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1891 census : Airton

RG12/3495 fo.20-23

1 Garris House Cecil Miles Serjeantson Head S 20 Gentleman Cadet RMC Staffordshire: Lichfield
  Lovelace Serjeantson Bro S 19   Staffordshire: Lichfield
  Ronald J Serjeantson Bro S 17 Art Student Staffordshire: Lichfield
  Edith J R Serjeantson Sister   13   Staffordshire: Lichfield
  Monica Serjeantson Sister   11   Staffordshire: Lichfield
  Harriet A Turner Governess S 49 Governess Staffordshire: Wolverhampton
  Isabella Carr Servant S 30 Cook, Domestic Servant Yorks: Austwick
  Mary Evans Servant Wid 27 Parlourmaid, Domestic Servant Derbyshire: Chapel in lefrith?
  Herbert Greenwood Servant S 21 Groom, Domestic Servant Yorks: Kirkby Malham
2 Garris Lodge Unoccupied          
3 Garris Cottage Thomas Hepworth Head Mar 29 Silk Dresser Yorks: York
  Alice Hepworth Wife Mar 27   Yorks: Airton
  George W Hepworth Son   6 Scholar Yorks: Airton
  Fred Hepworth Son   3 Scholar Yorks: Airton
  Annie Hepworth Dau   2   Yorks: Airton
  John Hepworth Son   1   Yorks: Airton
4 Hellifield Road Elizabeth Bateson Head Wid 53 Farmer of 63 acres Westmoreland: Old Hutton, Kendal
  John Bateson Son S 31 Farmer Yorks: Bentham
  Emma (Fanny) Bateson Dau S 22 Domestic Servant General Yorks: Bentham
  David Lochart ?? Boarder S 19 Gardener's Labourer Yorks: Bedale
5 Hellifield Road Thomas Fitchett Head Mar 53 General Labourer Chester: Upton
  Mary A Fitchett Wife Mar 51   Yorks: Kirkby Malham
  Elizabeth A Fitchett Dau S 22 Cotton Spinner Yorks: Kirkby Malham
  Charles Fitchett Son S 18 Cotton Spinner Yorks: Kirkby Malham
  William Fitchett Son   15 Cotton Spinner Yorks: Kirkby Malham
  Joseph Fitchett Son   13 Cotton Spinner Yorks: Kirkby Malham
6 Hellifield Road Henry Preston Head Widr 74 Greengrocer Yorks: Long Preston
7 Hellifield Road Henry Demaine Head S 31 Farmer Yorks: Gargrave
  Sarah Demaine Mothr Wid 73 General Domestic Servant Yorks: Horse House
  Margaret Ormrod Niece S 18 General Domestic Servant Yorks: Embsay
  Richard Hodgson Servant S 19 Farm Servant Yorks: Long Preston
8 Hellifield Road John Whitaker Head Mar 59 Farmer of 110 acres Yorks: Burnsall
  Elizabeth Whitaker Wife Mar 54   Cumberland: Kirkambeck
  George Whitaker Son S 31 Farmer Kirkambeck, Cumberland
  Margaret Whitaker Dau S 28 General Domestic Servant Yorks: Kirkby Malham
  Robert Whitaker Grandson   4   Yorks: Kirkby Malham
9 Martha C Baynes Head Wid 58 Dressmaker Yorks: Doncaster
  Annie Marriott Boarder S 24 Dressmaker Leicestershire: Asfordby
  Eleanor M Bracher Boarder S 17 Dressmaker Somersetshire: Wincanton
  Lily Squirrell Boarder S 16 Dressmaker Lancashire: Withington
  Jane A Leeming Servant S 22 General Domestic Servant Yorks: Thin Oaks
10-12 Unoccupied
13 Bell Busk Road Jane Wetherall Head S 80 Living on own means Yorks: Winterburn
  Mary Bewsher Servant Wid 62 Housekeeper, Domestic Servant Cumberland: Bea
14 Bell Busk Road Charity Mount Head Wid 62 Living on own means Yorks: Bell Busk
15 Bell Busk Road John Cardus Head Mar 54 Agricultural Labourer Yorks: Long Preston
  Sarah Cardus Wife Mar 53   Yorks: Embsay
  John W Cardus Son   10 Scholar Yorks: Airton
  Jane B Winter Dau Mar 27   Yorks: Winterburn
  Thomas Winter Boarder, Son in law Mar 33 Agricultural Labourer Yorks: East Acklam
16 Bell Busk Road Samuel Carr Head Mar 57 Agricultural Labourer Yorks: Bell Busk
  Ann Carr Wife Mar 58   Yorks: Calton
  Elizabeth Shackleton Aunt S 78 Cotton Warper Yorks: Kirkby Malham
17 Winterburn Road Jane Banks Head S 60 Laundress Yorks: Calton
  Elizabeth A Banks Niece S 40 Laundress Yorks: Airton
18 Winterburn Road Elizabeth Carradice Head Wid 60   Yorks: Long Preston
  Mary Carradice Dau S 23 Cotton Spinner Yorks: Airton
  Emma Carradice Dau S 21 Cotton Spinner Yorks: Airton
  William Carradice Son   13 Cotton Operative Yorks: Airton
19 Winterburn Road Goronwy M Evans Head Mar 32 Solicitor Flints NW: Holywell
  Alice Evans Wife Mar 29   Yorks: Skipton
  Edgar D Evans Son   2   Flints NW: Holywell
  Ethel M Evans Dau   4 mths   Flints NW: Holywell
  Arthur Dewhurst Bro in law Mar 30 Cotton Spinner Manf. Yorks: Skipton
  Dorothy A Dickinson Servant Wid 54 Domestic Servant, caretaker Yorks: Long Preston
  Margaret E A Dickinson   S 26 Cotton Spinner Yorks: Rimington
  Mary C Dickinson   S 16 Domestic Servant, Nurse Lancashire: Lee
  Catharine Roberts Servant S 26 Domestic Servant, Nurse Flints NW: Holywell
  Jane Price Servant S 21 Domestic Servant General Flints NW: Holywell
20 Winterburn Road John Caradice Head Mar 39 General Labourer Yorks: Long Preston
  Bridget Caradice Wife Mar 39   Yorks: Lawkland
  Betsy Caradice Dau S 20 Cotton Spinner Yorks: Giggleswick
  Sarah A Caradice Dau S 18 Cotton Winder Yorks: Airton
  Elizabeth Caradice Dau S 17 Cotton Spinner Yorks: Airton
  Isabella Caradice Dau S 15 Cotton Winder Yorks: Skipton
  William Caradice Son   13 Cotton Operative Yorks: Skipton
  Margaret Caradice Dau   12 Cotton Operative Yorks: Skipton
  Thomas Caradice Son   9 Scholar Yorks: Skipton
  John Caradice Son   8 Scholar Yorks: Skipton
  Dan Caradice Son   6 Scholar Yorks: Skipton
  Richard Caradice Son   4 Scholar Yorks: Airton
  Harrison Caradice Son   2   Yorks: Airton
  John W Banks Lodger S 56 General Labourer Yorks: Rathmel
21 Winterburn Road Thomas Carr Head Mar 31 Farmer Yorks: Kirkby Lonsdale
  Margaret Carr Wife Mar 28   Yorks: Hawes
  John C Carr Son   7 Scholar Yorks: Horton
  Thomas W Carr Son   3   Yorks: Horton
  Annie Carr Dau   4 Scholar Yorks: Horton
  Hannah J Carr Dau   9 mths   Yorks: Airton
  Thomas Dinsdale Visitor S 32 Farmer Yorks: Hawes
  Francis Parkinson Servant S 18 Farm Servant Yorks: Dent
  Agnes Parkinson Servant   12 General Domestic Servant Yorks: Dent
22 Winterburn Road Sarah A Cartwright Head S 59 Living on own means Yorks: Sheriff Hutton
  Mary Cartwright Sister S 53   Yorks: Sheriff Hutton
  Joseph J Waterfall Visitor S 16   Yorks: Kirkby Malham
  Thomas Braithwaite Boarder S 74 Living on own means Westmoreland: Kendal
23 Mill Yard John Richardson Head S 64 Cotton Spinning Mill Manager Yorks: Embsay
  Robert K Richardson Bro S 38 Cotton Spinning Card master Yorks: Skipton
  Margaret Banks Servant S 23 General Domestic Servant Yorks: Airton
24 Mill Yard Dan Carradice Head Mar 30 Cotton Spinning Overlooker Yorks: Airton
  Elizabeth A Carradice Wife Mar 26   Yorks: Skipton
  William Carradice Son   2   Yorks: Airton
25 Mill Yard Unoccupied
26 Mill Yard Edward Richardson Head Mar 40 Mechanic at Cotton Mill Yorks: Skipton
  Ellen Richardson Wife Mar 38   Yorks: Kildwick
  Margaret Richardson Dau   14 Scholar Yorks: Ilkley
  Mary Richardson Dau   12 Scholar Yorks: Kirkby Malham
  John K Richardson Son   11 Half time at School and Cotton Mill Yorks: Kirkby Malham
  Anthony Richardson Son   10 Scholar Yorks: Kirkby Malham
  Julia Richardson Dau   6 Scholar Yorks: Kirkby Malham
  Walter Richardson Son   5 Scholar Yorks: Kirkby Malham
  Janet Richardson Dau   3   Yorks: Kirkby Malham
  Robert J Richardson Son   1   Yorks: Kirkby Malham
27 Hall Garth Edward Moorby Head Mar 25 Cotton Warper Yorks: Skipton
  Catherine Moorby Wife Mar 23   Yorks: Wigglesworth
  Edith Moorby Dau   1   Yorks: Airton
  Annie E Taylor Sister in law S 17 Cotton Winder Yorks: Wigglesworth
28 Hall Garth Hannah Slater Head S 45 Grocer & Draper Yorks: Kirkby Malham
29 Unoccupied
30 Hall Garth Thomas Carradice Head Mar 36 Horse Carter Yorks: Long Preston
  Ellen Carradice Wife Mar 36   Yorks: Arncliff
  Elizabeth Carradice Dau   14 Cotton Spinner Yorks: Kirkby Malham
  Ellen Carradice Dau   8   Yorks: Skipton
  May Carradice Dau   1   Yorks: Kirkby Malham
31 Hall Garth William Cardus Head Widr 65 Cotton Operative Yorks: Hellifield
  George Storey Boarder Widr 66 Stone Mason Yorks: Hudersfield
32 Hall Garth James Scarr Head Mar 45 Cordwainer Yorks: Leyburn
  Mary Scarr Wife Mar 40   Yorks: Aysgarth
  Jane Scarr Dau S 17   Yorks: Arncliff
  John Scarr Son   14 Cotton Operative Yorks: Litton
  Alice Scarr Dau   11 Scholar Yorks: Litton
  Mary Scarr Dau   9 Scholar Yorks: Litton
  Margaret Scarr Dau   7 Scholar Yorks: Litton
  Ada Scarr Dau   4   Yorks: Litton
  Elizabeth D Scarr Dau   2   Yorks: Airton
  Lena Scarr Dau   4 mths   Yorks: Airton
33 Hall Garth Thomas Edmondson Head S 31 Cotton Operative Yorks: Kirkby Malham
34 Hall Garth Christopher Edmondson Head Mar 72 Retired Grammar Schoolmaster Lancashire: Colne
  Francis M Edmondson Wife Mar 55   Isle of Man: Castleton
  Edward Edmondson Son S 25 Cotton Operative Yorks: Kirkby Malham
  Dorah E Edmondson Dau S 17 Cotton Operative Yorks: Kirkby Malham
  Edith Edmondson Dau   15 Cotton Operative Yorks: Skipton
  Frances Edmondson Dau   12 Cotton Operative Yorks: Airton
  Margaret Edmondson Dau   9 Scholar Yorks: Airton
35 Hall Garth Solomon Harker Head S 63 Living on own means Yorks: Ivelet
  Sarah Harker Sister S 60 Housekeeper, Domestic Servant Yorks: Ivelet
36 Hall Garth James Sewart Bateson Head Mar 27 Railway Labourer Plate Yorks: Clapham
  Hagar Bateson Wife Mar 27   Yorks: Kirkby Malham
  Alice Bateson Dau   6 Scholar Yorks: Kirkby Malham
  John Bateson Son   4 Scholar Yorks: Kirkby Malham
  Millie Bateson Son   1   Yorks: Kirkby Malham
37 Croft House William Varley Head Mar 67 Stone Mason Yorks: Bolton by Bolland
  Grace Varley Wife Mar 65   Yorks: Slaidburn
38 New Row Elizabeth Hargraves Head Wid 75 Grocer Yorks: Long Preston
  Henry Townstone Grandson   6 Scholar Yorks: Barnoldswick
  Elena Nelson Lodger S 20 Cotton Winder Westmoreland: Kendal
39 New Row Anna M Parker Head S 25 Schoolmistress Durham: Ferry Hill
40 New Row Robert Preston Head Mar 42 Tailor & Draper Yorks: Long Preston
  Elizabeth Preston Wife Mar 37   Yorks: Malham
  Alice Preston Dau S 17 Cotton Spinner Yorks: Malham
  Isabella Preston Dau   15 Cotton Spinner Yorks: Kirkby Malham
  Maggie Preston Dau   13 Cotton Spinner Yorks: Kirkby Malham
  Henry Preston Son   12 Scholar Yorks: Kirkby Malham
  Elizabeth Preston Dau   9 Scholar Yorks: Kirkby Malham
  William Preston Son   6 Scholar Yorks: Kirkby Malham
  John Preston Son   4   Yorks: Kirkby Malham
  Ellen Preston Dau   1   Yorks: Kirkby Malham
41 New Row Thomas Carr Head Mar 60 General Labourer Yorks: Gargrave
  Margaret Carr Wife Mar 66   Yorks: Kirkby Malham
  Edwin Carr Son S 26 Gardener's Labourer Yorks: Kirkby Malham
42 Ormsgill Green Elias Woodrup Head Mar 59 Farmer of 14.84 acres Yorks: Patley Bridge
  Mary Woodrup Wife Mar 40   Yorks: Masham
  John Woodrup Son S 27 Farmer Yorks: Patley Bridge
  Elias Woodrup Son S 20   Yorks: Patley Bridge
  Margaret Hardy Servant S 15 General Domestic Servant Yorks: Masham
  Frank Lambert Lodger S 27 Farmer Yorks: Hawes
43 Crakemoor House Joseph Denison Servant S 52 Domestic Servant in charge Yorks: Yeaden
44 Park House Edward Taylor Head Mar 60 Farmer & Land Agent Yorks: Airton
  Margaret Taylor Wife Mar 46   Yorks: Horton in Ribblesdale
  Thomas J Taylor Son S 15 Scholar Yorks: Airton
  Marmaduke Taylor Son   13 Scholar Yorks: Airton
  Mary Taylor Dau   11 Scholar Yorks: Airton
  George Taylor Son   4   Yorks: Park House, Airton
  Harold Taylor Son   4   Yorks: Park House, Airton
45 Kirksyke House Ann Metcalfe Head Wid 67 Farmer of 242 acres Cumberland: Brampton
  James H Metcalfe Son S 41 Farmer Yorks: Arncliffe
  Robert Metcalfe Son S 33 Farmer Yorks: Arncliffe
  Annie Metcalfe Dau S 40   Yorks: Kirkby Malham
  Mary Metcalfe Dau S 35   Yorks: Kirkby Malham
  Christopher Metcalfe Grandson S 16   Yorks: Kirkby Malham
  Ruth Rutledge Grand Dau   11 Scholar Westmoreland: Appleby

Transcription © from original material in the National Archives

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