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Sale ring at Malham cattle fair circa 194



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“A Monastic Flock in 14th century Malham” -
A quest to unlock the contents of a medieval manuscript.

by Dr. Mike Spence

The Life of John Gough - 18th century blind mathematician and scientist from Kendal
by Robin Bundy

Another excellent talk by Robin Bundy on the life of John Gough - Quaker, Teacher, Natural Philosopher, Mathematician, Botanist etc. blinded by smallpox at the age of three.

Kirkby Malham Chantry Chapels and Chantry School by Robin Bundy

This excellent talk by Robin Bundy describes the religous origins of Chantry Chapels, how those in Kirkby Malham came about and evolved after the reformation into Kirkby Malham School.

The Life of a Postman by Nigel Morrison

Nigel gave an entertaining talk to an audience of his many friends and aquaintances in Malhamdale with many humorous anecdotes from his long service with the post office.

The History of Malhamdale by Edward Hindle

Edward Hindle takes us on a whistle-stop tour of Malhamdale's history from the end of the last ice age 20,000 years ago to the present day and beyond, speculating how our world might evolve over future millennia into the next ice age.

The History of Inn Signs by Alan Hemsworth

In this talk Alan Hemsworth describes the origin and history of Inn Signs from roman times through to the present day with many references to local establishments like the Talbot Arms and Royal Oak in Settle and the Racehorses in Kettlewell as well as some now vanished.

Eshton Hall by Peter Robinson

The room at the Airton Quaker Meeting House was packed to hear Peter Robinson give this talk on the history of Eshton Hall from it's earliest beginnings around 1150, to its associations with the the Cliffords of Skipton castle and the Wilson family from the mid 17th century through to the present day and its conversion to luxury apartments.


Captain James King RN by Robin Bundy

This is a most interesting talk about Captain James King RN who was descended from the well known local King family of Skellands in Scosthrop and whose ancestors built Kirkby Malham vicarage in the early 17th century. Robin describes his early life, his part in Captain Cook's third voyage to discover the northwest passage and how he completed the Journal of the voyage after Cook's demise. The history of the Bishop's bible past down through the King family and now in the possession of the Church, is also described.


Old Inns of the Yorkshire Dales by Dr. David Johnson

This entertaining and informative talk introduced us to the history of Inns, Public Houses, Taverns, Bough Houses, Dosses etc. and the Ale, Beer, Small Beer, Malt, Hops and Hyssop that was consumed in them, together with the laws, poetry and games etc. that influenced and reflected the wide range of owners and clientele who occupied them, illustrated with reference to some of the long gone inns of the past in and around Craven.

John de Launde and Malham's Role in the Bolton Estate by John Dixon

This little known but greatly important Wharfedale man John de Launde was Prior of the Bolton Estate between 1286 and 1330. Drawing on the 'The Bolton Priory Compotus' - a unique thousand-page book of accounts, John Dixon gives a fascinating insight into his life and that of the medieval monastry with particular reference to sheep farming on the East Malham lands, including:

  • His two arduous pilgimages to Rome.
  • Setting up and managing a sheep flock of over 3000 and selling the fleeces to Florentine merchants.
  • Administering the estate which extended in a patchwork of land from Malham in the north west to Harewood in the south.
  • Aspects of everyday life in the Priory
  • The catastrophes in the form of severe weather conditions, Scottish raiders and disease and starvation that beset them.


The Early History of KirkbyMalham Church and the West Dereham connection by Mike Spence.

In this illustrated talk, Mike Spence explores three important questions:

  • How old is Kirkby Malham Church.
  • Why was West Dereham involved.
  • How did West Dereham influence Malhamdale.

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