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1911 census :
Bell Busk & Coniston Cold


My = number of years married
Cb = number of children born
Cl = number of children still living
Where born
1 Thomas Hirst Hd M 62 Subpostmaster & Rural Postman Bell Busk, Yks.
Elizabeth Hirst Wife M 34 7 7 57 Dalton, Burton in Kendal
Kate Hirst Dau S 21 Coniston Cold, Yks.
Laura Hirst Dau S 17 Coniston Cold, Yks.
Richard Hirst Son W 27 Estate Labourer Coniston Cold, Yks.
Richard Stanley Hirst Gson 1 Coniston Cold, Yks.
2 Robert McMinn Hd M 45 Carter on Estate Kirkgunzeon, Kirkcudbright
Mary McMinn Wife M 14 5 4 37 Kilmarnock, Ayrshire
Sarah Agnes McMinn Dau 12 Urr, Kirkcudbright
Isabella McMinn Dau 6 Coniston Cold, Yks.
Robert McMinn Son 3 Coniston Cold, Yks.
William McMinn Son 2 Coniston Cold, Yks.
3 Catherine Brown Hd S 69 Private Means Coniston Cold, Yks.
4 John Parker Hd M 68 Farmer Grazier Wigglesworth, Yks.
Rebecca Parker Wife M 44 9 8 66 Ribblehead, Yks.
Charles Parker Son S 23 Working on farm Bolton-by-Bowland, Yks.
Lily Dale Lee Serv S 24 Domestic Servant Clapham, Yks.
5 Charles Lord Hd W 71 Retired Farmer Otterburn, Yks.
Thomas Gill Holden Neph M 41 Farm Labourer Bentham, Yks.
Hannah Holden Niec M 17 3 3 39 Backbarrow, Yks.
Mary Jane Holden   S 15 Coniston Cold, Yks.
Catherine Holden   14 Coniston Cold, Yks.
John Tyson Holden   10 Coniston Cold, Yks.
6 Mary Ann Davis Hd S 54 Retired Schoolmistress Coniston Cold, Yks.
Ellen Elizabeth Davis Sist S 54 Private Means Coniston Cold, Yks.
Eliza Emma Davis Sist S 49 Private Means Coniston Cold, Yks.
The Vicarage Cyrenius John Robinson Hd S 67 Clergyman, Established Church Milverton, Warks.
7 Marianett Small Serv S 37 Housekeeper, Domestic Yarpole, Herefordshire
8 Mary Ann Furness   W 72 Ravenstonedale, Wstmd.
Bank House Annie Ackroyd Ayrton Hd W 54 Liverpool, Lancs.
9 Laura Elizabeth Bradley Sist S 51 Liverpool, Lancs.
10 Eliza Stockdale Hd W 38 Dressmaker Woodlesford, Yks.
Charles Henry Stockdale Son 11 Coniston Cold, Yks.
Ernest Stockdale Son 10 Coniston Cold, Yks.
11 George Garnett Hd M 42 Labouring Gardener, Domestic Everton, Liverpool, Lancs.
Edith A Garnett Wife M 18 3 2 41 Thornton in Craven, Yks.
Bertie Mallinson Garnett Son 11 Broughton Nr Skipton, Yks.
Pot Haw Richard Woodman Ayrton Hd S 48 Farmer Bracewell, Skipton, Yks.
12 Nancy Ayrton Sist S 56 Dairy Work Bracewell, Skipton, Yks.
Joseph Hartley Uncle S 79 Farmer (Retired) Bracewell, Skipton, Yks.
Katherine Craghill Serv S 25 General Servant, Domestic Hellifield, Yks.
William Unsworth Garnett Serv S 15 Farm Labour Broughton, Skipton, Yks.
13 John Baynes Hd W 45 Labourer on Farm Newby, Yks.
Alice Baynes Dau 13 Gargrave, Yks.
Harold Baynes Son 11 Gargrave, Yks.
Esther Mary Baynes Dau 9 Gargrave, Yks.
Nowell Hurtley Baynes Son 7 Gargrave, Yks.
John Baynes Son 3 Coniston Cold, Yks.
14 William Wilson Harding Hd M 35 Coachman, Domestic Hawkshead, Lancs.
Annie Harding Wife M 7 1 1 39 Lindle in Cartmel, Lancs.
William Wilson Harding Son 4 Coniston Cold, Yks.
Fogga William Furness Hd M 37 Gamekeeper Coniston Cold, Yks.
15 Pollie Furness Wife M 13 1 1 40 Hebden, Yks.
Brenda Furness Dau 7 Coniston Cold, Yks.
The Lodge William David Boddy Hd M 32 Gardener, Domestic Kirby Wiske, Yks.
16 Mary Jane Boddy Wife M 5 1 1 41 Sowerby, Thirsk, Yks.
William David Boddy Son 4 Thornton le Street, Yks.
Coniston Hall James Braithwaite Garforth Tottie Hd M 50 Lieut Colonel Commanding 4th West Yorks Regt, Manager of Estate, Farmer, Stock Breeder Streatham, Surrey
17 Mabel Rosamond Tottie Dau S 23 Whorlton, Durham
Helen Margaret Tottie Dau S 21 Coniston Cold, Yks.
Frances Mary Tottie Dau S 19 Adwick-le-Street, Yks.
Monica Katharine Tottie Dau S 18 Coniston Cold, Yks.
Sylvia Braithwaite Tottie Dau S 17 Coniston Cold, Yks.
Ursula Tottie Dau 13 Coniston Cold, Yks.
Jennifer Julia Tottie Dau 12 Coniston Cold, Yks.
Agnes Burn MacGilivray Assist S 42 Certificated Teacher & Housekeeper, Domestic Dairsie, Fife
Marthe Nedelec Assist S 22 Nursery Governess Guingamp, Cotes du Nord, France
Alice Cole Serv S 28 Cook, Domestic Stockton on Forest, Yks.
May Duncan Serv S 26 Waitress, Domestic Tannadice, Forfar
Alice Wilson Serv S 26 Housemaid, Domestic Great Ayton, Yks.
Elizabeth Smith Serv S 19 Kitchenmaid, Domestic Sheffield, Yks.
Dora Birkbeck Serv S 15 Under Housemaid, Domestic Gateshead, Nthbd.
May Bolt Serv S 15 Between Maid, Domestic Preston, N Shields, Nthbd.
William Glover Serv S 15 House Boy, Domestic Summerby, Lincs.
Wheelwright William Walker Thomson Hd M 43 Head Cowman on Farm Crossmichael, Kirkcudbrightshire
18 Jessie Jane McNaught Thomson Wife M 16 2 2 40 Crossmichael, Kirkcudbrightshire
James McNaught Thomson Son 14 Working on Farm Urr, Kirkcudbrightshire
John Robert Thomson Son 12 Coniston Cold, Yks.
Wheelwright Thomas Gibson Hd M 37 Farm Labourer Old Hutton, Wstmd.
19 Sarah Gibson Wife M 4 3 2 24 Saurey, Lancs.
Richard Gibson Son 4 Old Hutton, Wstmd.
Robert Hartby Gibson Son 2 Underbarrow, Wstmd.
20 John Thomson Hd M 45 Farm Bailiff Crossmichael, Kirkcudbrightshire
Mary Elizabeth Thomson Wife M 14 7 7 37 Crossmichael, Kirkcudbrightshire
Lizzie Jane Thomson Dau 13 Coniston Cold, Bell Busk, Yks.
Robert Thomson Son 11 Coniston Cold, Bell Busk, Yks.
Isabella Thomson Dau 9 Coniston Cold, Bell Busk, Yks.
Richard Thomson Son 8 Coniston Cold, Bell Busk, Yks.
Adam Thomson Son 6 Coniston Cold, Bell Busk, Yks.
William Alexander Thomson Son 4 Coniston Cold, Bell Busk, Yks.
James Thomson Son 2 Coniston Cold, Bell Busk, Yks.
Bonber Margaret Wright Hd W 81 Farmer Coniston Cold, Yks.
21 Kate Wright Dau S 48 Dairy work Coniston Cold, Yks.
Stephen Gill Wallbank Serv S 19 Farm Labourer Bolton Abbey, Yks.
Winifred Lilian Kettlewill Serv S 19 General Servant, Domestic Holloway, London
22 Roger Carr Wright Hd M 51 Grocer Coniston Cold, Yks.
Eleanor Wright Wife M 11 4 4 33 Clitheroe, Lancs.
Margaret Emily Wright Dau 11 Coniston Cold, Yks.
Roger Loynd Wright Son 8 Coniston Cold, Yks.
Kenneth Carr Wright Son 5 Coniston Cold, Yks.
Richard Edward Wright Son 11m Coniston Cold, Yks.
23 John William Batten Hd M 33 Railway Platelayer Burnley, Lancs.
Mary Violet Batten Wife M 5 2 2 30 Kirkby Stephen, Wstmd.
George Robert Batten Son 4 Kirkby Stephen, Wstmd.
Annie Mary Batten Dau 2 Burnley, Lancs.
24 James Alfred Buckman Hd M 45 Railway Signalman Bath, Somerset
Agnes Buckman Wife M 20 3 3 50 Buckfastleigh, Devon
Charles James Walter Buckman Son S 19 Drapers Assistant Giggleswick, Yks.
Edward William Buckman Son S 17 Office Clerk at Cotton Mill Giggleswick, Yks.
Lucy Alice Buckman Dau S 15 Giggleswick, Yks.
Public Washhouse Not used as dwelling    
25 Alice Hackett Hd M 11 6 5 31 Rotherhithe, London
Lillian Hackett Dau 10 Rotherhithe, London
William Hackett Son 9 Gravesend, Kent
Jessie Hackett Dau 5 Rotherhithe, London
Alice Hackett Dau 3 Neath, S Wales
Caroline Hackett Dau 2 Neath, S Wales
26 Everard Peel Hd M 20 Railway Platelayer Dacre Banks, Yks.
Edith Hannah Peel Wife M 2 2 2 25 Skipton, Yks.
James Thomas Peel Son <1m Bell Busk, Yks.
27 William Fox Hd M 60 Joiner, Estate Clapham, Yks.
Dorothy Fox Wife M 38 9 6 63 Lancliffe, Yks.
Arthur Greenwood Gson 8 Bell Busk, Yks.
28 Hannah Dinsdale Hd W 68 Settle, Yks.
Arthur Ward Bdr S 16 Railway Porter Clapham, Yks.
John Stanfield Burnyeat Bdr S 16 Railway Porter Carlisle, Cumbd.
29 William Taylor Hd M 43 Railway Signalman Whaplode, Lincs.
Ann Eliza Taylor Wife M 16 6 6 41 Whaplode, Lincs.
Edna Taylor Dau 12 Skipton, Yks.
Doris Taylor Dau 10 Coniston Cold, Yks.
Nora Taylor Dau 8 Coniston Cold, Yks.
Alice Mary Taylor Dau 6 Coniston Cold, Yks.
30 Jesse Gibbard Hd M 31 Railway Porter, Guard Codrington, Glos.
Selina Gibbard Wife M 9 0 38 Thornbury, Glos.
31 William Bond Hd M 49 Clerk Silk Manuf. Out of Work Lawkland, Yks.
Ellen Bond Wife M 20 2 2 59 Bell Busk, Yks
Alice Bond Dau S 14 Coniston Cold, Yks.
Chapel Not used as dwelling    
Station Row William Ed. Gifford Hd M 31 Horse Dealer Bell Busk, Yks.
32 Mary Emma Gifford Wife M 1 1 1 25 Lightcliffe, Yks.
William Ernest Gifford Son 5m Bell Busk, Yks.
Station Row Thomas Simpson Hd M 43 Gardener, Domestic Bracewell, Yks.
33 Margaret Simpson Wife M 15 7 7 39 Malham, Yks.
Ida Evelyn Simpson Dau 12 Everton, Liverpool
Richard Henry Simpson Son 10 Gargrave, Yks.
John Simpson Son 8 Gargrave, Yks.
Alec Chester Simpson Son 6 Gargrave, Yks.
Fred Simpson Son 1 Bell Busk, Yks.
Station Row Alfred Burrows Hd M 28 Postman (Rural) Nottingham
34 Louisa Burrows Wife M 3 2 2 27 Isleworth, Middx.
James Alfred Burrows Son 2 Bell Busk, Yks.
Mabel Ann Chester Burrows Dau 4m Bell Busk, Yks.
William Henry Dennis Bdr S 22 Railway Porter Sedgebrook, Lincs.
Station Row Unoccupied
Station Row Unoccupied
Station Row Unoccupied
Station Cottages James Down Hd M 53 Railway Signalman Mere, Wilts.
35 Mary Ann Down Wife M 33 5 3 54 Maiden Bradley, Wilts
Colin Fred Prince Down Son S 23 Bell Busk, Yks.
Station Cottages James Bateson Hd M 47 Railway Labourer Clapham, Yks.
36 Hagar Bateson Wife M 27 9 6 48 Airton, Yks.
John Bateson Son S 24 Railway Labourer Airton, Yks.
Frank Bateson Son 9 Airton, Yks.
Richard Bateson Son 6 Bell Busk, Yks.
Station House Thomas Nicholls Perrett Hd M 47 Railway Station Master & Subpostmaster Bristol, Glos.
37 Emma Perrett Wife M 24 10 10 45 Nottingham, Notts.
George Henry Perrett Son S 19 Railway Booking Clerk Shipley, Yks.
Ellen Perrett Dau S 18 Pupil Teacher Shipley, Yks.
Annie Elizabeth Perrett Dau S 15 Shipley, Yks.
Dorothy Perrett Dau S 13 Dressmakers Apprentice Esholt, Yks.
Sarah Perrett Dau S 11 Esholt, Yks.
Ruth Florence Perrett Dau S 10 Bell Busk, Yks.
Mabel Perrett Dau S 7 Bell Busk, Yks.
Joice Perrett Dau S 4 Bell Busk, Yks.
Ethel Monica Perrett Dau S 2 Bell Busk, Yks.
Green Grove Cottages Alfred Wray Hd M 25 Joiner (Estate) Brocklesby, Lincs.
38 Florence Wray Wife M 2 0 24 East Halton, Lincs.
Green Grove Cottages Unoccupied
Gill Syke Jane Gifford Hd W 63 Wigan, Lancs.
39 Levi Gifford Son S 41 Working on Farm Wray, Lancs.
Margaret Ruth Gifford Dau S 36 Bell Busk, Yks.
Ernest Gifford Son S 26 Working on Farm Bell Busk, Yks.
Randolph Gifford Son S 24 Working on Farm Bell Busk, Yks.
George Percival Gifford Son S 22 Working on Farm Bell Busk, Yks.
St Peters Church Not used as dwelling    
Schools Not used as dwelling    
Part of Bell Busk enumerated with Airton
42 George Coates Hd
60 Farmer Brough, Wstmd.
Ravenflatt House Nancy Coates Wife
28 6 6 59 Muker, Yks.
John Coates Son
24 Working on Farm Brough, Wstmd.
Joseph Whitell Coates Son
22 Working on Farm Brough, Wstmd.
George William Coates Son
16 Brough, Wstmd.
Chris Earnest Thomas Coates Son
15 Working on Farm Brough, Wstmd.
Margaret Alderson Niec
12 Muker, Yks.
43 Joseph Hoggarth Hd
38 River Keeper Upleatham, Yks.
Godfrey House Amelia Maud Hoggarth Wife
15 7 6 34 Skelton, Yks.
Maud Lillian Hoggarth Dau
14 Skelton, Yks.
Florance Ivy Hoggarth Dau
12 Skelton, Yks.
Hilma Ina May Hoggarth Dau
10 Skelton, Yks.
Doris Linda Hoggarth Dau
8 Yearby
Alice Freda Hoggarth Dau
6 Yearby, Yks.
Olive Kinsom Hoggarth Dau
4 Richmond, Yks.
George William Croser Vis
32 Railway Clerk .an.dale, Durham
Alice H Croser Vis
2 1 1 28 Skelton, Yks.
Matthew W Croser Vis
1 Shildon, Durham
44 Owen Rawlinson Hd
59 Farmer Kirkby Malham, Yks.
Bell Busk House Priscilla Rawlinson Wife
21 1 1 54 Coniston Cold, Yks.
William Rawlinson Son
20 Working on Farm Kirkby Malham, Yks.
James Cowper Serv
34 Farm labourer Dent, Yks.
Jane Parsons Serv
21 General servant, domestic Giggleswick, Yks.
Wesleyan Chapel Not used as dwelling
45 Anthony Shackleton Hodgson Hd
56 Farmer Thorpe nr Skipton, Yks.
Essbottom House Alice May Hill Niec
15 Domestic Worker Leeds, Yks.
Wilbred Arthur Robinson Neph
2 Bell Busk, Yks.
Bell Busk Mill House Unoccupied

Transcription © from original material in the National Archives

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