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1901 census : Otterburn

RG13 / 4023 fo.24

1 Hurries House William Middleton Head M M 33 Farmer Lupton, Westmorland
    Sara Isabel Middleton Wife F M 29   Milnthorp
    William Ernest Middleton Son M   4   Airton
    Lillian Isabel Middleton Daughter F   1   Airton
    Thomas Capstic Servant M S 16 Farm servant Dent
2   John Hesleden Head M M 49 Retired farmer Malham
    Mary Hesleden Wife F M 50   Kettlewell
3   John Barret Head M S 60 Farmer Gisburn
    James Barret Brother M S 52   Gisburn
    Elizabeth Barret Sister F S 62 Housekeeper Gisburn
    Arther James Leeming Servant M S 21 Farm servant Clapham
4   John Hobkinson Head M M 46 Gardener Harrogate
    Annie Hobkinson Wife F M 46   Bradford
    Harry Hobkinson Son M S 16   Gloucester
5   Samuel Fawkes Head M M 31 Carter on farm Pocklington
    Annie Ellen Fawkes Wife F M 30   Leeds
    Lillie Adelaide Fawkes Daughter F   8   Kilinwick Percy
    William Holmes Fawkes Son M   3   Barmby Moor
    Mary Elizabeth Fawkes Daughter F   1   Otterburn
    Lydia Watson Niece F   4   Linton on Ouse
6   Frederick James Haggas Head M M 37 Farmer Keighley
    Ada Haggas Wife F M 28   Doncaster
    Elizabeth Haggas Daughter F   2   Otterburn
    John Haggas Son M   1   Otterburn
    Helena M ay Gill Servant F S 18 Housemaid Mexborough
    Harriet Milner Servant F S 28 Nurse Hull
7   William Emmott Head M M 47 Farm servant Gargrave
    Elizabeth Alice Emmott Wife F M 41   Bacup
    Arthur Emmott Son M S 20 Carter on farm Gargrave
    Elizabeth Emmott Daughter F S 22   Gargrave
8 Otterburn Hall James Robert Metcalfe Head M M 45 Farmer Ivelet Heads, Yorks
    Elizabeth Metcalfe Wife F M 42   Keisley, Westmorland
    William Metcalfe Son M S 16   Brough
    Mary Ann Metcalfe Daughter F S 14   Brough
    Amy Metcalfe Daughter F S 13   Brough
    Elizabeth Metcalfe Daughter F   10   Brough
    George Harrison Metcalfe Son M   4   Gisburn
    Francis Birkbeck Servant M S 19 Cattle man Wigglesworth
    Joseph Easterby Servant M S 19 Carter on farm Bentham
    Emily Tarn Servant F S 17 Domestic servant Bentham
9 Kendal House Isaac Winter Head M M 57 Farmer Stainmore, Westmorland
    Ann Winter Wife F M 52   Swaledale
    John Winter Son M S 27   Stainmore, Westmorland
    Annie Winter Daughter F S 25   Stainmore, Westmorland
    Hubert McInnis Servant M S 18 Farm servant Bell Busk
10   Abraham Bell Head M M 59 Farmer Hebden
    Catherine Bell Wife F M 46   Kirkby Malham
    William Bell Son M S 19   Otterburn
    Annie Bell Daughter F S 14   Otterburn
    Charlie Bell Son M S 13   Otterburn
    Abraham Bell Son M   9   Otterburn
11   Thomas Struther Head M M 34 Coachman Killinghall
    Jane Ann Struther Wife F M 35   Marsett
    Florence Annie Struther Daughter F   5   Skipton

Transcription © from original material in the National Archives

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