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Gargrave, Winterburn & Eshton
Parish Records

Winterburn and Eshton townships lie within the ecclesiastical parish of Gargrave and it is in the records of St Andrew's Gargrave that you will find most of the records for families living in Winterburn and Eshton.


Original Registers deposited at North Yorkshire Record Office, External Website logo Northallerton:

Baptisms: 1558-1673, 1675-1946
Marriages: 1558-1673, 1675-1931
Burials: 1558-1673, 1675-1976

The current registers are still held by the church and normal Parochial Fees set by the Church of England apply to access of the records still held by churches. This currently stands at £14 for the first hour, inclusive of one official copy and £11 per subsequent hour or part of an hour, plus £14 for each additional official copy.

Bishop's Transcripts mainly held at the Borthwick Institute, External Website logo York University:

1602, 1604-1606, 1631-1636, 1639, 1660-1669, 1671-1678, 1682, 1683, 1687, 1689, 1691, 1692, 1694-1698, 1700-1711, 1713-1716, 1718-1777, 1780-1821, 1823-1845 also 1847-1879 held at WYAS, External Website logo Leeds

Record Copies include the External Website logo online version of the IGI which contains details of Baptisms: 1558-1846 and Marriages : 1558-1837 extracted from the Bishop's Transcripts.

Gargrave Parish Record Search : Looks at the transcripts of the Baptisms & Marriages at Gargrave, which are inluded in the IGI and were transcribed from original records or Bishop's Transcripts.


Surname :

(Both are optional)

The results will open in a new FamilySearch window or tab.

The IGI can be used to search for transcriptions of Baptisms and Marriages in other local parishes too. You can use the search form on out Genealogy Search page to look at the records for all the surrounding parishes. This uses the IGI batch numbers to search the transcripts and tells you what periods are covered by the records for each Parish, making searching very easy.

Baptisms, Marriages and Burials 1558-1812 Printed transcript published by YPRS which is still available on fiche from the YAS Parish Record Group.External Website logo

Baptisms 1813-1946, Marriages 1754-1931, Burials 1813-1976 plus St. Andrews memorial inscriptions have been transcribed and published on CD by Wharfedale Family History Group. External Website logo

Marriages: 1558-1837 (Boyd's Marriage Index at the SOG library London, Copy at York Library)

Marriages: 1790-1812 (Pallot's Marriage Index)


The FamilySearch online version of the IGI contains very few entries for Winterburn Chapel, just the Baptisms 1811-1826 & 1836, which have been transcribed on the Winterburn Chapel page. The originals of these records are in the National Archives

The relevant Batch number for use in searching the IGI transcriptions for Winterburn Independant Chapel entries at External Website logo is:


The best way to search the IGI using Batch numbers is to use Hugh Wallis' website External Website logo which lists the batch numbers and the periods they cover by Parish.

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