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1841 census : Kirkby Malham

HO107/1321/03 fo.3-6a

Where Born
1 Kirkby Malham Village Richard Newhouse 35 Ag lab Yks
    Ann Newhouse 35   Yks
    John Newhouse 12 Cotton spinner Yks
    Jane Newhouse 11 Cotton spinner Yks
    Margaret Newhouse 7   Yks
    Mary Newhouse 5   Yks
    Alice Newhouse 3   Yks
    Stephen Newhouse 6 mths   Yks
    June Parker 70 Widow Yks
    Robert Parker 18 Ag lab Yks
2 Kirkby Malham Village William Smith 35 Taylor Yks
    Isabella smith 35   Yks
    Christopher Smith 2   Yks
3 Kirkby Malham Village Grace Hartley 74 Ind Yks
4 Kirkby Malham Village Thomas Wellock 52 Blacksmith Yks
    George Wellock 24 Cattle driver Yks
    Sarah Wellock 16 Cotton spinner Yks
5 Kirkby Malham Village George Wellock 50 Carpenter Yks
    George Wellock 12   Yks
6 Kirkby Malham Village Richard Parker 35 Cordwainer Yks
    Nancy Parker 26   Yks
    Richard Parker 6   Yks
    Bartholomew Parker 2   Yks
    Dorothy Monday 40 Capmaker Yks
    Mary Wellock 57   Yks
7 Kirkby Malham Village Ann Atkinson 79 Ind Yks
    Jane Settle 19 FS Yks
    William Settle 19 Cordwainer Yks
    Robert Settle 17 Schoolboy Yks
8 Kirkby Malham Village Roger Harper 65 Stonemason Yks
    Mary Harper 25 FS Yks
    Thomas Harper 15   Yks
    James Harper 5   Yks
    Betty Hall 78 Ind Yks
    Rebecca Preston 20 School mistress Yks
9 Kirkby Malham Village James Lund 54 Cordwainer Yks
    Ann Lund 60   Yks
    James Lund 21   Yks
10 Kirkby Malham Village William Walker 80 Ind Yks
    Margaret Walker 42 Weaver of cotton Yks
11 Kirkby Malham Village Thomas Fell 33 Cotton weaver Yks
    Catherine Fell 33   Yks
    John Fell 10   Yks
    Thomas Fell 8   Yks
    William Fell 5   Yks
    Joseph Fell 2   Yks
    Sarah Fell 3 mths   Yks
12 Kirkby Malham Village John Calvert 30 Cotton card master Yks
    Ann Calvert 35   Yks
    Elizabeth Calvert 10 Cotton spinner Yks
    Margaret Calvert 9   Yks
    Metcalf Calvert 7   Yks
    Robert Calvert 5   Yks
    John Calvert 2   Yks
    Ann Calvert 3 mths   Yks
13 Kirkby Malham Village William Atkinson 77 Ind Yks
    Elizabeth Atkinson 70   Yks
    Elizabeth Thompson 23 FS Yks
    Richard Blakey 5 Schoolboy Yks
14 Kirkby Malham Village Elizabeth Yeoman 62 Farmer Yks
    George Yeoman 27   Yks
    John Yeoman 9   Yks
    Peter Yeoman 30 Farmer Yks
    Dorothy Lofthouse 19 FS Yks
    Elizabeth Robinson 7 Schoolgirl Yks
15 Kirkby Malham Village Elizabeth Proctor 40 Grocer Yks
16 Kirkby Malham Village Henry Hornby 50 Farmer Yks
    William Hornby 60   Yks
    Mary Wray 47 Widow Yks
    Ellen Hornby 20 FS Yks
    Charles Farley 22 MS Yks
17 Kirkby Malham Village Robert Hind 72 Ind Yks
    Elizabeth Hind 31   Yks
    James Hind 30   Yks
    Richard Hind 28   Yks
18 Kirkby Malham Village Henry Metcalfe 25 Yks
    Catherine Metcalfe 20   Yks
    Mary Metcalfe 5   Yks
    Margaret Metcalfe 2   Yks
    Ann Metcalfe 3 mths   Yks
19 Kirkby Malham Village Margery Harper 50 Widow Yks
    John Harper 17 Cotton tenter Yks
    Catherine Harper 16 Cotton spinner Yks
    Thomas Harper 14 Cotton spinner Yks
20 Kirkby Malham Village Lawrence Preston 45 Ag lab Yks
    Elizabeth Preston 35   Yks
21 Kirkby Malham Village William Peacock 20 Cotton warper Yks
    Mary Peacock 25   Yks
22 Kirkby Malham Village Mary Benson 45 Widow Yks
    John Benson 20 Lead miner Yks
    Ellen Benson 15 Cotton spinner Yks
    Mary Ann Benson 4   Yks
23 Kirkby Malham Village John Bridge 35 Cotton warper Yks
    Ann Bridge 35   Yks
    Henry Bridge 5   Yks
    James Bridge 2   Yks
    Jane Parkinson 18 Cotton rover Yks
    Margaret Parkinson 43 Cotton winder Yks
    Isabella Parkinson 34 Cotton rover Yks
    Thomas Parkinson 10 Cotton spinner Yks
24 Kirkby Malham Village Henry Walker 52 Carpenter Yks
    Martha walker 16   Yks
    George Walker 13   Yks
25 Kirkby Malham Village Ann Hargreaves 71 Ind Yks
    Saner Hargreaves 31   Yks
26 Kirkby Malham Village Robert Bank 49 Carrier Yks
    Ann Bank 44   Yks
    Agnes Bank 17 Cotton spinner Yks
    Mary Bank 14 Cotton spinner Yks
    James Bank 12 Cotton winder Yks
    Elizabeth Bank 11   Yks
    Paul Bank 8   Yks
    Ellen Bank 5   Yks
    ? Bank 3   Yks
27 Kirkby Malham Village Richard Benson 32 Cotton spinner Yks
    Susannah Benson 32   Yks
    John Benson 4   Yks
    ? Benson 3 mths   Yks
28 Kirkby Malham Village John ? 68 Ag lab Yks
    Ann 62   Yks
    John 6   Yks
    Sarah 2   Yks
    Ann 20 FS Yks
29 Kirkby Malham Village John Preston 37 Ag lab Yks
    Ann Preston 28   Yks
    James Preston 9   Yks
    Mary Preston 3   Yks
30 Kirkby Malham Village William Hodgson 24 Ag lab Yks
    Hannah Hodgson 25   Yks
    Maria Hodgson 1   Yks
31 Kirkby Malham Village James Shackleton 34 Ag lab Yks
    Ellen Shackleton 28   Yks
    James Shackleton 9   Yks
    John Shackleton 8   Yks
    Mary Shackleton 4   Yks
    Ann Shackleton 2   Yks
    ? Shackleton 4 mths   Yks
32 Kirkby Malham Village George Parker 39 Ag lab Yks
    Ann Parker 36   Yks
    Mary Parker 15 Cotton spinner Yks
    John Parker 13 Cotton spinner Yks
    Margaret Parker 10   Yks
    Elizabeth Parker 8   Yks
    Joseph Parker 5   Yks
    George Parker 3   Yks
    Thomas Parker 1   Yks
33 Kirkby Malham Village James Settle 51 Shoemaker Yks
    Mary Settle 57   Yks
    Joseph settle 15   Yks
    John Settle 11   Yks
34 Kirkby Malham Village Stephen Wilson 38 Inn keeper (Victoria) Yks
    Sarah Wilson 27   Yks
    Margaret Wilson 20   Yks
    Betty Ingham 57 Ind Yks
    John Ingham 25 Ag lab Yks
    Elizabeth Edmondson 22 FS Yks
    Sarah Nightingale 5 Schoolgirl Yks
35 Kirkby Malham Village James Walker 65 Farmer Yks
    Isabella Walker 56   Yks
    James Walker 30 MS Yks
36 Kirkby Malham Village William Emmet 58 Weaver of cotton Yks
    Mary Emmet 33 Weaver of cotton Yks
37 Kirkby Malham Village William Emmet 29 Ag lab Yks
    Mary Emmet 28   Yks
    Mary Emmet 6   Yks
    Robert Emmet 2   Yks
    Alice Emmet 7 mths   Yks
38 Scalegill Thomas Stockdale 65 Cotton tenter Yks
    Mary Stockdale 30   Yks
    James Stockdale 25 Cotton manager Yks
    Sarah Stockdale 20 Cotton spinner Yks
39 Scalegill John Phillip 30 Overlooker of factory Yks
    Hannah Phillip 30   Yks
    Thomas Phillip 7   Yks
    Lambert Phillip 5   Yks
    William Phillip 3   Yks
    John Phillip 1   Yks
40 Scalegill Ellen Hall 45 Cotton drawer Yks
    Sarah Winterburn 40 Cotton drawer Yks
    Hannah Preston 40 Cotton winder Yks
41 New Close James Hayhurst 35 Farmer Yks
    Ann Hayhurst 30   Yks
    Betty Hayhurst 2   Yks
    Richard Hayhurst 1   Yks
42 Accraplatts John Hodgson 60 Farmer Yks
    Thomasin Hodgson 60   Yks
    Mary Hodgson 15   Yks
43 Kirkby Top Mary Altham 70 Farmer Yks
    Mary Altham 30   Yks
    Ann Altham 30     Yks
    Mary Jackson 15 Schoolgirl Yks
    James Turnbull 25 MS Yks
  End of Kirkby Malham       Yks

Transcription © from original material in the National Archives

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