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1891 census : Calton

RG12/3498 fo.14-15

Where Born
28 Martin McNally Head M 56 General Labourer Mayo Ireland
  Ellen McNally Wife M 57   Mayo Ireland
  James McNally Son S 21 General Labourer Halifax YKS
  William McNally Son S 18 General Labourer Halifax YKS
  Sarah Nary Visitor M 30   Islington Lancs
  Andrew Nary Visitor's son   2   Keighley YKS
29 William Earnshaw Head M 40 Farm Servant Paythorne YKS
  Jane Earnshaw Wife M 41   Hellifield YKS
  Kayley Earnshaw Son   10 Scholar Calton YKS
  Robert Earnshaw Son   8 Scholar Calton YKS
  John Earnshaw Son   6 Scholar Calton YKS
  Farrand Earnshaw Son   1   Calton YKS
30 Nelson Farm William Carlisle Head M 56 Farmer Burnsall YKS
  Dorothy Carlisle Wife M 55   Burnsall YKS
  Elizabeth Carlisle Dau S 28   Burnsall YKS
  Leonard Carlisle Son S 23 Farmer's son Burnsall YKS
  William Carlisle Son S 21 Farmer's son Burnsall YKS
  Dora Carlisle Dau S 19 Milliner Burnsall YKS
  Margaret Carlisle Dau S 15   Burnsall YKS
31 Simon BellĘ Head M 43 Blacksmith Skipton YKS
  Jane Bell Wife M 37   Halifax YKS
  Edmund B Bell Son S 12 Scholar Calton YKS
  Elizabeth Bell Dau S 11 Scholar Calton YKS
  Clement Bell Son S 8 Scholar Calton YKS
  William Bell Son   4   Calton YKS
  Margaret Bell Dau   11mths   Calton YKS
  Martha Barber Mother in law W 63   Stockton Heath Cheshire
32 James Ryder Head M 50 Agricultural Labourer Coverham YKS
  Martha Ryder Wife M 29   Kettlewell YKS
  Parker Metcalfe Boarder S 25 Agricultural Labourer Ingleton YKS
33 Calton House James Pratt Head W 60 Farmer Aysgarth YKS
  Ann Pratt Dau S 26   Thoralby YKS
  James Pratt Grson   7 Scholar Eshton YKS
  Elizabeth Pratt Lodger W 61 Living on own means Calton YKS
34 Francis A Winkup Head M 28 Silk Dresser Leeds YKS
  Alice Ann Winkup Wife M 24   Bell Busk YKS
  Thora A Winkup Dau   6 Scholar Bell Busk YKS
  Florence Winkup Dau   4 Scholar Bell Busk YKS
  Ernest Winkup Son   3   Calton YKS
35 Calton Hall Robert Brown Head S 40 Farmer Kirkby YKS
  Elizabeth Brown Sister S 37   Kirkby YKS
  Elizabeth Proctor Serv S 35 General Servant Domestic Caton Lancs
  Edith Greenwood Serv S 15 General Servant Domestic Kirkby YKS
  Joseph Richardson Serv S 18 Farm Servant Clapham YKS
  Margaret Caton Serv W 70 Charwoman Kirkby YKS
36 Elizabeth PrattĘ Wife M 35   Walden YKS
  James Pratt Son   13 Scholar Grassington YKS
  William Pratt Son   10 Scholar Westburton YKS
  Ann Pratt Dau   8 Scholar Butterset YKS
  Mary Jane Pratt Dau   6 Scholar Eshton YKS
  Lily Pratt Dau   4   Hetton YKS
  Thomas Pratt Son   3   Hetton YKS
37 William Dean Head M 63 Retired farmer Barnoldswick YKS
  Ann Dean Wife M 61   Wham YKS
38 Isabelle Shackleton Head S 54 Beamer in Cotton Airton YKS
  Elizabeth Shackleton Sister S 49   Calton YKS
39 Newfield Hall William Illingworth Head M 42 Worsted Spinner Bradford YKS
  Christian Illingworth Wife M 37   Bradford YKS
  Douglas Illingworth Son   9   Bradford YKS
  Sarah A Swift Serv S 34 Cook & Domestic Servant Knaresbro YKS
  Eliza Stephenson Serv S 33 Waiting Maid & Domestic Servant Grimsby Lincs
  Annie Brear Serv S 53 Nurse & Domestic Servant Bradford YKS
  Annie E Scott Serv S 54 Nursemaid & Domestic Servant Sheffield YKS
  Ann Carradice Serv S 26 Kitchen Maid & Domestic Servant Calton YKS
  Theresa Whitehead Vis   11   Bradford YKS
  John S Scott Serv S 24 Coachman & Domestic Servant Sheffield YKS
40 Gardener's House John Clarke Head M 46 Gardener & Domestic Servant Barnard Castle DUR
  Mary Clarke Wife M 47   Bedale YKS
41 Newfield Farm House Thomas Land Head M 38 Farmer Eshton YKS
  Agnes E Land Wife M 36   Ravenstonedale Westmorland
  Elizabeth L Land Dau   8 Scholar Kirkby Malham YKS
  Marian L Land Dau   5   Kirkby Malham YKS
  John E Land Son   1   Kirkby Malham YKS
  John Halstead Serv S 13 Farm Servant Kirkby Malham YKS

Transcription © from original material in the National Archives

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