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1861 census : Calton

RG9/3183 fo.15-16

No. Name Rel Con Age Occupation Where Born
1 Calton Hall Elizabeth Brown Head W 46 Farmer of 337 acres Bordley YKS
  John Brown Son   13 Scholar Calton YKS
  Robert Brown Son   10 Scholar Calton YKS
  Elizabeth Brown Dau   8 Scholar Calton YKS
  Elizabeth Armistead Visitor U 23   Arncliffe YKS
  Thomas Parker Serv U 39 Farm Servant & carter Askwith YKS
  James Night Serv U 15 Farm Servant Long Preston YKS
2 James Mount Head M 45 Retired farmer Calton YKS
  Elizabeth Mount Wife M 45   Settle YKS
  Jane Mount Dau   6 Scholar Airton YKS
3 Calton William Nelson Head U 70 Farmer of 100 acres Halton West YKS
  Grace Nelson Sister U 72 Housekeeper Halton West YKS
  Isabella Spencer Niece U 27 Visitor Calton YKS
  John Taylor Serv U 32 Farm Servant Flasby YKS
  John W Pounder Serv U 19 Groom Hole Bottom YKS
4 Calton House Henry Holden Head M 30 Farmer of 300 acres Rathmel YKS
  Elizabeth Holden Wife M 25 Farmer's wife Calton YKS
  Richard Taylor Serv U 40 Farm Servant Green Smithy YKS
  Stephen Barton Serv U 15 Farm Servant Stainforth YKS
  Jane Hodgson Serv U 16 House Servant Thorpe YKS
5 Calton John Petty Head M 56 Cattle dealer Denton YKS
  Elizabeth Petty Wife M 68 Cattle dealer's wife Burley YKS
6 Calton James Barber Head U 19 Farmer of 100 acres employing 1 labourer Prestbury Cheshire
  Margaret Barber Sister U 25 Housekeeper Prestbury Cheshire
  Louis Holden Neph   3   Bombay East Indies
  Mary Punlott Serv U 13 House Servant Manchester Lancashire
  Thomas Fitchett Serv U 21 Farm Servant Macclesfield Cheshire
7 Calton Thomas Shackleton Head W 82 Formerly Agricultural Labourer Calton YKS
  Mary Shackleton Dau U 56 Housekeeper Kirby YKS
  William Shackleton Son U 50 Shoe Maker Kirby YKS
  Elizabeth Shackleton Dau U 48 Worker in a cotton mill Kirby YKS
  Ann Shackleton Dau U 30 Spinner in a cotton mill Calton YKS
8 Calton Elizabeth Shackleton Head W 53 Bread Baker Schosthorpe YKS
  Isabella Shackleton Dau U 25 Bobbin winder in a cotton mill Airton YKS
  Alice Shackleton Dau U 21 Bobbin winder in a cotton mill Airton YKS
  Elizabeth Shackleton Dau U 19 Spinner in a cotton mill Calton YKS
9 Calton John Marchbank Head U 64 Teaser in a cotton mill Askrigg YKS
10 Newfield House Richard Taylor Head M 41 Farmer of 700 acres employing 3 labourers Newfield House YKS
  Hannah Taylor Wife M 46 Farmer's wife Gisburn Forest YKS
  William Taylor Son U 15 Farmer's son Newfield House YKS
  Robert Taylor Son U 14 Farmer's son Newfield House YKS
  Anthony Taylor Son U 12 Scholar Newfield House YKS
  John Halstead Serv U 36 Farm Servant Winterburn YKS
  Hiram Baxter Serv U 19 Carter Cracoe YKS
  John Hearleton Serv M 36 Shepherd Malham YKS
  Mary J Robinson Serv U 17 Dairy Maid Long Preston YKS
11 Newfield Hall William N Alcock Head M 71 JM of Oxford, Barrister of Middle Temple, not practising, sleeping partner in Craven Bank Skipton YKS
  Jane Alcock Wife M 70 Grassington YKS
  Maria Indson Serv U 33 Housekeeper & Cook Fulford YKS
  Jane Ellison Serv U 34 Lady's Maid York
  Mary Caradus Serv U 26 House Maid Long Preston YKS
  Mary A Reynolds Serv U 18 Kitchen Maid Horley Surrey
  William Chew Serv U 27 Butler Gisburn YKS
  Henry Inskip Serv M 48 Coachman Grindleton YKS
12 Newfield Cottage Alfred Foster Head M 40 Gardener Kildwick Percy YKS
  Jane Foster Wife M 42 Gardener's wife Sowerby YKS

Transcription © from original material in the National Archives

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