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The Procters of Bordley

Anyone looking through the parish registers for Kirkby Malham, Rylstone, Burnsall, Linton and Long Preston will soon come across the family name of Procter/Proctor/Prockter and JW Morkill's "Parish of Kirkby Malhamdale" devotes ten whole pages to their history, which can be read here. This
was written in 1933 and contains an interesting family tree, but there doesn't appear to be any clear evidence which has emerged so far, that will link this group with the Procter family research shown below, though it seems most likely.

The spelling of the name varies, this is in some instances due to a change in the parish clerk. Thus, at St Peter Rylstone, the parish curate John Toppan served for 59 years from 1602 to 1661 and spelt the name as Proctor. His successor, Jeremiah Waid changed the spelling to Procter in 1662. In 1729, the spelling changes again to Prockter but reverts to Procter in 1762/63.

The various families (henceforward referred to as Procter) occupied a number of farmhouses particularly in the Bordley and Malham Moor areas and are variously referred to in the registers as gentlemen (until 1664/65), yeomen (from 1728/29), husbandmen (from 1732/33), and sometimes farmer (from 1774/75). The term yeoman is used right through to the early nineteenth century and occurs in the Burnsall registers as well from 1726.

The houses occupied by the Procter families in Kirkby Malhamdale parish include:

Old Name
Alternative names
Current name.
Hawthorne leighe yeat Hathorne Lydeyeat, lyed yeat, hath--- lydyeat, Leeyate and Leegate Lee Gate House
Caponha Capponha, Cap(p)onhaw(e), Cappenhaw, Cappenhow, Chappenhaw, Capenhall or Cap(p)inhaw Capon Hall.
Trannhouse Trainhouse or Upper Tranhouse High Trenhouse
Crackemore   Crake Moor
Rough Close Ruff Close Rough Close
Newhouses (Adjacent to Lee Gate House)  
Holgate Head   Holgate Head
Malham Water Houses (The hamlet at Malham Tarn)  
  Procters also lived in the township of Hanlith  

Alice Procter (1826 -1895)

Born at Lainger House, Bordley - 3rd Oct 1826
Baptised at Rylstone Chapel - 29th Oct 1826
Married James Duckett of Clapham -13th May 1852
Died at Liverpool - 5th April 1895

In the parish of Burnsall at Bordley, they occupied the following houses/areas:

Blayk bank

Blayke bank, Bleakbanke, Bleakbank, Blaikebanke , Blaik banke and Blakebank
Now a ruin but marked on the OS Maps as Bleak Bank

Bordley Hall Boardley Hall
Bordley moor(e)  
Bordley town The township of Bordley also referred to as just Bordlay, Bordley or Baudley or Bord
Colepitt Gill  
Cowgill Coat Cow Gill Cote
Lainger House Langer House
Bowcross Bacros, Boocross, Buckerhouse
Rilston Rylstone, township part of the parish of Burnsall.

Elsewhere in the parish of Burnsall, they are found in Hetton and Cracoe, and in the parish of Linton at Threshfield and Skyrethorns,
In the parish of Long Preston, their main residence was Mearbeck (or Merebeck). There are numerous other less specific references in the above parish registers and those of adjoining areas.

Wills have been transcribed for the Procters, many containing inventories. These are listed below and it's hoped that transcripts or abstracts can be added to the website in the near future. View an interesting sample will and inventory for Richard Procter (1742/3) of Knowebanke.



of Where


1524 Geoffrey Procter Bordley  
1541 John Procter Burnsall (administration only)
1555 Geffraye Procter Knowlbanke  
1560 Richard Procter Bordelay (administration only)
1561 Richard Procter Rilstone (administration only)
1580 Christopher Procter Blaikbanke  
1584 Anthony Procter Blackbanke (administration only)
1594 Richard Procter Bordley (administration only)
1597 John Procter Bordley (administration only)
1601 Richard Procter Blaikebanke (administration only)
1607 Thomas Procter Capon Hawe  
1611 William Procter Hathorn leadyeat (administration only)
1612 Thomas Procter Hathornledyate  
1613 Thomas Procter Blackbanke  
1614 Barbara Procter Blakebanke (administration only)
1616 Elizabeth Procter Black banke  
1617 John Procter Blake Banke (administration only)
1617 Robert Procter Blakebanke administration only)
1618, Richard Procter Threshfield  
1624 Thomas Procter Bordley (administration only)
1630 James Procter Burnsall  
1654 John Procter Wynterburne  
1658 Robert Procter Blackbanke  
1662 Frances Procter Hathorn leayeat  
1686 Christopher Procter Cowgillcoat  
1693 Thomas Procter Blaikbanke  
1693 William Procter Bordlay  
1715 Miles Procter Thorgill Beck  
1717 Anthony Procter Cougill Coat  
1719 Edward Procter Burnsall (administration only)
1728 Thomas Procter Hetton  
1737 Christopher Procter Lainger House (administration only)
1738 Alice Procter Hetton  
1742 Richard. Procter Knowlbanke
1745 Thomas Procter Bordley  
1746 Richard Procter Langer House  
1759 Thomas Procter Hetton  
1775 Richard Procter Bordley  
1776 Margaret Procter Langer House  
1787 Richard Procter Bordley  
1778 Thomas Gregson Cracoe  
1789 Thomas Procter Threshfield  
1809 Richard Procter Lainger House  
1839 William Procter Alnwick  
1840 James Procter Armley Heights, Leeds  
1852 Richard Procter Lainger House  
1922 Isabella Frances Smith Procter Newfoundland, Canada  


Family Trees

These wills and other information (including land transactions involving the Procters from 1726 to 1824) have enabled a family tree to be made that is held on the GenCircles website (link below).
Extracts from this family tree have been made and illustrate the main lines that, for the most part, show the family to be descendants of Christopher Procter of Bleakbank (Bordley). These trees are named after the areas/houses in which the Procters lived.
Evidence for the relationships shown derive from parish records, wills and administrations and land transactions. The existence of a will, administration or inventory is indicated on each tree. The wills are mostly held at the Borthwick Institute and the land transactions at the Land Registry at Wakefield. Transcriptions of some of them will be added to this website. Also shown are the areas/houses which particular individuals lived in the latter part of their lives.

Click on any link to view the lineage of that family branch:-

Procter of Bordley, Cracoe and Leeds

Procter of Lainger House, Bordley*

Procter of Leegate, Malham Moor

Procter of Mearbeck (Long Preston)

Procter of Hetton

Procter of Hanlith

* Note that Richard Procter and his wife Margaret Procter were first cousins, being both grandchildren of Richard Procter and Margaret Heeles.

See also the Proctors of Bordley and Winterburn edited from JW Morkill's book - The Parish of Kirkby Malhamdale.

Research by

Further details on Procter and Duckett from Craven District External Website logo can be found on the GenCircles website

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