Lancs
31   John Procter head M 40 Landed proprietor Burnsall
    Elizabeth procter wife M 55   Whalley
    Mary Ann Procter dau   9 scholar Kirkby Malham
    William A Procter son   7 scholar Kirkby Malham
    Richard Procter son   6 scholar Kirkby Malham
    Rebecca Maudsley servant U 29 servant Langcliffe
    Esther Wellock servant U 17 servant Long Preston
    Christopher Shackleton servant U 60 farm servant Langcliffe
    Samuel Whitfield servant U 14 farm servant Long Preston
32   William Emmot Head Wid 79 Hand loom cotton weaver Colne, Lancs
33   Christopher Edmondson Head M 42 Schoolmaster and registrar of births and deaths Colne, Lancs
34   James Wellock head M 33 Farm labourer Long Preston
    Mary Wellock wife M 34   Hellifield
    Robert Wellock son   2   Skipton
35 (Victoria Hotel) Richard Holgate head M 48 Innkeeper and farmer of 180 acres Halton East
    Hannah Holgate wife M 38   Gargrave
    Sarah Holgate dau   6   Gargrave
    William Case boarder M 78 Retired Innkeeper Gargrave
    Elizabeth Case boarder M 79   Bramley
    Jane Mary Prince servant U 21 servant Kildwick
36   Isabel Walker head U 81 Housekeeper Kirkby Malham
    James Walker boarder U 54 Farmer 12 acres, sexton and carter Airton
    Richard Tennant boarder   1   Kettlewell
37   John Redmayne Head U 29 Ag Lab Bradford
38   William Hodgson head M 44 Farm lab Kirkby Malham
    Hannah Hodgson wife M 46 Oat Bread Baker Kildwick
39   John Preston head wid 57 Farm labourer Long Preston
    Mary Preston dau U 23   Kirkby Malham

Transcription © from original material in the National Archives

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