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1851 census : Otterburn

HO107 / 2277 fo. 464-5

No. Address Name Rel Cond Sex Age Occupation Born
1   George A Shackleton Head M M 61 Farmer 126 acres Airton
    Elizabeth Shackleton Wife M F 62   Copley
    John Thompson Servant W M 66 Farm servant Paythorn
2   Richard Hudson Head M M 54 Joiner Marton
    Ann Hudson Wife M F 50   Middlesex, London
3   John Rawlinson Head M M 30 Farmer 400 acres Cartmel
    Jane Rawlinson Wife M F 30   Cartmel
    Rowland Rawlinson Son   M 8 Scholar Cartmel
    Margaret Rawlinson Daughter   F 5 Scholar Kirkby Malham
    William Winnerah Rawlinson Son   M 3   Kirkby Malham
    Frank Rawlinson Son   M 1   Kirkby Malham
    Sarah Robinson Servant U F 16 House servant  
    Mark Clark Servant W M 47 Farm Labourer  
4 (Hill House) William Gomersall Head M M 29 Farmer 320 acres and tile maker Otterburn
    Mary Gomersall Wife M F 29    
    Elizabeth Beverley Mother in law W F 49 Gentlewoman Airton
    Anthony Beverley Brother in law U M 22 Joint farmer 320 acres Bank Newton
    Ernest Turner Servant U M 23 Farm servant Tosside
    Mary Harrison Servant U F 21 House servant Clapham
5   William Heber Head U M 28 Farmer 123 acres Otterburn
    Isabella Heber Sister U F 29 Housekeeper Otterburn
    Elizabeth Mason Aunt U F 63 Assistant housekeeper Threshfield
    Thomas Mason Uncle U M 53 Ag lab Grassington
    Henry Pawson Servant U M 18 Farm servant West Marton
6 (Otterburn Lodge) Augustine Hardacre Head M M 43 Farmer 160 acres Long Preston
    Mary Hardacre Wife M F 36   Long Preston
    Elizabeth Hardacre Daughter U F 12 Scholar Long Preston
    Isabella Hardacre Daughter   F 8 Scholar Kirkby Malham
    Henry Hardacre Son   M 4   Kirkby Malham
    Ann Hardacre Daughter   F 2   Kirkby Malham
    Jane Parker Mother in law M F 70 Farmers wife Giggleswick
    Joseph Tomlinson Servant U M 47 Fram labourer Long Preston
7   Thomas Hayes Head M M 39 Rail labourer Cockerham
    Mary Hayes Wife M F 37   Lancaster
    Jane Hayes Daughter   F 11 Scholar Cockerham
    Sarah Hayes Daughter   F 9 Scholar Cockerham
    John Hayes Son   M 7 Scholar Cockerham
    Isabella Hayes Daughter   F 5    
    James Hayes Son   M 3   Long Preston
    Ellen Hayes Daughter   F 1   Kirkby Malham
8 Otterburn Hall Richard Shackleton Spencer Head M M 56 Farmer 348 acres Calton
    Mary Spencer Wife M F 25   Malham
    Elizabeth Spencer Daughter   F 3 mths   Otterburn
    Joseph Whipp Servant U M 24 Farm labourer Wigglesworth
    Henry Harrison Visitor U M 14 Schoolboy Malham
    Ann Heseltine Servant U F 14 House servant Arncliffe
9 Hurries House John Leach Head M M 43 Farmer 150 acres Wigglesworth
    Ann Leach Wife M F 46   Wigglesworth
    Jane Ayrton Servant U F 14 House servant Gisburn
10   Matthias Mason Head M M 70 Farmer 55 acres Grassington
    Grace Mason Daughter U F 27   Grassington
    Matthias Mason Son U M 25   Grassington
11 Kendal House Heaton Riddihough Head M M 63 Ag lab Thornton
    Mary Riddihough Wife   F 59   Marton

Transcription © from original material in the National Archives

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