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Listed Buildings in Malhamdale

NMR logoA list of buildings which are included in the National Monument Register.   


Many Malhamdale buildings of historic or architectural value are Listed, which prevents their alteration or demolition without permission. It is relatively easy to find out a little about the building, the reasons for listing and possibly see a photograph of it as it stands today by consulting the NMR on the web.

Buildings are listed for a variety of reasons such as Architectural or Historic interest, Historical associations and for Group value, where buildings together make up an important architectural or historical unity or a fine example of planning such as squares or terraces, and model farms or villages.

Every Listed Building has a List Description which can vary from a few lines to several pages of detailed architectural description and these lists are public documents with copies held by local authorities as well as the National Monuments Record.

In 2000 English Heritage External Website logo launched the Images of England External Website logo project with the aim of creating a website containing photographs and descriptions of every listed structure. The basis for the database is the NMR List Description and these can all be found on the website. Volunteer photographers both amateur and professional are steadily creating the photographic records to accompany the descriptions. Usefully, all the written records are available online even if there isn't yet a photograph.

The descriptions you can find on the Images of England website contain at least the address or grid reference of the building, however most listings offer more than this, with details of the building's appearance, history and significance. The list below does not include listed structures such as bridges or mile posts.

The descriptions can be quite technical as they identify what features are protected by law and what it is that makes the building of special interest. They can also be quite enlightening, offering brief information about the building history and the families who owned and developed the buildings and indicating when phases of development took place. They may also contain references to other useful sources of information, both published and unpublished, which were consulted in the compilation of the description.

The list doesn't include listed structures such as bridges and monuments.

Darnbrook House Malham Moor
Lee Gate Malham Moor
Middle House and Stable with pigeon loft over Malham Moor
New House Malham Moor
Outbuilding 5m W of Low Trenhouse Malham Moor
Shepherds Cottage(Waterhouses Old Farm-house) Malham Moor
Tarn House Malham Moor
Hill Top Farmhouse and Cottage Malham
Hill Top House Malham
Holme House Farmhouse Malham
Hudson's Town Head Farmhouse Malham
Lister Arms Hotel Malham
Moons Town Head Farmhouse and Barn to north Malham
Post Office (South View Cafe) Malham
The Row Malham
Town End Cottage Malham
Church End Farmhouse and Church End Cottage Kirkby Malham
Church of St Michael the Archangel Kirkby Malham
Clock Cottage Kirkby Malham
Lamberts Halt Kirkby Malham
Rose Cottage Kirkby Malham
Tarka Kirkby Malham
The Rookery Kirkby Malham
Vicarage Kirkby Malham
West Bank Farm Kirkby Malham
Yeomans Cottage Kirkby Malham
Hanlith Hall Farmhouse Hanlith
Hellenstead Barn Hanlith
Barn adjoining Dykelands Farmhouse Scosthrop
Dykelands Farmhouse Scosthrop
Scosthrop Manor House Scosthrop
Town End Farmhouse Scosthrop
Eastern Barn at Town End Airton
Ellis House and Ellis Cottage Airton
Friends Meeting House and The Nook Airton
Garris Croft and Tatham Cottage Airton
Ormsgill Green Airton
Rose Mount Airton
The Green (Squatter's Cottage) Airton
The Manor House (Manor Hotel) Airton
Vipoint House (The Post Office) Airton
Western Barn at Town End Airton
Calton Hall Stables and Store House Calton
Calton Hall with garden walls, gate piers and mounting block. Calton
Calton Lodge Calton
Glendower Cottage and Glendower House Calton
Manor Farmhouse Calton
Nelson Farmhouse Calton
The Rookery (Kenmure House) Calton
Grove Farmhouse Otterburn
Otterburn Hall Otterburn
Otterburn Lodge Otterburn
Eshbottom Farmhouse and attached barn Bell Busk
Raven Flatt Farmhouse and attached barn Bell Busk
Church Close Farmhouse Coniston Cold
Coniston Hall Lodge Coniston Cold
Hill Top Farmhouse Coniston Cold
Lowlands Farmhouse Coniston Cold
Stainton Cotes Coniston Cold
Stainton Cotes Farmhouse Coniston Cold
Eshton Hall Eshton
Eshton Mews and the Coach House and the Lodge Eshton
Home Farmhouse Eshton
St Helen's Farmhouse Eshton
Brockabank Flasby with Winterburn
Cowper Cote Farmhouse Flasby with Winterburn
Cowper Cote Farmhouse Flasby with Winterburn
Flasby Hall Flasby with Winterburn
Flasby Hall Farmhouse and adjoining barn Flasby with Winterburn
Flasby Hall: Tower Flasby with Winterburn
Flasby Top Cottage Flasby with Winterburn
Friars Head Flasby with Winterburn
Grange Farmhouse Flasby with Winterburn
Rookeries (The Rookery) Flasby with Winterburn
Winterburn Chapel Flasby with Winterburn
Lainger House Bordley
Park House Bordley

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