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1841 census : Airton

HO107/1321/1 fo.3b-7b

Where Born
Village of Airton Thomas Metcalfe 45 Farmer Yorkshire
  Jane Metcalfe 45   Not Yorkshire
  Elizabeth Metcalfe 20   Yorkshire
  Edward Metcalfe 14   Yorkshire
  John Metcalfe 12   Yorkshire
  Francis Metcalfe 10   Yorkshire
  Jane Metcalfe 7   Yorkshire
  Edward Taylor 49 Farmer Yorkshire
  Margaret Taylor 43   Yorkshire
  Anthony Taylor 22   Yorkshire
  Martha Taylor 17   Yorkshire
  Catherine Taylor 14   Yorkshire
  Margaret Taylor 11   Yorkshire
  Edward Taylor 10   Yorkshire
  Richard Taylor 9   Yorkshire
  Mary Taylor 7   Yorkshire
  William Taylor 3   Yorkshire
  James Howarth 20 Male Servant Yorkshire
  Mary Waddilove 81 Independent Yorkshire
  Michael Wray 25 Male Servant Yorkshire
  Isabella Wray 25   Yorkshire
  John Wray 10 mths   Yorkshire
  Emma Cragg 15 Female Servant Yorkshire
  John Wray 75 Farmer Yorkshire
  Elizabeth Wray 80   Yorkshire
  Anthony Taylor 65 Independent Yorkshire
  Margaret Taylor 65   Yorkshire
  John Taylor 35 Independent Yorkshire
  John Wallis 20 Male Servant Yorkshire
  John Slater 15 Male Servant Yorkshire
  Mary Stoiels 20 Female Servant Yorkshire
  Mary Preston 35 Female Servant Yorkshire
  Elizabeth Overing 60 School mistress Yorkshire
  Betty Walker 69 Independent Yorkshire
  Richard Hudson 40 Carpenter Yorkshire
  Ann Hudson 41 School mistress Yorkshire
  Harriet Mapsey 11 Scholar Yorkshire
  Charity Worsley 15 Female Servant Yorkshire
  Richard Barker 20 Cordwainer Yorkshire
  Eleanor Barker 40   Yorkshire
  Timothy Lee 13   Yorkshire
  John 10   Yorkshire
  Thomas 8   Yorkshire
  John Overing 45 Joiner Yorkshire
  Catherine Overing 45   Yorkshire
  Rebecca Overing 20   Yorkshire
  Henry Gill 40 Gardener Yorkshire
  Ann Gill 40   Yorkshire
  Elizabeth Gill 15 Cotton Spinner Yorkshire
  Alice Gill 15 Cotton Winder Yorkshire
  Henry Gill 15 Cotton Carder Yorkshire
  Mary Gill 12   Yorkshire
  John Gill 9   Yorkshire
  George Gill 5   Yorkshire
  Thomas Gill 1   Yorkshire
  John Slater 30 Blacksmith Yorkshire
  Mary Slater 25   Yorkshire
  Thomas Slater 3   Yorkshire
  John Slater 7 mths   Yorkshire
  William Ireland 20 Blacksmith Journeyman Yorkshire
  Margaret Slater 20 Female Servant Yorkshire
  Betty Whitfield 30 Cotton Spinner Yorkshire
  Ann Whitfield 10   Yorkshire
  Alice Whitfield 9   Yorkshire
  William Walker 25 Cotton Spinner Yorkshire
  Oliver Metcalf 50 Stone Breaker Yorkshire
  Mary Metcalf 50   Yorkshire
  George Metcalf 20 Agricultural Labourer Yorkshire
  John Wray 45 Stone Breaker Yorkshire
  Margaret Wray 20 Cotton Winder Yorkshire
  Isabelle Wray 11   Yorkshire
  Elizabeth Wray 4   Yorkshire
  Dinah Parker 25 Female Servant Yorkshire
  Mary Ann Parker 5   Yorkshire
  Harriet Parker 4 mths   Yorkshire
  William Wildman 45 Agricultural Labourer Yorkshire
  Ann Wildman 40   Yorkshire
  Mary Wildman 14 Cotton Spinner Yorkshire
  William Wildman 11   Yorkshire
  Ellen Wildman 9   Yorkshire
  Thomas Wildman 7   Yorkshire
  Elizabeth Wildman 4   Yorkshire
  Ann Wildman 2   Yorkshire
  William Whittaker 49 Grocer Yorkshire
  Margaret Whittaker 68   Yorkshire
  Margaret Paley 15 Female Servant Yorkshire
  Margaret Taylor 76 Independent Yorkshire
  Sarah Walters 33 Independent Yorkshire
  Ann Hardy 27 Cotton Spinner Yorkshire
  John Hardy 25 Cotton Stripper Yorkshire
  George Hardy 16 Cotton Tenter Yorkshire
  William Armistead 61 Agricultural Labourer Yorkshire
  Ellen Armistead 25   Yorkshire
  William Armistead 6   Yorkshire
  Timothy Overing 40 Joiner Yorkshire
  Elizabeth Overing 30   Yorkshire
  Charles Overing 10   Yorkshire
  Esther Overing 7   Yorkshire
  James Overing 4   Yorkshire
  Ellen Overing 1   Yorkshire
  Henry Hartley 44 Overlooker of a Cotton Factory Yorkshire
  Ellen Hartley 54   Yorkshire
  Mary Ann Hartley 15   Yorkshire
  Henry Hartley 50 Cotton Weaver Yorkshire
  John Shackleton 55 Grocer Yorkshire
  Ann Shackleton 41   Yorkshire
  Samuel Preston 24 Male Servant Yorkshire
  Nancy Peacock 19 Female Servant Yorkshire
  David Rider 25 Cotton Spinner Yorkshire
  Ann Rider 25   Yorkshire
  Robinson Rider 1   Yorkshire
  William Hodgson 21 Cotton Warper Yorkshire
  John Thompson 56 Agricultural Labourer Yorkshire
  Betty Thompson 56   Yorkshire
  Elizabeth Thompson 25 Female Servant Yorkshire
  Mary Thompson 23 Cotton Drawer Yorkshire
  Sarah Thompson 18 Cotton Rover Yorkshire
  Dinah Thompson 14 Cotton Spinner Yorkshire
  Margaret Thompson 3 mths   Yorkshire
  James Harker 56 Cotton Manager Yorkshire
  Sarah Harker 54   Yorkshire
  James Harker 24 Lead Miner Yorkshire
  Margaret Harker 21 Cotton Warper Yorkshire
  William Harker 18   Yorkshire
  Mary Harker 16 Cotton Drawer Yorkshire
  Solomon Harker 13 Cotton Winder Yorkshire
  Sarah Harker 10   Yorkshire
  Thomas Harker 26 Lead Miner Yorkshire
  Robert Shackleton 30 Cotton Carder and Master Yorkshire
  Elizabeth Shackleton 30   Yorkshire
  Thomas Shackleton 9   Yorkshire
  Isabella Shackleton 6   Yorkshire
  Joseph Shackleton 4   Yorkshire
  Alice Shackleton 1   Yorkshire
  John Alderson 40 Lead Miner Yorkshire
  Ann Alderson 35   Yorkshire
  Jonathan Alderson 18 Cotton Warper Yorkshire
  Ann Alderson 17 Cotton Spinner Yorkshire
  George Alderson 15 Cotton Doffer Yorkshire
  Alice Alderson 12 Cotton Spinner Yorkshire
  Isabella Alderson 10 Cotton Drawer Yorkshire
  John Alderson 8   Yorkshire
  Jane Alderson 6   Yorkshire
  James Alderson 2   Yorkshire
  Robert Abbotson 36 Agricultural Labourer Yorkshire
  Ann Abbotson 34   Yorkshire
  Richard Abbotson 13 Cotton Drawer Yorkshire
  Jane Abbotson 12 Cotton Spinner Yorkshire
  Mary Ann Abbotson 9 Cotton Winder Yorkshire
  Thomas Abbotson 8   Yorkshire
  William Abbotson 7   Yorkshire
  John Abbotson 5   Yorkshire
  Henry Abbotson 4   Yorkshire
  Margaret Abbotson 7 mths   Yorkshire
  Thomas Banks 49 Agricultural Labourer Yorkshire
  Margaret Banks 48   Yorkshire
  Margaret Banks 17 Cotton Rover Yorkshire
  Mary Banks 14 Cotton Spinner Yorkshire
  Jane Banks 11   Yorkshire
  Rachel Kemps 40 Widow Not Yorkshire
  Thomas Kemps 20 Male Servant Not Yorkshire
  Rose Kemps 19 Cotton Drawer Not Yorkshire
  Jemima Kemps 15 Cotton Spinner Not Yorkshire
  Jane Kemps 14 Cotton Winder Not Yorkshire
  Celah Kemps 10   Not Yorkshire
  George Kemps 8   Not Yorkshire
  John Smithies 45 Agricultural Labourer Yorkshire
  Sarah Smithies 50   Yorkshire
  John Smithies 15   Yorkshire
  Mary Smithies 10 Cotton Winder Yorkshire
  James Smithies 10 Cotton Spinner Yorkshire
  Nancy Ellens 55 Grocer Yorkshire
  Ellen Ellens 53 Grocer Yorkshire
  Ann Ellens 30 Dressmaker Yorkshire
  Jane Wilson 17 Dressmaker Ap Yorkshire
Crakemoor John Armistead 50 Farmer Yorkshire
  Ann Armistead 50   Yorkshire
  Richard Armistead 20   Yorkshire
  Thomas Armistead 19   Yorkshire
  Ann Armistead 17   Yorkshire
  Margaret Armistead 15   Yorkshire
  John Armistead 12   Yorkshire
  Henry Armistead 23 Sadler Yorkshire
  Richard Armistead 19 Mechanic Yorkshire
  Jane Launderson 20 Cotton Weaver Yorkshire
Ormsgill Green William Wolfenden 25 Farmer Yorkshire
  Robert Wolfenden 25   Yorkshire
  Isabella Wolfenden 20   Yorkshire
  James Newsome 25 Male Servant Yorkshire
  Richard Towler 20 Agricultural Labourer Yorkshire
  Phineas Butler 25 Agricultural Labourer Yorkshire
  Phineas Butler 20 Agricultural Labourer Yorkshire
Kirk Syke Richard Spencer 50 Farmer Yorkshire
  Elizabeth Spencer 45   Yorkshire
  Richard Spencer 16   Yorkshire
  Agnes Spencer 14   Yorkshire
  Thomas Spencer 10   Yorkshire
  Richard Falshaw 20 Male Servant Yorkshire
Raven Flatt William Altham 30 Farmer Yorkshire
  John Altham 28 Farmer Yorkshire
Ess Bottom Lawrence Butler 40 Farmer Yorkshire
  Mary Butler 20 Female Servant Yorkshire
  John Thompson 15 Male Servant Yorkshire
  Ellen Brown 25 Independent Yorkshire
Bell Busk Charles Carr 25 Farmer Yorkshire
  Ann Carr 25   Yorkshire
  Grace Newbold 20 Female Servant Yorkshire
  George Wellock 20 Male Servant Yorkshire
  Thomas Milner 18 Currier Ap Yorkshire
Bell Busk William Slingsby 20 Cotton M Yorkshire
  John Slingsby 20 Cotton M Yorkshire
  Sarah Slingsby 25 Independent Yorkshire
  Ellen Horseman 15 Female Servant Yorkshire
Pot House David Calverley 30 Male Servant Yorkshire
  Robert Calverley 6   Yorkshire
  Mary Calverley 2   Yorkshire
  Elizabeth Maudsley 20 Cotton Weaver Yorkshire

Transcription © from original material in the National Archives

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