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Edited from the Probate will of:

Edmond Rimington of Winterburn in Craven, Yorks., yeoman.

Body to be buried in churchyard of Gargrave.

To wife Agnes
All that messuage with the appurtenances in Winterburn until son Edward is 21, when Edward shall have one half of the house and wife the other for life, and after wife's decease, Edward to have the whole house for the remainder of such term of years yet to come. If wife re-marries she is only to have one third of the messuage for life.

To eldest son, Edward, one table with the frame thereto belonging standing in the east parlour.and one standing bed in the chamber over the said parlour.

To wife Agnes, one third part of all goods and chattells.
To second son John, £10 to be paid by son Edward out of estate.

To daughters, Margrett, Ann and Marie, £10 each out of the messuage and

To son John and three daughters above £30 each for their child's portions.
Wife to have tuition of the above children until she remarries, then Richard
Hardie of Coniston Cold and George Howden of Fineleyhead in parish of Gisburn, yeoman to have tuition of the four children last mentioned and to take the legacies of £30 for the children.
If Edward dies under 21, son John to inherit the messuage.

Executrix : wife Agnes
Supervisors: Richard Hardie and George Howden
8 Nov 1660
Proved 22 Jul 1661.

You can find original Yorkshire wills and probate registers at the Borthwick Institute.External Website logo
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