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1901 census : Kirkby Malham


Where born
1 Unoccupied            
2   Mary Shackleton Hd S 67 Dressmaker Calton
    Jane Shackleton Sister S 60 Dressmaker Calton
3   Joseph Mallinson Hd Wid 58 Gen. Labourer Malham Moor
    William Mallinson Son S 31 Gen labourer Kirkby Malham
4   Henrietta Tatten Edwards Hd M 30   London, Islington
    Charles Tatten Edwards Son   5   Blackpool, Lancs
    Doris Tatten Edwards Dau   4   Blackpool, Lancs
    Olive Tatten Edwards Dau   2   Blackpool, Lancs
    Patty Mary Edwards Adpt. Dau   5   Carnforth, Lancs
    Florence E Willis Cousin S 40   Huddersfield
5   Richard Newhouse Hd M 31 Farm labourer Malham
    Isabell Newhouse Wife M 29   Kirkby Thore, Westmoreland
    Alice Newhouse Dau   7   Mytholmroyd, Yorks
    George Newhouse Son   6   Kirkby Malham
    Katie Newhouse Dau   4   Kirkby Malham
    Edward Alfred Newhouse Son   1   Kirkby Malham
    Richard Weston Newhouse Son   2 mths   Kirkby Malham
6   Margaret Caton Hd Wid 81 Living on own means Kirkby Malham
7   John Harper Hd S 77 Retired mason Kirkby Malham
    Mary Ann Harper Sister in law Wid   Housekeeper Wigglesworth
8   John Redfearn Hd M 47 Grocer (Blind) Hopton, Yorks
    Thomas Wilkinson Nephew S 13   Colne, Lancs
9   James Redfearn Hd M 37 Postman Kirkby Malham
    Sarah Ellen Redfearn Wife M 28   Liverpool
    Ernest Redfearn Son   1   Kirkby Malham
    Harold Redfearn Son   8 mths   Kirkby Malham
10   Thomas Henry Alderson Hd M 38 Farmer Stirton
    Annie Alderson Wife M 38   Embsay
    George Alderson Son   7   Kirkby Malham
    Beatrice Alderson Dau   13   Kirkby Malham
    Isabella Alderson Dau   12   Kirkby Malham
    Hilda Alderson Dau   10   Kirkby Malham
    John Parker Serv M 36 Farm labourer Scosthrop
11   John Calvert Hd M 35 General servant, domestic Silsden
    Sarah Calvert Wife M 25   Ulverston, Lancs
    Mary Ann Calvert Dau   2   Ulverston, Lancs
    Robert William Calvert Son   4 mths   Ulverston, Lancs
    Harry Winder Bro in law   13   Ulverston, Lancs
12 Scalegill John Clark Hd M 36 Joiner Airton
    Eliza Clark Wife M 25   Naburn
    Olive Beatrice Boys Niece   6   Bradford
13 School House Albert K Turner Hd S 47 Certified Teacher Leeds
    Emma Turner Sister S 44 Assistant teacher Leeds
    Jane Turner Mother Wid 86   Kilburn
14 Kirkby Top Farm David Green Hd M 37 Farmer Hetton
    Anna Green Wife M 34   Skipton
    Ann Elizabeth Green Dau   8   Plank Lane, Lancs
    Frances Lockwood Green Dau   7   Plank Lane, Lancs
    Thomas William Green Son   5   Plank Lane, Lancs
    David John Green Son   2   Kirkby Malham
    Percy Wiseman Serv S 15 Agricultural labourer Malham
15 Accraplatts William Brown Hd M 55 Farmer Malham
    Mary Ann Brown Dau S 25   Kirkby Malham
    Richard Brown Son S 23   Kirkby Malham
    Martha Brown Dau S 21   Kirkby Malham
    Robert Brown Son S 19   Kirkby Malham
    Margaret Alice Brown Dau S 16   Kirkby Malham
16 New Close Farm Thomas Hodkinson Hd M 46 Farmer Clapham
    Hannah Hodkinson Wife M 46   Clapham
    Jane Hodkinson Dau S 19   Slaidburn
    Edward Hodkinson Son S 16   Kirkby Malham
    Annie Hodkinson Dau S 13   Kirkby Malham
    Margaret Hodkinson Dau S 9   Kirkby Malham
    Hannah Hayhurst Visitor Wid 59 Living on own means Bentham
    Benjamin Wellock Serv S 19 Agricultural labourer Hartlington
    Thomas Beck Boarder   9   Hellifield
17   Edward Newhouse Hd Wid 73 Farmer Clapham
    Mary Newhouse Dau S 40 Housekeeper Kirkby Malham
18   Margaret Knowles Hd Wid 77 Living on own means H(C)alton Gill
    Elizabeth Knowles Dau S 45 Living on own means Kirkby Malham
    Lillie Taylor Serv S 15 General servant, domestic Hanlith
19 Unoccupied            
20   Annie M Padgett Hd S 50 Living on own means Guisley
21   William Parker Hd M 52 Farmer Clapham
    Elizabeth Parker W M 45   Hebden
    William Parker Son S 17   Kirkby Malham
    Jane Parker Dau S 20   Kirkby Malham
    Elizabeth parker Dau S 14   Kirkby Malham
    Edward Newhouse Serv S 28 Farm servant Keighley
22   Jonas Hey Hd M 28 Police constable Keighley
    Margaret Susannah hey Wife M 24   Ingleton
    Elsie Elizabeth Dau   2   Kirkby Malham
    Hollies Hey Son   3 mths   Kirkby Malham
23   Sarah Ann Kenyon Hd M 23   Purtney, Lincolnshire
    Dorothy Kenyon Dau   1 mth   Kirkby Malham
24 Victoria Hotel John Spencer Hd M 57 Inn keeper & farmer Silsden
    Elizabeth Spencer Wife M 48   Draughton
    Florrie Spencer Dau S 16 pupil teacher-board school Keighley
    Annie Spencer Dau S 14   Keighley
    Olive Spencer Dau   10   Keighley
    Charles Wannop Serv S 26 Ostler, Groom Aiglonby, Cumberland
25   Joseph Redfearn Hd M 45 Caretaker (Church hall) Hopton, Yorks
    Dinah Redfearn Wife M 45   Hanlith
26   Stephen Clark Hd Wid 65 Joiner Long Preston
    George Clark Son M 26 Joiner Airton
    Roxhannah Clark Dau in law M 26   Appletreewick
    Rose Clark Grandau   2   Kirkby Malham
    Elizabeth Ann Clark Grandau   1   Kirkby Malham
27   William Norman Yeoman Hd M 53 Farmer Threshfield
    Catherine Yeoman Wife M 52   Dent
    Kate Yeoman Dau S 15   Scosthrop
    Norman yeoman Grandson   7   Nelson, Lancs
28 Unoccupied            
29 (Vicarage) David Renwick Hall Hd M 51 Clergyman Church of Eng Garrisgill, Cumberland
    Emma Averill Hall Wife M 35   Birmingham, Warwickshire
    Morrison Tause Renwick Hall Son   2   Kirkby Malham
    Elizabeth Ann Varty Serv S 22 General servant, domestic Garrisgill, Cumberland
    Martha Ann Lund Serv S 15 General servant, domestic Liverpool

Transcription © from original material in the National Archives

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