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Will - Geoffrey Procter 1524


The Proctors were closely connected with Fountains Abbey and by thrift and energy had accumulated considerable wealth, as can be seen from this will of Geoffrey Procter, a wealthy Craven yeoman, who was Auditor to Henry, Earl of Northumberland, a position which was perhaps analogous to that of the agent of to-day.



From Wills from the Registry at York, Vol 5, published in 1884 by The Surtees Society, Vol LXXXIX


In the name of God, Amen. At Nether Bordley in Craven, the tend daye of Juny, in the xvj yere of the reigne of our soveryng lorde Kyng Henry the eight [1524], I Geoifray Proctour, beyng in good and hoole mynde, make my testa- ment and last will in maner and forme folowyng.

First I bequeath my saull to Almyghtie God, and to oure Lady Sancte Mary, and to all the Sanctes in hevyn, and my body to be beried in the next parishe churche where it shall fortone me to departe oute of this present lif; provided alwaye that if it fortone me to decease within xx milys of my parishe churche of Rilstone in Craven, than I wilbe beried there with my wif; and my best beast to be delyvered there in the name of my mortuary.

Item I will that my feoffes that I have enfeoffed in my landes, incontynente aftir my decesse, make a sure, sufficiente, and lawfull astate in the lawe to such other feoffes as they shall thynke good, by th'advice of my sone Richarde Proctour, my cousynges Miles Staveley, and John Staveley, his sone, of all my landes and tenementes in Litton, Owlcoottes, Hawkeswike, and Scothorpe in Craven, in the countie of Yorke, to the clere yerely valour of iiij li, over and above al charges, to th'use and entent to have a preist to say Masse and other divine service in the churche of Rilston in Craven aforesaid for evermore; and the said preist to praye for the saulles of me, my wif Kateryne, my fader and my moder, my said wif fader and moder, my son Henry, my son Roberte, my son William, my sister Alicie West, my doughtour in lawe Isabell Proctour, and for all Cristen saulles, and for all the saulles of them that I and my said wif have had any goodes of: the saide preist, for the tyrne being, daylie to say Messe in the saide church of Rilston aforsaide, if he thereto be disposed, and to dispose hym self therto as far forth as he maye: that is to say; every Sondaye, Messe of the Trinite; of Monday, of Requiem, and, that day, after the Grospell, afore he goo to the lavatory, to praye for the saulles afore reherced, mevyng every man to say a Pater Nosier and a Ave, and hym self De Profundis; every Tuysday, Messe, wherof he will; every Weddynsday, De Vulneribus Christi; every Thuresday, wherof he will; every Fridaye, Messe of Jhesu; every Satturday of oure Lady, excepte therbe a doble feste that must nedes be served, than that daye he to be excusid saying a memory of the same that he shulde have saide Messe of: and, daylie, vij Psalmes and Latany with Suffragies; every Monday, Weddynsday, and Friday Placebo and Dirige with the Commendacion of All Saules; every Tuysdaye, Thursdaye, and Satturday oure Lady Psalter according to an ordinaunce tripertited therof to be maide: and at the saide feoffes enfeoffe other sex, or eight, or moo feoffes, in the saide landes, so that the said landes remane and be ever in feoffes handes that the saide preist at Rileston for the tyme beyng may have the renttes and fermes therof for evermore, and to kepe the saide landes ever in the feoffes handes for savegard of the same landes.

Item I will that my saide sone Richard, duryng his lif, shall have the nominacion of the preist that shall be at Riliston; and, after his decesse, the same to be at the namyng of Greffray Proctour, the son of Robert Proctour, and his heires for ever.

Item I will that my saide son, Richard, durying his lif, shall have the settyng, and to farme lettyng, and the orderyng of all the land that I have assigned to the prest that shalbe at Riliston as my chauntre preist there; and, after hym, the chauntre prest for the tyme being, by th'advice of my feoffes, to have it for ever at his orderyng.

Item I will that Eustace and Henry Proctour, sones of William Proctour, have all the rentes and fermes of all my landes, except above queathed and limited, equaly betwixt them to be divided, duryng the lif of the saide Richarde Proctour, my sone, to ther bryngyng upe and fyndyng at the scole, provided alway that the saide Richard Proctour, my sone, shall have the settyng, and to farme lattying, and the orderyng of the saide landes during his lif, to the behove and profitte of the saide Eustace Proctour and Henry, as is afore saide . . . My feoffes ... to make astate in the lawe to Geffray Proctour, son of Robert Proctour, of all my other landes ... in Mallome, Kirkby, Calton, and Hawnelethe in Craven ... I will that my son Roberte childre have my good will of al my right and interest of the fermehold of Dalby, which he and I had of the graunte of th'abbot and Convent of Sancte Mary Abbey in Yorke. I will that my son, Richard, have all my other fermeholdes at Bordley, or elswhere within the countie of Yorke, with the fermyng of the benefice of Arneclif, durying his lif, soo that his wif have non of them after hym : and if my said sone Richard forton to decesse afor his wif, havyng no sone then of lif gotten with the saide wif, nor with non other wif, than I will that in any wise after his decesse Eustace Proctor and Henry Proctour, childer to my saide sone William, shall have all my farmeholdes at Bordley or els where, with the fermyng of the parsonage of Arneclif, to them, after the costome of the contree there, as far as in me is for ever. Farthermore, if it happyn the said Richard to decesse havyng non childer of his body begottyn, on lif, able to occupie the saide farmeholdes, than I will in no wise that his wif occupie tham, bott oon of my sone William childer, whiche as shalbe thought most able by th'advice of my executours and surviours. I will that the said Eustace and Henry have my best salte, with a cover of silver parcell gilte, xij silver spones, a goblett of silver with a cover parcell gilt, and a litle macer withoute a cover, equally to be divided betwixt them.

Item I will that my son Richard have six silver spones and the goblett of silver with a cover, and the salte of silver with a cover.

Item I will that all myn apparell for my body be divided betwixt Richard, my sone, and Eustace Proctour, equaly.

Item I will that Henry Proctor, son of William, have my best houpe of golde, and that Eustace have an other, and that Cuthberte Proctour have an other of golde that haith a septer oppon it.

Item I will that my executours paye, or cause to be paide, to every of the iiij Orders of Freres in Yorke xx d. within oon yere after my decesse.

Item I will that Greffray Proctour, son of Roberte, have my signeth of gold that haith an hynde gravyn in the printe of it.

Item I will that my saide executours paye to the Freres of Sancte Roberte's beside Knaresburgh ij s.

Item I will that my wif girddils, that ded is, be equaly divided betwixt Barbara Proctour and Dowsabell, hir suster.

Item I will that a vestymente with all thinges to it belongyng be bought and delyvered to the altar of Fontance, where oure Lady Messe is dailye song at the ixth altares theire, the saide vestymente to be of the price xxvj s. viij d.

Item I will that every monke in Fontance, that kepith divine service theire day and of my nyght, have paide unto every of them within a yere after my decesse ij s., to th'entente that thei all shall pray for the saulles of me, and my wif, and for the saules of my fader and moder, and my childre.

Item I will that my son, or his heires, or other of my childer afore namyd that dwellith at Bordley in tyme commyng, have the challes, Messe buke, and al the vestymentes, and other ornamentis belongyng to the chapell of Bordley ; and that thei shall, duryng theire lives, gif mete, drynke, and logying to a preist, continually mynystryng Divine service in the saide chapell ; and his wages, that will not be had of the inhabitantes within the lordship of Bordley, to be borne at the costes and charges of hym or them that shalbe dwellyng at Bordley aforsade for the tyme beyng, if he or thei be of habilitie and power soo to doo ; and the saide preist to saye Messe, according to the ordre above appoyntted for the preist that shalbe at Riliston, and to pray for the saules of fader and moder, my wiffe's fader and moder, and for the saulles of me and my wif, my sones, Sir Henry, Roberte, and William, my suster Alicie West, and my doughtour in law Isabell Proctour, and for the saulles of suche other as I maide a bill of ther names and delyvered to Sir John Grene the same bill.

Item I will that my son Richard have my best fetherbed and oon cowntter poynte of tapstre warke.

Item I will that Geffray Proctour, son of Roberte, have the best cowntter poynte next it with on fetherbed.

Item I will that the bull stirkis be giffyn, oon of them to the towneshipe of Riliston, an other to Horton, and the other to the inhabitantes of Bordley.

Item I will that Henry Proctour, son of the saide William Proctour my sone, have a goblett of silver withoute a cover, and a salte of silver with a cover, and a fetherbed with a cownter poynte.

Item I will that my wif have all suche goodes as she had when I maried hir, and if any of it be expente or gone, soo that it may not be had, then she to be recompensed and agreid with at the sight of my executours and surviours.

Item I will that my forbade wif have of my goodes sex keye, and vj score wedders, and an annuite of my landes aforsaide to the valour of Ixvj s. viij d. by yere duryng hir widdohed, trustyng that she wilbe good moder to the childer that I leve with hir, and soo that she will make no ferther clame to any of my goodes.

Item I will that xiij s. iiij d. be gyven to the Priour and Convente of the Freres Augustyns in Yorke.

Item I will that my executours have the orderyng of all the childer of my sons, Roberte and William, and to se them orderyd and guyded as well as God will gyve them grace, and to make Alicie, my saide son Eoberte doughtour, nune at Arthington, or elswhere, if she will therto assent, or els to helpe to marye hir with parte of hir fader and moder land, as hir moder Will was; and that William and Richard, ther sonys, be fest prentices in London or some other place.

Item I will that Geffray Proctour, son of Roberte Proctour, be putto service to my singlar good lorde, my Lorde Percy, at such tyme as it please his lordship to take hym to his service.

Item I will that all such good and cattell as I had of the goodes and cattell of my suster, Alicie West, that er not disposed by me in my lif accordyng to hir Will, that Richard, my son, se it be disposed trulye accordyng to hir saide Will, and that he, as fer in hym is, compell John Daynbrooke in like to doo with such goodes and cattell as he had of my saide suster, accordding to hir Wil, so that in no wise he have it nott, nor any parte therof to his owne propre use contrary to hir Will. And, in like wise, I will that Richard endevour hym to the uttirmost of his power, and to gett the best helpe that he can or may, to compell th'abbott of Fontance to paye and delyver hym xx li. in gold, and the macer and vj silver sponys that my saide suster delyvered to his monke, John Kepas, to kepe, which xx li., macer, and spones the saide John Kepas, monke, delyvered to the saide abbott, that it may be disposed to my saide suster Will.

Item I will that the said Richard Proctour compell William Dauson, as the lawe will, to delyver unto hym ij girddils and beades that my saide suster delyvered to the wif of the saide William Dauson to kepe, and he to gif them to oure Lady of Doncastre, and Sancte Wilfride of Ripon as my suster Will was.

Item I bequeath to my sone, Richarde Proctour, Eustace and Henry, an horse, ij mares, vj kye or wheis of iij yeres olde, and vj score wedders (each). Furthermore, whereas I was indentied to my saide son, William, whos saulle Grod pardone, in the sum of xl marc, which I receyved of the isshues and profettes of his landes, I will that my executours shall delyver as moche of my goodes, to the valour of xx marc, to th'use of Dowsabell Proctour, daughtour of my saide son William, if so be that I se not for hir afore my departour frome this presente lif. Moreover if it fortone me, the said Greffray, to departe this presente lif afore Barbara Proctour, doughtour of the saide William, be mariede, I will then that the saide Barbara shall have of my goodes to the clere valour of xl li. to hir mariage at the sight of my executours and surviours, if so be that she wilbe ordered by them in hir mariage, and also if my goodes will extende therto.

Item if it happen that Dorothe Proctour, doughtour of the saide William, be not maried nor other wise brought to socour afore my departour this present lif, I will that she shall have of my goodes to the valour of xx li. at the devise of my saide executours, if my goodes will extend therto.

Item I will that all my doughtour Isabell apparell, and all hir beddyng and householde stuf be delyvered to Barbara and Dowsabell, hir doughtours, by discretion of my executours.

Item I orden and make surviours of this my presente testamente and last will Maister John Norton of Norton Esquier, Maister Antony Clifford Esquier, Henry Marton, Richarde Banke, John Lamberte, gentilmen, trustyng that thei and every of them will helpe to assiste, aide, and supporte my executours in executing this my testament and last will, and every of them to have of my goodes xx s. over and above all ther costes that thei or any of them shall susteyne in executyng of this my will.

Item I will that William Proctour, Richarde and Alicie Proctour, childer of my son Roberte Proctour, have of my goodes towardes theire mariage, bryngyng upe, and helppyng them to service, or otherwise, xxli., to be bestowed of andopon them as shalbe thought most expediente by my executours and surviours. The residue of all my goodes not bequeathed I gif and bequeath to my son Richard Proctour, my cousynges Miles Staveley and John Staveley, whome I orden and make my executours [to] pay my dettes with, and to orden and dispose for t'helthe of the saulles of me and my wif, as they shall thynke most conveniente and expediente.

In wittenes whereof to this my presente testamente and last will I have sett my seale and subscribed my name, the daye and yere above saide.

Thies wittenesses Sir Olyver Judson, Sir Henry Hall, Sir Henry Grarford, and Sir John Grrene, preistes.
[Will proved 6 July, 1525, adm. to the executors]


Notes relating to people mentioned in the above will:

Wm. Proktour de Eboraco. Sep. in choro B. M. infra eccl. S. Mich, de Belfray juxta sep. Agnetis Wherf. Roberto Wherf, filio Magistri Thomas Wherf, ad exhibicionem suam ad scolam, v marcas. Matri meas x marcas. Thomas Procktour omnia terras & ten. mea in Bolland. Presb. eel. ij annos in eccl. S. Andr. de Gargrave xiij marcas. Two daughters of Roger P. Sister Isabel Ratcliff, towards her marriage, 6 marks.
[ Pr. 1498.] (Reg. Test. v. 483).

22 May, 1507.
Tho. Proctour. Sep. in eccl. S. Andr. de Gargrave. Voloquod Stephanus filius habeat officium meum, si poterit illud aclveniri et requasrid ex Abbate de Fournace. Volo quod Eden, uxor mea, et Stephanus, filius mens, habeant firmarium meum de. Frerehed, etc. They ex. My children. John Hamerton and John Horton Esqr exrs .
[Pr. 8 July, 1507.] (Reg. Test. v. 232).

Die Paschevas, 1512.
Radulphus Prokter. Sep. in eccl. S. Andr. de Gargrave ex australi parte prope sepulcrum patris mei. Dom. Joh. Acastre vicarinm de Gargrave & Rogerum Prokter, avum meum, facio exec. Mr. John Norton jun. Esq. superv.
(Reg. Test. viii. 93.)

24 March, 1516-17
Roger Proctour, of Coppercott. To be bur. within my paroche churche off Saynt Andrew of Gargrave, in the southe ylle, wher I was wont to knell and sytt. To every householde within Eshton and [blank] iiij d., or elles a bull at the chose of the said townshyppes, in dischargyng of my conscience for such hurtes and harmes as I have necligently done to theym. To Thomas, my son, my fermolde of Coppercotte, and to Robert, my sone, my fermold of Newfelde. To Isabell& Mabell, my doughters, each vj li. xiij s. iiij d. to be att the rewll and guydyng off Stephen Proctour of Frerhede. To Mr John Norton, for that he was good Mr to me in my lyff tyme, and for that he shalbe favourable to my childerne, a yonge horse. To Mr Roger Tempest, for to be good Mr to my ij sonnes as his poore kynesmen, xs. Towarde the makyng of the northe ylle in Gargrave churche xx s. To a prest, to syng fore my soull at Wynterburne chappell, xiij s. iiij d. My son Thos. and Stephen Proctour, ex". Sir Henry Clyfford Knyght, supervisour.
[Pr. 22 Mar. 1515-16, adm. to exr8 .] (Reg. Test. ix. 29.)

20 June, 1520.
I, Alice West, of the parish of Kipon wer sallay [sic']. To be beried in Seynt Peter and Seynt Wilfride chirch of Ripon kirke garth. To the makyng of the hie alter vj s. viij d. To Seynt Wilfride warke vj s. viiij d. To Jeffray Proctour childer, to every on of them vj s. viij d. To the Freres of the Toftys xij d. To the [Freres] of Eichmunde xij d. I wit Seynt Robert xx d. To Hugh Proctour childer, every on of them vj s. viij d. To Agnes Darnbruke, my sister, vj s. viij d., and to ychon of hir childer vj s. viij d. To Elisabeth Gibson and Elen Francland, my sisters, and to ychon of ther childer vj s. viij d. To Sir Marmaduce Dawson xx s. To Sir John Kepas of Fontaunce vj s. viij d. To every fire hous within Sallay iiij d. a pece. To Thornton chapell ij s. To Sir John-Watson, my goostly father, x s. I wit my best belt to Seynt Wilfride shryne. I wit my best bedes to our Lady of Doncastre. I wil that every poore man and woman have a peny at myberiall. Also I will have Dirige and Hesse done at Eipon kirke with the vicars and ther mynystres and thechauntre'preistes, and they to have for ther labours xiij s. iiij d. at my tvvelmonthe day. Also, for my berial, to Maister Bakhous ij s. Also to the chauntres vj s. viij d. For syngyn to the graif ij s. Also to the vicars and ministres, for Masse and Dirige, vj s. viij d. To Agnes Sherp abrassepott with a tyncler clowte. To Jeffray Proctour, my brother son, a almery. To the hie alter a borde cloth of twill to a alter cloth, and my executours to cause it to be halowyd. Jeffray Proctour and John Darnbruke ex".
[Pr. 28 Sept. 1520.] (Reg. Test. ix. 116).

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